Easier to Get Through TSA Security with Weed Than Water

the legalization of marijuana in
Colorado and Washington State
are creating some really funny
situations with the TSA
where as written about by the Associated
Press it is now
easier in a way to get through TSA
with marijuana then it is with water I
this is really shows is where where we
are today
boaters in the two states that approved
legalizing marijuana for adults over 21
now are I in inviting
or or dealing with this very odd
where if they try to get through TSA
with water
they would be turned away but if they
try to get through the T and they will
be forced to pour it out in fact
whereas if they get UTSA TSA
with marijuana it’s less clear what
happened certainly the TSA cannot
confiscated of course the legalization
within Colorado and Washington is not
meant to allow people to transport
marijuana into other states were it is
against the law
but there’s this incredible kinda legal
that’s going on now in Colorado there
bans in airports in some airports
from having marijuana and there can be
penalties as high as twenty-five hundred
dollars you might even have to stay
I at in a jail at the airport for some
but it has not happened so far nobody is
being fine
and carrying marijuana into a civilian
aircraft is the legal
under federal regulations but still
there are many reports of people
who are easily getting through TSA with
but of course being turned away if they
have water
I this is interesting and again it just
it kinda like with internet law where
the law around the internet doesn’t seem
to actually reflect
how the internet is used and much of
what has developed around the airport
security TSA anti-terrorism global War
on Terror regulations
seems to not really reflect the reality
in the sense that
yes you can’t get through with water
it’s possible that you could have
explosives in the water
or something else apparently but with
marijuana now that it is legal
the the legal situation is less clear in
practice I understand that on paper
you’re not allowed to bring marijuana
and airplanes and airports individually
are banning it
but people are getting through with it
I am sure there’s some discretion now on
a part of individual TSA agents when our
when the situations come up in
I can speak from you know my experience
that it certainly it’s even easier to
get onto a plane with a large knife
I as opposed to a bottle of water that’s
right if people don’t remember Louis
brought a
a them it was it was certainly it was
part of wanted these multi-tools
but there’s no question that it had a
large blade that by itself would be a
knife that is not allowed
and Luis just walking right onto an
airplane with a knife with a large night
in his carry-on
very very interesting so legally the TSA
typically hands over anybody who has
to local law enforcement of course in
colorado with marijuana being legal
law enforcement doesn’t really get
involved because
its illegal it’s against regulations by
statute to had marijuana in the airports
but it is not
really a crime and I it’s just this very
strange situation I wonder if Denver
Airport which has a cigarette smoking
almost like a box where people can go
into smoke their cigarettes
shouldn’t they also have one for
marijuana I mean it is not allowed at
the airports but legally speaking
I don’t understand the legal
justification for having a cigarette
smoking box at the airport
and not a weed smoking box maybe they
will eventually
yeah I don’t know we we are going to
really be up against
a very strange transition period as more
states begin TD criminalize
and legalize marijuana where questions
about weed smoking boxes at airports
will be a legitimate question it’s at
least at some point


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