Fast Five (6/10) Movie CLIP – Million Dollar Race (2011) HD

I got a hundred thousand says I can take you all the next quarter mile.
Yeah, you broke ass got a hundred grand
We pull off this job I will.
Next two lights
A hundred thousand
We don’t pull this job off we’re probably dead anyway.
Let’s make it a million.
I like that.
Alright, million dollar quarter mile.
Alright then.
Only live once.
Let’s do it.
What do you say, Dom?
We talkin or we’re racing?
Don’t cheat this time.
Gotta let that go. (smile)
Typical, Roman.
Oh, I’ma get this money I’m hungry.
Don’t make it too easy for me boys.
Not this time, Dom!
Gotta want it, Brian.
Owned you!
Owned you!
Good race, O’connor.
Thanks, Dom.
You know how long I was waiting for that shit?!
Told you, he didn’t see it.
My man right there.
He let off the throttle with the line.
You didn’t do nothing.
He let you win.


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