”Andy , how do I buy ELECTRONEUM ?”
there are 2 options
the first one is to buy directly
the second one is using bitcoin
how do you buy bitcoin ?
it’s very easy
in my previous vlogs I showed how you can buy from BitcoinRomania
to show you that I’m not working with anybody
and I can say whatever I want
in this episode , I will show you another way to buy bitcoin ,a way that is more efficient
this method will allow you to enter this cryptoworld with less money
for instance , to buy bitcoin with just 100 lei (28 USD)
maybe I will find a better site and I will show you in the next episode , but for now I will show you this
no one is paying me and I don’t accept to be paid for that
I just want to share with you only what I know
we’ll go on Google and search for LocalBitcoins
we’ll find the site and enter on it
the site identifies that we are from Romania
and we type here that we want to buy BTC for 100 lei (28 USD)
now we have 4 offers
we can see his feedback here
therefore , it’s not a company that sells you BTC
it’s a marketplace where sellers meet buyers
I used this marketplace successfully 3 days ago
how do I know if the price is good?
it’s very easy
we can see the price on BitcoinRomania and then compare it
now on BitcoinRomania , 1BTC is 34561 RON
if we refresh the page , you’ll that the price is volatile
now , the price for 1BTC is 35233 (RON)
what’s the price for 1BTC on LocalBitcoins? it’s 35051 RON
it’s actually cheaper
on BitcoinRomania 1BTC is 35233 (RON)
and here is 35000 (RON)
and this person even sells BTC for 100 RON
this site keeps money in a safe keeping, an escrow
until you send him the money
so how much you want to buy? for 100 RON
for 100 RON you will get 0.002852 BTC
so, we buy from here for 100 RON we are going to get in touch with the seller
he gave us some info , he can be contacted 24/7 via WhatsApp or SMS
the payment can be done with ING-ING or BT-BT
you have his number where you can ask him about everything
be sure to make the transaction using the site, so they can keep the money in escrow, until the payment is done
we can see that there are a few more sellers
and we can see that one guy is selling with 35400 RON
it’s so easy to buy Bitcoin
this sells BTC for 87000 RON
Why would someone buy BTC from this guy ?
I know the idea
“He’s not stupid for asking”
”it’s stupid who pays for it” (romanian proverb)
so ,just a quick reminder
this is the second way to buy ELECTRONEUM using BTC
and I showed that you can do this using LocalBitcoins
and this will transfer your BTC in your GreenAdress
I consider that the safest way to keep bitcoin is using a hardware,wallet offline
we can talk about this on future videos,but make sure you leave a comment so I know that you are interested in
I want to share with you what you are requesting and what you are wondering
once we have BTC on GreenAdress we can transfer it
in the last vlog I showed how you can transfered it to CRYPTOPIA
Cryptopia has some issues because there are so many users
So Cryptopia didn’t expect so many users interested in ETN
ETN users were more than MONERO users, ETN is a fork of Monero
I don’t know if you understand what this means, but for me, ELECTRONEUM has big chances to become expensive
and it’s price to grow hundreds of times
I don’t want to read your comments saying that this can’t be true or you are crazy
”you think that the price of ETN will be close to 30USD”
It’s just my only opinion and I don’t encourage you to do the same.
I don’t give you advice , I just show what I did.
don’t come to me and request for info , what do I do know or what else can I do now ?
I don’t give advice
I just showed what I did
that’s why I created this YouTube channel , to share informations
If you have an useful information just leave it in the comments
I read all the comments and I will present to you if I think it’s worth it
Let’s see what we can do with BTC once we have it on the phone.
We are not going to transfer it to Cryptopia, because there are some problems that I told you about.
I also talked about this in the episode ‘”I BROUGHT THE JAGUAR TO THE BITCOIN FACTORY”
and why there are problems and why I don’t worry about them, although I have 150k ETN on Cryptopia
also in that episode I talked about KuCoin
KuCoin is a big marketplace
maybe even bigger than Crytopia
where you can trade ETN for BTC and BTC for ETN
so , we access KuCoin and we create an account
after we created an account
we enter the market
and search for the ETN market
because all this are cryptocurrencies and we are interested in ETN and BTC
This is what we are talking in this vlog
if I mine ETN , do I have someone to sell it to?
The trading works for buy order and sell orders
this means that the price of 1 ETN is now 383 Satoshi
so if I want to buy ETN, I can place a buy order for 382 Satoshi
When the price is going to be 382 Satoshi, I will be able to buy
as you can see , all buyorders have lower prices than the actual prices
because everyone want to buy cheaper
for instance maybe I want to buy when the price will hit 380 Satoshi
so , I place a buy order at 380 Satoshi
someone has a buyorder at 380 Satoshi and someone ordered to buy
a lot of people want to buy 160.000 ETN when the price will be 381 Satoshi
someone place a buy order at 389 Satoshi and it was completed instantly
you know , everyone wants to buy cheaper than the actual price
now the price is 389 Satoshi
always buy orders are lower than the actual price
because everyone wants to buy at a low price
the actual price is the last transaction
so , someone placed a buy order at 383 Satoshi and this is the first one that will be completed
before other smaller buy orders
all the sell orders are working in reverse
these are sell orders
when the price will reach 390 Satoshi someone is going to sell 336 ETN
when the price will reach 391 Satoshi someone is willing to sell 52000 ETN
when the price will reach 392 Satoshi someone is going to sell 92000 ETN, this can be either one guy or more
for instance , If I want to sell 100000 ETN , then here it will be showed 192000 ETN
92000 that are already there plus my 100000
this is how transactions works
this is how buy orders and sell orders works
and I think now you know if you can sell to someone
because these buy orders are already placed
if I want to sell ETN now , I will guarantee sell at 384 Satoshi
because someone already placed an order for 384 Satoshi for 4000 ETN
so I can already sell 3900 ETN for 384 Satoshi
because someone placed a buy order
at the bottom (buying orders)
at the top (selling orders)
and here we have all the transactions that are completed
in red is what was bought
and in green is what was sold
and what I shown here is answearing to your question
do I have where to sell ETN ?
I think you got it
once you transfered ETN in BITCOIN
then you can transfer back BITCOIN on GreenAdress
then to LocalBitcoin , then change it to real money
Long story short.
Download the app “ELECTRONEUM” from Google PlayStore
start mining with your phone
when you will reach over 10ETN you will have those in the wallet
from your wallet you transfer them to KuCoin after you registered
you trade ETN for BTC on KuCoin
then transfer your BTC amount to GreenAddress
then from GreenAddress you can sell them on real money on LocalBitcoins
I don’t think anyone can make a more accurate video than this one
I wouldn’t sell ETN now
the price is still low
it’s only 0.3 USD and ETN was up to 0.22 USD few months back
the second method , if you don’t want a complication
will be to see the video ‘AM DUS JAGUARUL LA FABRICA DE BITCOIN”
and you will see that my associate, Neko recommended a website from Australia
I can’t guarantee for sites from Australia
I just recommend you what I know
in the video ”AM DUS JAGUARUL LA FABRICA DE BITCOIN” I was talking about Frankie ( my friend )
I have an information from Frankie especially for you
how do you buy ETN safe?
Let me show you!
The site is CryptoGo.
You register here and you can buy any cryptocurrency that you wish for
in every single vlog I recommend that you should only invest what you can afford to lose
let me explain why
if you are going to invest much more than you can afford to lose
You will be very stressed , you will check the price 10 times per day
and you won’t be calm. You don’t have to treat investing in cryptocurrencies like a bet,
where you bet everything on one color and see what happens, it’s wrong
and as you can see we can buy ETN at 0.04 USD
keep that in mind , the site sells with 20% more than the real price
so , if you buy using Bitcoin it’s going to be more efficient
I want to say 2 more things
on this site you are buying Electroneum at a higher price
and the other thing is that you have to buy cryptocurrencies for mininimum 500 EURO
and you see , it’s not for everybody
I would never use this method
I would buy BTC and then trade to ETN
and that’s what I did !
why would I have to pay 20% more?
Why would I want to pay more ?
I always prefer to work , I don’t like to spend the money without brain
and I said that in all of my videos
maybe some of you thinks that I am stingy
make sure that the site you are using to buy crypto is legit . There are a lot of sites that are a scam
Frankie was panicked until he got all the ETN in his balance
this is the message from CryptoGo
he was so panicked until he got all ETN in his wallet
this site will also request for your identity
as you can see , this is an order of buying ETN for 500 EURO
This is the wallet where he got all the ETN that he paid for
so , this site is legit.
I like to share info with you
and I would like if you are going to share this video as well
maybe you have a friend that wants to buy.
Leave a comment so I can know what’s your opinion
what you want to know more , what you want to see next, it’s my pleasure to explain things to you
I take my free time to make this videos for you
Do you want to know more about my ostrich farm?
Do you want to know more about my vipers farm?
maybe you want to know more about Engine Decarbonisation ?
you want more vlogs with the X5M or other cars?
Just leave a comment and I will definitely read it !
I also reply to all comments personally
I don’t have an employee to do this.
Even doe my friends are not ok with it
because I am always on my phone responding to your comments
instead talking with them
I think you are going to be very interested in a vlog
where I will show to you how mining actually works
how to make a rig for mining
but I have to talk with Neko , because I’m not good at mining
I’m good at investments
I invest money , I’m not good at mining
if you want this , I can ask Neko to show you this
so , make sure you leave a comment ! 🙂
that would be for today ,
I really enjoyed doing this vlog
see you next time ! 😀


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