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guys let’s take a look at the first
article the first one I have is from the
Canadian Securities Commission over half
a million Ontario Ontarians currently
hold crypto and the part that I think is
interesting from this now first of all
over half a million is a huge number
that’s really cool to hear but that’s
only 5% so only 5% of Ontarians have
crypto this was published from a study
last week and this to me the only thing
I can think about is the 95 percent of
people who do not have crypto and are
still waiting to get in the game now
it’s gonna be for several different
reasons you know it could be financial
reasons it can be age know depends
certain ages are more likely to invest
in crypto as they’re more open to the
technology there’s a lot of different
factors that I think through time we are
going to see a lot more of that
ninety-five percent who haven’t invested
come and start joining the five percent
now our invest we will see the five
percent number continue to grow at a
ninety five percent number continue to
fall but that does show us one that
there is a good amount of adoption
because over half a million already hold
crypto but also it shows us how much
more is still to come and I can’t wait
to get those peoples money in the market
so we can all grow we can grow the
technology we can grow adoptions that of
the technology but also grow the overall
market cap because that is where money
is made in this investment moving on
we’re gonna be talking about Satoshi
Nakamoto so I got a lot of people asking
me questions about this because
apparently the self-proclaimed key word
self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto says
Bitcoin book is in
the works now before we jump into this
article guys I just have to say why
would Satoshi Nakamoto the real Satoshi
Nakamoto the guy who you know made a big
point all those years ago why would he
all of a sudden in 2018 mid 2018 decide
to write or to write a book the writing
books being one of the most profitable
things you can do because you can sell
them for like $30 get them published
each get a publish for like two to three
dollars and everything in between and
with all the hype that they could get
all the news coverage all the media that
they could get from Sabine a
self-proclaimed associate off from being
D self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto they
could drive a lot of sales and this
could be a very profitable move but this
isn’t the first time we’ve heard someone
proclaim they are Satoshi Nakamoto so
Craig Wright an Australian academic and
chief scientist at and chain claimed to
be Nakamoto in 2015 though this is that
you know they haven’t proved this
whatsoever he took to Twitter actually
to talk about this saying that the
author of the of the book that’s about
to come out the guy who’s saying he’s
Satoshi Nakamoto cannot get the dates
nor technical details correct basically
what Craig Wright’s
saying is exactly what I do on all of my
college tests he’s basically sat there
being like I memorized more stuff than
you I’m the better self-proclaimed
Satoshi Nakamoto I don’t believe either
of these guys are the real Satoshi
Nakamoto people think it might be a
group of people who just went under this
name the name being chosen because it is
one of the most common names you can
find in japan’s the equivalent of john
smith that is why they decided to go
with that name on again i don’t know if
it’s an individual i don’t know if it’s
a group but you know what since
everyone’s doing that I’m soon gonna
come out and be a self-proclaimed
Satoshi Nakamoto too so guys keep an eye
out in a few in a few months maybe
you’ll get a video saying I am the real
Satoshi Nakamoto then I’m gonna be all
over the news I’m gonna get a ton of
coverage I’ll get paid a lot of money
and there we go
things are easy I feel like this is the
easiest way to go a lot of people are
doing this I don’t want to miss out on
this trend of you know called pretending
to be Satoshi Nakamoto but it’s insane
to see the links that some people would
go to just for their 15 seconds of fame
or the money that they
get out of it there’s so many better
things they could do I don’t believe
either of these guys are the real set
now this also honestly cause a lot of
fun in the market as well a lot of
people got scared about situation a lot
of people you know there’s just a lot of
negativity in the market from this
because people don’t know some people
believe it some people don’t believe it
personally guys I don’t think there’s
anything negative to say about the
market wise due to this but I don’t
believe either these guys are the real
Satoshi Nakamoto I don’t think the guy
who came who in created Bitcoin to be
what he thought was to help the world I
don’t believe that guy who was trying to
help the world would then now and who
didn’t want to be exposed for late
didn’t want people to know who he was
because he was just trying to help the
world I don’t believe he is now trying
to get in front of the news and get you
know lunch a bucket a bunch of it just
basically mooches money off of being in
the media I don’t believe that is the
same guy so it makes no sense to me
moving on though Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency billionaires I know you
guys saw the title of this video and you
guys are interested to hear what I’m
going to talk about well one of the
youngest Bitcoin billionaires is called
Ben yeah Ben dello he actually founded
bit Mex and he is me he is said to be
Britain’s youngest of Bitcoin
billionaire not big not the youngest
billionaire he’s the youngest Bitcoin
billionaire so this is really cool he is
Hong kong-based
apparently he’s a lot like Warren
Buffett though he doesn’t spend a lot of
the money he is not buying Lambos he
wants to give a lot of it if he wants to
give most of the wealth away to the
needy and out as much as I think that is
a great cause and as much as I would
love to say that I would have done the
same thing I probably would have bought
a Lambo first as we all know
Lamborghinis are the symbol of making a
lot of money with cryptocurrency so I
definitely would have picked up a Lambo
put a big Bitcoin logo on it and there
we go then the rest I can decide to do
with the money after but still very cool
to see we’ve seen a lot of people make a
lot of money in this industry already
being a they could be founders of other
cryptocurrencies like the guys who
founded who founded Ripple
a ton of money for those guys we also
have the Winklevoss twins who founded
Gemini and just
involved the cryptocurrency space for a
very very long time they are also
Bitcoin billionaires really cool to see
the opportunities that this provide the
industry I still think there’s a lot
more many many many more billionaires to
come in this industry I think that’s
going to be coming from starting
exchanges gonna be coming from you know
starting the note being one of the top
crypto currencies if one of those
launched and there’s a new
cryptocurrency that comes out and it
moves its way up to the top it could be
from that the team could make a lot of
money there I think there’s still a
great amount of opportunity if we see
how many billionaires we have just from
the tech sector for example from like
yet from technology from Apple Amazon
Facebook those guys I think we’re gonna
get the same thing in cryptocurrency and
way the blockchain technology it’s this
is just the very very very beginning of
like I said still a lot of room to grow
moving on let’s take a look at the
overall market now that we are done with
some news and see where things are where
it looks like things are headed well for
the most part we look like we are moving
relatively sideways for the last few
days we saw that yesterday couldn’t
conclude exactly where we were going but
it looks like now we can say we pretty
pretty much certainty that the last few
days we have been trading sideways we
see some red we see some green but
overall not too much you guys can see
Cardinals only 0.5% something that could
be changed instantly and litecoin is
down point zero eight percent again if i
refresh the page this might already have
change let’s take a look actually if we
do get yeah there we go now like coins
up 0.52% bitcoins down 0.01 things are
moving sideways but hopefully we do get
another break out upwards a lot of
people were scared since we did have
this huge run-up instantly it was in the
matter of their few hours we went up a
ton and then started trading sideways
people are scared that we might fall
back down I’m hoping that we do start
moving up from here the only way that we
can be sure to you know best invest our
money and know when the right time to
buy in is to dollar cost average I’ve
been saying this a lot in a lot of
videos recently because I want to make
sure that you guys are doing the best
thing for your not obviously I’m not a
financial advisor and this is not
financial advice
I’m just saying buying on the way down
is what
seem to be the most effective and it’s
what I’ve seen a lot of the other in a
lot of top investors and a lot of other
people out there in the cryptocurrency
community say the same thing but I did
want to clear up some news first
regarding card Auto and Tron’s you guys
remember card Donal intron and they look
like they might have been starting a
partnership now obviously they actually
came out Charles Hoskinson came out and
said that you guys remember the tweet I
talked about before how I said that Tron
should use their technology and they
could partner up all blah well
apparently they have no partnership
plans and this isn’t something that we
did know so a lot of people obviously
get hyped seeing the tweet of the
possibility of the partnership and that
is what we were discussing at the time
we were saying we’re talking that there
is a big possibility that they do
partner up if Iran decides to use
cardano’s technology but nothing has
been set in stone yet that’s what he’s
trying to clear up a lot of people are
treating as if it was going to happen
well you guys remember from the tweet
that Tron Justin Sun said that they were
going to look into all the possibilities
and also look into the possibility and
the opportunity that Hoskins Hoskinson
provided and Cardinal obviously if Tron
does go ahead with that then they will
speak to Coronado and that’s when a
partnership will form but still things
are way too early is there still that
possibility 100% there’s still the
possibility of this happening they’re
just not confirming or denying it at
this point saying that there are no
plans whatsoever right now which is
because like I said Tron hasn’t finished
looking at all of the possibilities and
so they haven’t made their decision yet
it’s gonna come down to which one they
decide to do but if you guys do look at
Tron just really quick Tron Down barely
anything so honestly again if I give
this a refresh this could be changed I
was actually down 0.1 percent more but
still 0.97% is very very small change in
the cryptocurrency space and same with
Cardinal of 0.3 very very small so
they’re all staying prep they’re staying
relatively the same as where they were
24 hours ago moving on the last thing
before we do pick the Bitcoin giveaway
winner ripple ripples at 46 cents all a
little under 46 cents 45
point seven cents very very cheap pickup
right now and they’re trying to help get
improve their chances of not being
considered a security by the SEC so they
added for third-party validators to
decentralize the XRP ledger so you guys
can see by the article ripple has added
four third party validators apart from
its own as a way to make further
progress on decentralization which has
the ripple computer which has the ripple
community elated and hopeful of sec
stance on its decentralized age so
they’re hoping that’s gonna help that
CCC that it is fully and decentralized
and obviously not get the sec to say
that it’s not a security similar to what
they did with etherium a lot of people
are scared about that right now is they
have made no final conclusion on ripple
yet and a lot of people are sort of
waiting and speculating and starting to
get nervous about what the what the
decision is going to be I don’t think
there’s anything to be nervous about
just yet I’m like I said it’s gonna come
down to what they decide they’re gonna
do their investigation they’re gonna
come up with what they decide there’s
nothing either of us can do there’s
nothing that wouldn’t know there’s
nothing that we can do as a community or
anything right now all that’s all in the
hands of it but I’m glad to see they
aren’t taking action to try and improve
their chances that I think is great for
them and I think they know the
importance of this so I have no doubt in
my mind that they are going to do
everything they can to improve their
chances the most possible now the video
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comments two hundred thirteen thumbs up
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