Even The Reigning Russian Champion Can Blunder | Tata Steel 2018. | Round 10

hello everyone I hope you enjoyed my subscribers video if you haven’t had the opportunity to see it there’s a link in the description below feel free to check it out as seen people from different parts of the world different countries different cultures all brought together by chess is simply amazing if you enjoyed it you know do share with your friends share it on social media so people can see that everyone plays chess this chess isn’t just some weird game that was played 200 years ago and if you really enjoyed it feel free to send me your own photos and videos so I can use them in my next subscribers video so thank you for that now let’s get back to this game this is a game from round 10 it was a game that was I think this was the first game that was finished as it was a rather short Peter Svidler versus shock rearmament yarv and it’s makes a blunder that Geary says in his own interview that happens to a lot of players and a lot of top grandmasters because it’s simply unavoidable sometimes this will strike you and you have to you have to deal with it so let’s see the game it’s quite a theoretical game nothing nothing to it really but it it explodes very soon so sweedler opens up the game with c4 the English opening we have Knight to f6 Knight to f3 and e 6 we have Knight to c3 d5 and we have d4 now transposing into the Queens gambit declined we have Bishop to b4 Dorados in defense and seek actor son d5e capture son d5 and now Bishop to f4 here mama D arrow goes for Knight to e4 and is already threatening some captures here on c3 and here White has quite a few options he can block this with Bishop to d2 he can walk with Knights to d2 he can protect the night one more time which rook to see one but silver goes for Queen to a4 check we have Knight to c6 and the Queen to a4 maybe it’s a line I don’t know it seems a bit weird as after Knight to c6 you haven’t really accomplished anything rook to c1 and now mama D are simply castles and g3 we have g5 k in the bishop back Bishop to e3 and now comes f5 Bishop to g2 Ziggler is ready to Castle batma madero immediately goes for f4 we have G captures on f4 and now before recapturing first Bishop captures and c3b captors on c3 and now G captures on f4 kicking the bishop further back Bishop to e2 and King to H a to making room a room for this rook on g 8 and here this is the moment giri was talking about in his interview the move you want to consider here is probably something like c4 maybe rook the g1 getting this rook ready to defend it the bishop and also maybe maybe put the bishop away so this rookie gets the open G file it’s definitely a passive position for white and you have to be very careful and here Peter Svidler played Queen to b3 and this is a pretty terrible blunder as it allows black to play this nice to a5 move which would a temple on the Queen Queen has to move and then this night is coming to c4 and this will be just terrible so Queen to c2 by sweedler and now Knight to c4 and look at these Knights here they are I mean beautiful squares for the Knights night and I don’t see for a knight on e4 there’s no beep on to ever kick away this night on c4 or the deep on this night maybe could be kicked away with f3 but you know your king is still anyone yeah you don’t want to play a move like f3 so rook to d1 was played as you do have to protect that Bishop on d2 so the knight on f3 can move we have roped a g8 and now comes Knight to e5 other than Knight to e5 it’s I mean there really aren’t any better moves I mean a rope to g1 maybe but nothing really works for white here nice to e5 was tried and now comes Knight captures on e5 and you can’t recapture the night if D captures only five then rook captures on g2 you lose the piece but pretty much every line white loses a piece here so Bishop captures on e4 and here Queen to g5 by mamita you don’t you don’t need to capture the bishop I mean you you can’t capture it but it’s not necessary if you capture it then whites white and simply play Queen captures on e4 and then maybe maybe he could get some counter play I mean okay he does have a dark square bishop if he manages to push c4 and b5 maybe this Bishop can harass the King a bit but would correct play this is this is really bad for white but yeah he probably played that he can never capture on e5 then because if he captures them you get Queen to g5 this comes with a threat of Queens you want checkmate after the Queen is captured and Roco deliver checkmate and you don’t really have a move here Bishop to see one you get III again you’re threatening Queens you want checkmate so after this Bishop to e4 move Mammadov doesn’t bother himself with capturing the bishop he plays Queen to g5 immediately and immediately threatens going to g1 checkmate we have Bishop captures on f4 and well I mean what do you do here if you try something like Bishop to c1 making room for the King Bishop to c1 then you get Knight to c4 now Knight from c4 is defending be d2 and you’re still threatening Queen Queens you want checkmate and if rook to f1 Bishop to h3 now attacking the rook and this is game over and let’s not forget your Bishop is still attacked here on e4 so after this Queen to g5 move Bishop characters on f4 was played queen characters on f4 and now Bishop captures on d5 we have Bishop to a5 attacking the Queen and in this position Peter Svidler resigned the game this is move 21 so quite a quite a miniature by Mahmoud Yara and let’s see why why did he resign I mean clearly okay it’s a better position for black but is it is it resigned material well let’s check some of the options your queen is attacked you have to move it let’s try Queen to d2 you offer a trade of Queens well here comes Knight to d3 check you don’t really you don’t really have any options here if you go if you move the king then Queen characters and f2 is checkmater tonight is protecting the DF 2 square so we probably have to capture it D captures ich after Sun d3 and now comes rook a to the 8th check you have to block this and now Queen to f3 attacking the rook you maybe want to play rook to f1 although it doesn’t really matter what you play if try to save the rook now you get Bishop captures captures and rook captures and this will lead the checkmate after Queen to e2 but after Bishop f5 let’s try let’s try a different idea let’s let’s try ìiî ìiî if black captures your queen you capture the black Queen on f4 but here actually Queen to f3 is perfectly fine you actually attacked the bishop with your queen as crazy as that sounds so after Bishop captures Queen Knight captures an f3 with check King e2 not simply you capture the Queen it doesn’t really matter what you do King Capra’s f3 now you check the King goes back Bishop captures rook captures and black is up a whole rook so definitely if white is doomed here let’s let’s check out Queen B – maybe maybe Queen V – but now you get a nightcap Knight to g4 again threatening to capture here on f2 and after rook to f1 you get Knight captures on h2 threatening the knight the rockin on f1 let’s say III now we get rook to e8 Queen to e2 and let’s say Bishop to g4 now again your rook is attacked your queen is attacked and you’re still down a piece so this is completely unplayable so after this Bishop to a5 move and move 21 this this pretty neat miniature was created by a shark dear mama D are off probably I mean he always had a better position in this game but that Queen to b3 that allowed Knight to a5 to c4 was was too much after that it’s it’s all downhill for Beatrice wheeler the the reigning Russian champion so yeah that’s the game I do hope you enjoyed it like I said I definitely suggest you check out the subscribers video if you enjoy it send me your own videos your own photos and there will also be an email in the description below where you can finally send me your own games that were of course played over the board in a serious tournament you know there will be a set of instructions in the subscribers video so yeah that’s it I do hope you enjoyed it as usual you can check two of my previous videos here I would like to thank Richard van der mal Gabrielle tenets Allah Tala Omar al ty Alamo Moreau Juan Valencia James Norwood Lucas Freitas John Lockwood and John Fullmer for a contribution to my channel thank a lot to really appreciate it like I said two of my videos will be available here the one in the upper left corner will be the subscribers video so once again feel free to check it out thank y’all for watching and I will see you soon


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