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Alright guys, i have one question.
Have you heard about COLD WALLET and HOT WALLET?
We will discuss it now and their differences to each other.
And let me share you a COLD WALLET gadget
which we can send and receive crypto currencies
even without using the internet.
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What’s the difference between HOT wallet and COLD wallet?
Hot wallets are like checking accounts
while cold wallets are similar to savings accounts.
Hot wallets are the accounts
within digital asset exchanger
like Poloniex and Bittrex
Coinbase, and Coins.ph
are considered hot wallets because these companies
hold your funds in their infrastructure and servers.
So basically, hot wallets are the applications and website
which we use to store and use as our crypto currency wallet.
And hot wallets are the THIRD PARTY applications that holds our crypto assets.
Cold wallets are a physical device that is kept offline
but has the ability to be plugged into a computer when needed.
So in other words,
cold wallets are device where we can hold our crypto currency assets
that does not need any third party applications.
When it comes to security, let us see who has more secured.
Why do people keep most of their digital coins in a cold wallet?
The answer is:
Hackers cannot steal digital assets that are not connected to the internet.
For now, us filipinos uses Coins.ph
because Coins.ph is the most popular crypto currency wallet
and because
Coins.ph is connected to the internet,
application and has website
it is considered as HOT WALLET.
So meaning, if Coins.ph whole system and database were hacked
all of our accounts can also be hacked and all of our money will be lost.
The security of hot wallet compared to cold wallet is
whenever you lost your device
you can restore your account using other device
because that application can be download
and you can back up then recover your account.
Cons of Cold wallet, is whenever you lost your device
you can still back up and restore your account
but you need to purchase a new device
so you can restore your crypto assets.
And now, i will share an example of Cold Wallet.
It is very unique and i haven’t seen any device like this.
Let me introduce you the “ELLIPAL COLD WALLET 2.0”
Ellipal is a mobile oriented,
internet isolated,
supports multiple crypto currencies
and user friendly.
Basically, its like a mobile phone
and good thing about this is that
you don’t need to connect to the internet
for you to send and receive crypto currencies.
It has 4 inches screen size
touch screen.
Has a colour body contains Modern Gray.
Has a Micro B type USB.
And also has 5 mega-pixel auto focus camera.
It comes aslo with a freebies…
Like free 2 Ellipal stickers.
Micro B type USB cord.
Warranty Card.
And this is the paper where you can write
private keys and keywords
coz incase you lost your Ellipal cold wallet,
you can still recover it.
Present too is their User Manual.
You can read this for you to know how this Ellipal cold wallet works.
I will demo now how to use this cold wallet.
It has screen protector too
I will just peel it off.
Now im turning this ON
And at start-up,
select your language.
And the QR CODE will appear.
We will scan the QR code using the ELLIPAL wallet mobile application.
I will start now my application…
What we do now is we will click the “CONNECT TO ELLIPAL COLD WALLET”
click it once again and then
we can start scanning the cold wallet’s QR CODE.
*BOOM! its super fast!
next thing to do is to click “next”.
Create now your account
These are now the 12 phrases which can be write here in this paper.
You should write the phrases in order.
If done,
just press next and as you can see
multiple crypto currencies are supported by this wallet.
Now, we will connect this Ellipal Cold Wallet to our Ellipal Hot wallet application.
Press “connect to cold wallet”.
Just scan the QR code then it will appear fast in our ellipal wallet.
We will try now how to send bitcoin in our ellipal wallet.
Just simply click “receive”
then open your Coins.ph or any crypto currency wallet.
Scan again the QR code,
Then enter the bitcoin amount
like for example 0.0001 BTC
then send.
Alright, now i received the amount of btc we send earlier
and it goes straight right here to my BTC ellipal hot wallet.
“Received 0.0001 BTC”.
This part is how we can send crypto currency to others.
Here in Ellipal application,
click BTC or any other crypto currency
then click send.
Enter the amount
then paste right here the btc wallet address
then the fees
then click submit.
This is the proper way how to send BTC using our Ellipal Cold Wallet.
Here in our cold wallet, press “sign in”
then enter your password.
then use the cold wallet to scan the QR code.
Alright, we have finished to scan the first QR code
scan the 2nd code
you need to scan the 2 conformation QR code.
Its very fast!
Check if they are the same.
Press ok in our cold wallet then
We will now scan the QR code using our Ellipal application from our Ellipal Cold Wallet.
Then scan again the 2nd QR code.
After 2 QR code scanned,
it will now send.
Good thing about this is that you cannot send BTC if you do not have your cold wallet.
Thats one of their security.
Incase someone tries to log in or access your Ellipal account,
that person cannot send and receive any crypto currency as long as they don’t have your Cold Wallet.
It is very useful specially on a day to day basis.
And to all who transact their business
outside their houses so they don’t need to use internet or any mobile data.
And about their mobile application,
you can both download it to Playstore and Appstore.
Here in our Ellipal Hot wallet,
they are also updated in price of any crypto currency.
They notifies us too in price of BTC,
ripple and other crypto currency.
Here in our profile,
good thing about here is if you don’t have enough money to buy our Ellipal Cold Wallet
just download the Ellipal application
and see the “tasks and rewards” so we can earn money
and we will use it to purchase Ellipal Cold Wallet.
Here in our tasks and rewards,
you can withdraw your earning by inviting friends,
by joining ellipal group,
by following ellipal on twitter,
by connecting to cold wallet,
and by purchasing referral’s cold wallet using your discount code.
You can withdraw your earnings here
using Ethereum or ERC20 wallets.
And if you are interested purchasing this Ellipal Cold Wallet,
Check out my video description to see the link
and where to purchase this cold wallet.
This Ellipal cold wallet costs about
149 US dollars.
If you will purchase 2 wallet
it costs 248 US dollars.
Available too is the Ellipal x Tron
that cost for 149 us dollars.
LTC Limited Edition
that cost for 149 us dollars too.
And Ellipal x DGB
that cost for 149 us dollars.
If you wanna get discount from purchasing this wallet,
just enter *capital
then click this APPLY.
If you guys enter my discount code,
you will get discount or less 17.88 us dollars.
So the total amount to be paid is 131.12 us dollars
instead of 149 us dollars.
There you have it guys!
Ellipal Cold Wallet is very unique
and i think that few filipinos have this kind of gadget/device
where we can send and receive crypto currency
even without connecting to the internet.
Thank you for watching and this is my review to
This is Aiza Mercado again,
and have a great day!


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