East German banknotes

so hello fellow banknote collectors and
now put some banknotes from East Germany
so here I have the first issue I just
have the 50 Deutsche marks because
initially the East German mark was
called dick dousche mark then in a 1962
dollar chain not a $64 change to just
the mark and even though this is just a
51 they’re actually not too expensive
they do come in denominations of 50
Dodge Phoenix 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 and
1000 marks but do you 101,000 especially
the 1000 it’s very hard to get and this
issue is not in 48 so the first issue
that was not a damp on top of the old
Russian rent and Marx and here we have
the two letters but you can also get
them in the single letter prefix as well
and here we have 80 in 327 I’m just
going to presume that that is the actual
block number print number and these
banknotes are pretty pretty boring very
interesting note to collect and your
watermark is just like I don’t know what
the watermark is looks like a triangle
pattern or whatever so don’t know why I
have two of these banknotes but this
one’s in better condition in this one
and on the back it just says
deutsche mark and it has pretty much the
same warnings that are actually on the
ever banknotes as well that were issued
let me see if we can get a so here I
have the old race Mart and if you can
see the warning on here is pretty much
the same so and they carried it on
even in the do they put it on the
Deutsche marks oh yeah see they actually
used to footy goats might as well so
this warning has been on since the
unification of Germany and it’s
currently not on the Euro banknotes so
if you see the old Deutsche marks
actually pretty much the Irish mark
should I say it’s pretty much the same
size except they no longer have this a
letter on the banknotes and these ones
were in circulation and to 1955 when
they actually changed the color to
pinkish purple they actually change the
colour of all the banknotes so I’m just
wondering if these were withdrawn and
new banknotes were issued so there might
have been a currency confiscation at
this time which is no I’m pretty normal
for a lot of countries not just
communist ones then new banknotes issued
in 1964 and then there were these
banknotes issued between 1971 and 1975
so only a free here the five 10 and 50
it was also a 20 a 100 marks issue for
circulation there were two hundred five
hundred marks prepaid but they were not
issue for circulation
so the twenty is a green color in the
one hundred is a blue color but as II
100hp go you actually as this is pretty
much a blue color zone I don’t think you
will get confusing it this one has
thomas minster so thomas monster 1489
1525 so really has nothing to do with
communism just like german history and
he was a reformist
who both opposed Martin Luther who
actually is viewed as a founder of
Protestant churches in the Roman
Catholic Church those in between
actually and he actually led the German
peasants rebellion or do peasants war as
they call it and that went on then he
went on for a few years about a year and
it was actually suppressed and I presume
that he was executed at the end of it
which is uh 1525 and as you can see he’s
in the watermark as a security food has
the coat of arms of the German
Democratic Republic which has a compass
and a hammer in this that Spanky idea
Deutsch Democratic Republic and on the
back we have week been harvested then as
you could see this is quite a small
banknote I’m surprised at how small
these these would have to be the
smallest banknotes ever in circulation
as a series apart from those of the
issued during the war period especially
in the first world war with the Romanian
the Russian and the Serbian small
denominating notes anyway here we have
another Bank now this is the $10.00
marks and this one has that Caen Clara
Zetkin hmm I hope that’s right she was
born in 1857 died in 1933 and she is
married German Marxist fierce so she has
some relationship with communism ah and
when I said this guy I had no
relationship with communism not directly
but because he was for the peasants for
the poor people
that is his relationship with communism
and she was a a minister not a minister
a member of parliament in the vy my
republic in the Reichstag and to a death
in 1933 and she was a member of the
Communist Party of Germany at the time
she’s also in the watermark and then the
backgrounds looks like a nice pattern
beautiful these banknotes were in
circulation up into 1990 when they
adopted the Bush map which they use into
2002 and they adopted the euro so here
on the back we have a radio station and
then lots of dolls so looks like it
might be a little bit more complex maybe
it is used at a nuclear reactor so I’m
not too sure well I can look up ease
radio station so I’m gonna check
Wikipedia and see what they say oh yeah
Rheinsberg nuclear reactor which was put
into operation in 1966 and is it still
operational I don’t think it would be
decommission 1999 so she is probably
talking on radio to communicate with
other people and add a nuclear reactor
then I have 250 switch going to the
Democratic Republic MA and this is Z
prefix so I’ve actually made a video on
this before this was supposed to be a
replacement banknote then I’m not too
sure and he says Frederick Engels and on
the back it has a looks like an oil
so Oh
so mr. ingles was actually along with
Karl Marx the founder of the modern
theory of socialism which they converted
into communism and he 1830 45 he
actually published a condition of the
working class in England and you also co
offered the communist manifesto with
so he’s directly related to communist I
hope to get the ever bent notes so I can
actually show you because I’ll find them
fascinating they’re just quite small so
here we have the ordered soy sauce a so
you can see it’s actually quite big then
I put the last one there and it’s
actually about half the size so I’m
wondering why they actually reduce the
size of the banknotes maybe they thought
the currency was not that important
having small banknotes actually be of
some use so if we compare a German B
note from 1980 and the East German bank
note as you can see it’s also smaller
even I feel really clear they had the
same value so that’s quite interesting
very very confused of that anyway
what to say thank you very much for
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