EOS, LTC, ETH & ADA All Turning

G’day everybody out there.
I just wanted to do a quick run
through the top 10 as I see it.
Right now, of course, a bit going on.
Let’s be fair, Bitcoin, I really
wanna see it pushed to a new high,
break above this level.
Get me that higher low,
push to a new high high micro trend
and then push above 11 thousand,
we’ve held above this level
don’t roll over, continue higher.
I won’t be too interested in trailing
until we either break down through here,
or up through here,
it’s just not quite good enough.
A very ugly looking chart
right here on the 4-hour
and if you go lower,
there’s nothing that makes
any more attractive or,
tell you that much.
Across to Ethereum, of course
been performing very, very well of late
as you can see here.
I’ve talked about the
chart structure before,
a higher low one, higher,
higher, higher, low two,
pushing on, and a really nice extended run
with a couple of very strong days there.
I did talk with 200
being the number to beat
and break.
It’s hit it, it’s held it,
we’ll see what happens going forward.
Now of course, a little
pull back into the cradle zone right here,
and a push to 200 has occurred.
Problem is, is on the two-hour
that was on the trade wars
and that was at two O’
clock in the morning
when that triggered,
if you are in the northern hemisphere,
that may have been one for you,
but all else having a
fair few Z’s at the time.
Pull back in right now might be worthy,
but I’ve got to keep on
a eye on that 200 level,
but if we break up through
200, then certainly
it’s on the cards.
Deeper pull backs on
the 8-hour also in play.
Broke up through, who didn’t
get a trade on that resistance,
but if you were someone who
did take this eight hour cradle
you’re looking quite good right now.
Moving down now to the
daily time frame again,
higher low, higher,
higher, pull back in, move.
Very strong, very nice
looking cyclicity here
on this chart.
Ethereum the same, EOS also
blending in with that
higher low and higher high.
Over to Stellar right now,
very average not doing great,
D.O. can skip past that quite quickly.
Oh, good to see; XRP has
pushed to a new uptrend.
Well, higher low, higher
low one, higher low,
pushed through the resistance,
broke into new higher highs.
Let’s move lower.
As it’s sort of just
below there right now,
you can see the rough level
of resistance running sort of,
I mean if you go back
here it’s not perfect,
but you can see it, yeah?
You can see what I’m looking at there.
The problem is lower high, lower low,
pushed to a new higher high,
I’m looking for that
cyclicity to carry through,
for me to actually be looking for
potential long trades here.
Let me just check on Fibonacci here,
there, and
from there to there.
Not bad in there,
worth considering if
you know that strategy,
there’s no doubt about that!
On to Litecoin, also another
market that has pushed on.
Have a look here, the
charts structure once again
on these alts: higher low,
higher higher, higher low,
higher high, not run quite as strong,
as Ethereum, but we are up
through this 71-ish level,
and pushed above this high,
so it is also very much on my radar.
I want to say the cyclicity pulled,
I would say another pull back,
and then another higher high, because,
higher high, lower low,
higher high; not ideal.
And if we move lower,
it’s also not really what I’m after there,
but a nice daily reversal
of trend into uptrend.
Bitcoin Cash needs to
break up through this
resistance point right here,
it’s trying to do so right now,
of course apart from that; big spike,
higher low, high, higher low,
push above this level here,
and again that’s another market
that’s of interest for me;
as it is right now, not
so much of an interest.
Moving from Bitcoin Cash, to
Binance against our Tether,
it’s starting to climb back,
it’s had a fairly hard time
of late; driving lower,
and a bit divergent on these
lows, no doubt about that,
and nothing for me on 4-hour.
Tron, we can see here it has,
sitting right on that reversal
to trend point high or low,
need that higher high to push
on and get that consistency,
look at that convergence, beautiful there
on the daily,
want to see it push a bit further before
I actually look for any trades.
Cardano, again another one.
Higher low, just ticking
through to a higher high,
so another one that’s just ticked through.
The 4-hour here, need
to see it above this,
a little bit better perhaps
a pull back in there
would open opportunities,
but not quite just yet.
And finally BSV,
well the only thing on BSV
is potentially a short.
Not really in love with the
indicators on the daily,
the 12-hour a bit messy,
so nothing too much there.
There is movement; there
is reversals of trends,
we’ve got EOS, Ethereum, we’ve got XRP,
Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,
and Cardano all around that
point of a reversal.
Does that mean we’re
about to hit alt season?
I’m not suggesting that at all.
I’m just suggesting that a
lot of the charts right now,
outside of Bitcoin,
are looking a hell of a lot more bullish,
and that might turn in to something.
We need to take our time
to just check out that going forward.
Have a cracking day guys,
I’ll speak to you very soon,
bye for now.

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