Ecuador private banknote, 20 sucres, El Banco Sur America 1920

hello people are you going and here I
have a banknote from Ecuador now if you
need to know this is a private bank now
infinite and I worry about seed with
issue there’s a few ways here you have a
sucrase which was the currency equal to
1 to 19 mm oh my and here we have quit
Oh to a narrow the money 20
so quit OS the capital of Ecuador so
that’s how unite this was issued in
Ecuador okay now this is a unissued
version of this banknote and I’m not
sure if these banknotes actually issued
the circulation yeah
in 1926 or private banknotes in Ecuador
well this is bended and government-issue
from the central bank
it could always issued as you can see
this would be in hand signed but has no
sign and it would have also been
individually numbered okay it has an
image here of Christopher Columbus as
him handcuffed to a anchor because he
was a sailor if you don’t know he was
one of the first Western Europeans to
discover the Americas
of course the 93 will discover the first
ok he’s a globe he celebrating his I’m
discovering of different parts of the
world and the year is this Spanish coat
of arms I believe so this is the castle
beyond this one would be Castile this is
probably a gwaan and nivara but they are
a bit different so I’m not sure if
that’s an older version incorrect
okay so you’re patting on the side yeah
– Tenzin’s 29 right I Roman numerals I
can’t really read Spanish piccata I love
Easter Airport the dog I’ve heard of
that book
so this one has as uh looks like has
pink Bank grounded that corresponds to
the background or the image on the back
the watermark
I shall show you the two top corners you
have 2020 day and then in the bottom you
have Bank of America
that just means Bank South America so
the Bank of South America reverse
oh it’s Christopher Columbus with the
Spanish flag probably here to one first
islands if we have a close-up this is
most likely a painting that is somewhere
in that art going you can see that there
are natives over here and there are
Spanish they have um this would have
been hook to grab on to something
vegetation or whatever to drag the boat
in close to the land and they’ve pikes
but no rifles and that’s any rifles that
should have had rifles and here is
another boat there’s the main ship looks
like the waters a bit choppy then we
have our just these pet nations flowers
and leaves
quite a good bank now this is a hard to
get uncirculated and this one’s the 20
so crash you get one five and 100
suitcase as well let’s have a close-up
of Christopher compas that could have
been better engraved it looks pretty
young pretty shallow yeah they could
have done something with B hey maybe
you’ve never better hairdo okay so this
is an issue Bank nerd of South America
Ecuador hope you like you spank now and
let me know if you’ve got mine at home
thank you very much and have a nice day

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