Delhi Forced Tanka An Early example at deliberate Fiat currency

so hello fellow coin collectors how you
doing today and today well we have a
special coin that I actually quite like
this is actually an Indian coin is
actually from the Sultan’s of Delhi and
he is from the ruler Muhammad the third
being – nique Malik is actually the
right name of or the surname of the
actual reigning royal family in the
Sultan’s of Delhi and the Sultan’s of
Delhi were the first Islamic rulers of
India and quite obviously they reigned
around 12 to the 1500s and if you know
Delhi is the capital of India they
actually occupied that region but this
coin is a tinker and specialty of this
coin is that is actually a strong tanker
which at the time tankers were actually
in silver or billion their billions
probably about 20% or less silver but
this one is very interesting because in
1327 Mohammed introduced a monetary
reform and part of it was that you
making all tankers into this copper coin
but it actually still had a value of a
silver coin so really and after a
certain time we could actually change it
for silver so you think people are not
going to counterfeit this coin and quite
obviously I don’t know if this one is
the counterfeit coin I’m just gonna
retain it it’s actually official but if
there are counterfeits they’re probably
a bit harder to actually tell they’re
probably a bit cruder but I have not
actually come past them because actually
I would say they would have been
exchanged for the silver coin and all
these were mounted down so this coin has
a weight of 50 G tails or about nine
point three grams usually 21 millimeters
and the inscription on this side of the
coin so right inside you had the date in
the mint and I haven’t actually worked
that out yet but it’s most likely just
take great Delhi that’s probably the
mint I need to look at this coin a lot
closer maybe I’ll I can’t actually find
the date I need to learn my Arabic a lot
better but he actually says man I
softened crud
what lemon so he who buys the salt and a
base of merciful one the merciful one is
obviously God and Sultan as well because
he can’t actually that the Sultan
actually has he’s mandate from Allah and
on the side like a normal copper coin
it’s actually pretty much nothing to
prevent counterfeiting and there’s a
crack then that would have actually been
caused from when they actually struck
the coin and on this side actually has
Persian and the Persian is mu Assad
thanks Raj Dow was up and I meet
Muhammad through a leak and obviously
the last one Mohammed to leak that is
his name and translate as soon as a
tanker current in the reign of the slave
hopeful Mohammed to leak so obviously
this is called the slave reign because
the first ruler was actually slave and
I’ve actually kept the name afterwards
and these ones there was story going
around I actually read a Wallach I can’t
maybe where was
they’re after these were actually forced
to be made it silver because obviously
they would not have been popular if
people couldn’t actually trust with was
real or counterfeit and plus at the time
people wanted silver coins copper bronze
years good but these ones didn’t have
the copper and bronze in value of one
tanker that were actually probably quite
a heavy coin so they wanted silver and I
want a good silver as well so I probably
would’ve chopped it the savers actually
good silver and after a while when a
Muhammad passed away they actually found
that the Treasury had quite a lot of
these coins still even like 20-30 years
after it was gone
because you know what would I gonna do
of him and they could have actually
melted them down and issued am is
another denomination like the for gurney
which is probably bad laughter so I
suppose this one but you know and that
was just waste of time really and these
coins are a bit expensive so you’re
talking about a thirty to forty
Australian dollars just to buy one coin
I managed to actually pick this up I
actually didn’t know what I actually had
when I picked it up so I just peed on a
few coins and this was one that I got
and it’s only after I got it back there
are four on this corner back for a while
it’s actually smaller than what actually
thought it was so it’s a nice coin
issued around thirteen twenty seven so
this is about seven hundred years old
probably a little bit less actually six
hundred and ninety two years old so
quite an old coin quite a beautiful coin
to have as well and because of its
thickness is actually preserved
quite well in the right conditions so
anyway I like to know what you into this
coin if you’re interested in Indian
coins because this is these are the
coins I actually do collect and as you
know I do sell some coins but these are
actually not it and I like to say thank
you very much I’ll leave a link down
below to eBay in case you wanna have a
look at me ancient Indian coins even is
that boy that’s fine
in the eBay is a good place just to
gauge the actual values of these coins
and now just have an awesome coin
collecting time people thank you very
much and bye bye


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