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Pop an openness check right now. Let me know if you guys can hear me out everybody
What’s going on
What’s up y’all
We did sell Mona back get a 32 I think something like that 20 something right up under 30, I think
I’m from the USA. Yeah, that’s pretty funny
I think it might be a good time to look at getting back in it
Not right now because it’s on a little decent and it very well might consolidate even more
But you know it’s air money. Don’t make none, so
I’m gonna I’m gonna actually pull Mona’s chart out tomorrow
today guy wanted to do more of
industry analysis with some of the macro influences
Didn’t I say
BTC was going down said trove
Yes, I did and
In fact I made an entire video about me saying that
Not too long ago like two days ago, so tell the trouble look at the video
because I actually predicted this path almost to
exact scale
So even when I’m wrong. I’m still right
Say it the boss
What do we got what do we got?
Bitcoin cash let’s check a chart out real quick
Let me put this timer up real quick make sure you hit that like button guys
We got 50 people live on the air we bout to put this
Put this little deal up right huh, so we give away some money hit that thumbs up button. That’s the only way as though happen
You already know?
I’m is it let’s do 335
All right, it’s not back
Um and then we wanted to look at
Bitcoin cash I think that’s what somebody said
Let’s pull that out real quick in
Ada a10 Bitcoin cat let’s look at them real quick
Yeah, that’s what I was saying with this one this actually might be a decent place to buy it
Because I what we have on Mona
And I’d like to say we were to only crypto channel to predict Mona’s breakout like a boss do
What we got here
Kind of like that me looking at it
There’s a
nice little correction
Right into the one six one eight
Now that’s not that good. That’s uh
Almost a bearish engulfing
It does have a chance to get back up there I
Would say hold off for a moment I didn’t realize that candle was that big. That’s a lot of negative momentum
Normally, it should only take up. You know
Less than half of it right you see like right there, we just had like the top half of it
Here we just had like half of it here. We’re almost like all the way down so it’s getting more and more top-heavy
That’s why I think this thing might actually come down
To the top of that 1.0
Before trying to bounce out a little bit more
Let’s up pull up think alike. Eh and ADA
You read that
All right, yeah, right let’s look at a this guy real quick
This thing has just been destroyed goodness gracious
Huh, I don’t see any reason for it to stop to be honest
You know it had a chance right there, and I had to go all the way back over there. Just to pull it out
Yeah, it’s like nothing else it to hold on to
So it’s broken
So don’t look at getting it right now
It’ll need to get above that line before it has any type of longevity or momentum
So just hold off on the coin cast or not
Because again that time you could buy it now and wait a month
But that time is valuable very very very valuable so it’s broken just like
Bqx is not on trading view so I can’t chart it. Thank you for the donation. I do appreciate it
Thirty-six lights eighty people live on the air we need
75 lights you guys you see it right there, if y’all want somebody to win and actually I’m doing free etherium today
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What’s going on market Ranger?
Okay see
Check it out – the Bitcoin
Hmm that’s not that bad still needs a little bit. That’s interesting though
And these to dovetail that 77 is gonna need the dovetail which means that that green is
Going to need to go flat go sideways
Under it that’s gonna be time now all you need is time with this one so it’s enough
Not a matter of if but wind right
we expect that green to go sideways some in there that’ll
allow that
77 so you could buy this one right now and sit on it for a couple weeks with the expectation that the green will
Go flat that will cause this orange line
To dovetail out and then that will cause
white line
To flatten out once you got all three lines flat, then this thing is ready to roll. This is one of the better charts
I’ve seen though
So I’ll say this is a pretty good pickup down here at
3300 um even if it does go down let’s see
55 lights we need 20 more. I’ve got about 45 seconds. Let’s get it going
Even if it does go down you got a solid solid solid area of support
Right there, so I don’t expect this thing to go below
2,000 but that’s a pretty pretty
Extensive return, you got there. You know I’m going up
That’s almost 10x from where it is today on one run so okay cash. I would say is a good buy right now
I’m just giving that
Exponential factor 10x and one breakout that’s not not bad not bad trade off. I
Might look at picking somebody stuff myself where’s my book?
Write it down in my nifty trade book
What’s the date
Is this the season for litecoin yet, no, but my point is is that
coin walking
It there are probably 20 or 30 different coins that are better than my coin right now
Thank you, man. Thank You Nelson Nelson cinq Nelson the singleton. Thank you so much, man. I appreciate that
Falou here. I will make a little bit of money
Prison many people make as much money as possible
So, thank you, man, thank you for the support
Fifty-eight likes come on. We got 82 people guys. We can do this. We need 75 and
Somebody’s gonna win some etherium today
Because etherium is a lot freer than Bitcoin as far as transaction fees are concerned
What did we want to look at?
Yeah, everything’s gone down over the past month roller coaster. What are you trolling right now?
Everything’s gone down in the past month, so you know
Go buy stock go buy Amazon if you don’t want to deal with the volatility of cryptocurrency
Send your money over to Wall Street dumb scam artists. We’ll take it in three seconds
The hell is that somebody was saying some about group V. I heard Ruby a few cons
Gone over this one Ruby coin to the Bitcoin
Lot of industrials buying up these op coins next to nothing
That’s how this is this is just like this is not one person this is not one whale this is a bank
Putting down you know a million dollars
For Ruby coin, what’s there?
That’s what you have to look for what’s their total market cap what’s that in flux against their existing market cap
To better understand situation
So let’s do that real quick, and then we’ll go ahead and get started guys
We got a hundred people live on the air right now
Do me a favor hit that like button we need 75 lights to go ahead and get started and that will allow us to
Give out some etherium
Live on the air to somebody today, so we’re ten people away you guys hit that like button
What did this just break yeah, there is I’m not gonna
Tell you the secret, but there is a magic number in that market cap to where once it passes that number it
Normally does something pretty crazy, and so that’s all it looks like it
Just passed the magic number on the market cap and now
It woke up a hedge fund that threw in a million dollars at the bottom on top of it
Right that’s all I guess, but you know whenever whenever that happens. This is like the first break out of its life
Cycle, you know so it’s not sustainable up there. Don’t look at buying Ruby coin thinking. It’s gonna
You know live above
50,000 that’s not gonna happen this thing is probably gonna come back down pretty quick
Especially if Bitcoin sticks north of six thousand five thousand dollars so but I would say anything
Under you know then you just go down to a smaller scale right here right so this thing is at 37 right now
You say okay, I underst and that the boss said is not going to stay up there
But you see the market actually came to deliberation right there right around 25
So if you want to jump in that’s where you should look to buy it
You know because then you have some intrinsic
Value built into it knowing that if you buy it at 25
Very very very easily
It can go back up there. You know now you just made fifty percent in a day, right?
But wait for it to come down don’t we don’t throw money in at all-time highs
Rule number
Seven what do we say when we say at three rules were see the whole field Oh?
By buying and buying the ran and selling the green that’s rule number two right buying a red and selling the green
So we will be looking to sell it but since we don’t have it we can’t sell it I am 75
Good, I owe two broken oh
Yeah, Facebook. Thank you
Stefan appreciate it sir. Thank you so much man shout out Stefan
Yeah, throw this up on our Facebook page cuz I always forget
But my master fouls right there right there all play I appreciate
And I was trying to
the Wall Street
Journal of that Starbucks earlier
and that’s what me you know made me think about this concept for this video as I was at a Starbucks and
Saw an article in The Wall Street, Journal, I was trying to pull up on out
Yeah et Cie has been broken for like three months, so just wait on it, um et Cie is based off a theory
I’m aetherium this week right now aetherium actually just broke support long-term support
So it’s fluctuating its gonna need about a month
So look somewhere else to put your money
Let me close out some of these file, that’s it
Yeah, it’s just a matter of time before Amazon takes Bitcoin. They’re gonna need something to pay all them robots with
after they start leasing up half their robots
They’ll probably buy the robot manufacturer and that will be horizontal integration and
Explain that upwards into the supply chain to cost a good sold
PP&E and then they’ll start leasing them out to other warehouses Home Depot Walmart
Probably car manufacturers
And they’ll all be paid in some version of Bitcoin, but yes cryptocurrency and Amazon I like a match made in heaven
That’s one of the things we’re gonna talk about on this. Call I
Keep saying calls
Hedge funds and ETFs about the hit us what does that mean?
Let’s give these satoshis Juan Carlos was going out
Looking forward to it all right here we go
Yeah throw this video of the earth
Hey its funds are already in um you can read you know I
Read some of the they call them ten K’s I think
where every quarter you know some of these big big fiduciary financial institutions have to
Release their earnings and back when I this was back in like last year
February March when the stock market was down because you know historically October and February are
the two worst months for the stock market
right in last
February a lot of hedge funds because the stock market was down people were thinking we were about to you know bottom out
And Teeter into a recession and so these hedge funds started buying Bitcoin back then and that was when Bitcoin was like 400 500
Right no. It was like 800 900
That’s what pushed us from like 800 to 1200 was when some of those big institutions started buying it to supplement their
It wasn’t to you know invest in the future or believed in the black gains
It was to make a dollar and so that’s what they did and they release this in different earnings to their accredited investors
That said hey stock sucked bonds are going down
we bought cryptocurrency you know –
What do they call it leverage?
diversify our holdings right exotic
Portfolio, that’s what they call it because it’s so volatile
They can’t manipulate it and suppress it and you know tax it they call it exotic investing
Thank You Nigel appreciate the support, man, thank you so much all right all right all right. We’re good
We’re good 79 lights 110 people live on air. Thank you for being patient
We’re about to get started right now
So let’s go ahead and do
What it do thanks Nigel? I appreciate that man?
Yeah, Ruby coin
It’s just getting some real deal money right now. You know it won’t be bankrupt next year
That’s basically all that money right there does stratus same thing happened
Last what was it martyrs April May?
When Stratos went like 20x it does get a few million dollars from a venture capital is this the exact same thing that happens in
Real deal companies only difference is we see that before and after of the
evaluation the market cap market cap valuation exact same thing
All right, so what I’m gonna do trying to think let’s look
Leger X. Yeah less your eggs um Thank You Nigel appreciate it
This is like the one good thing Yahoo had going for it this and the fact that they
threw some money in on Alibaba is
The one good thing they had
I have for beginners
I have a playlist
I put together called how to chart like a boss so just click on this channel click on playlists
Click on chart like a boss, and then I have probably like Tim at least. I just read categorized the videos today, so it’s about
15 videos
To where I describe kind of like the acclimation process of cryptocurrency?
so if you’re just getting started just that you can even type into Google chart like a boss and
Then click on playlists, and it will indeed oh
This is interesting
It’s interesting the like
I’ve just I was at
Starbucks, and I just saw an article, but remember what I told you guys before is that we’re not when they want to one day
They who is they they are the people that won’t leave us
Alone right when they want to push a message through our collective consciousness they disseminate it through
multiple channels simultaneously
And maybe we should start here with our video
Because this is interesting right here
That’s very interesting
Running over all right we need to go ahead and get this started I
Was trying to pull it up more information
Awesome Thank You Benny
Aetherium is holding up the theorem
Will go up when once Bitcoin comes back down they they normally don’t go up together at least
They’re not doing it right now back in the day about two years ago
you know Bitcoin and aetherium would go up together because people were just starting to you know put money over in the cryptocurrency cuz I
Was kind of like a one-two punch, but now with a theory I’m having its own economy. You know in a hundred you know eat
ICL’s built on top of it, it’s kind of like
But it’s its own entity now so
Etherium actually is going down when bitcoin is warming up because the money has the more or less pick aside
But once bitcoin starts to come back down aetherium and turn will be able to take off so just be patient with ethereal
Here we go bit
Okay good good. Good and
I don’t even think we need any charts, but we’ll have this over just in case
Question of the day what is our question of the day question of the day is going to be
What technology company is the best company in the world
That’s the question of the day
Right question of the day what technology company is the best company in the world?
That we got 123 people live on the air kickin it with the boy
BK make sure you hit that thumbs up button it does help us out and getting this message out to our community
This is will be a good enlightening
Conversation that we have today so hit that thumbs up button I do appreciate it
All right cool we got that bambam
Question-it don’t see the chat jumping around. Let’s make sure we get this going on
That’s interesting
Go here guys the question of the day today is what?
The best technology company in the world, that’s our question
The Bitcoin rally we got to talk about it it continues to move upward the price
Stir. The cryptocurrency is now at a new all-time high of
Could you guys hear that okay, or was it like sketchy and Scratchy could you guys hear it, okay?
If you haven’t done it yet make sure you jump in the chat we’re about to give away some theory ‘im today
Question no it’s not
Subjective at all it’s wide open
Question of the day is what do you think is the best technology company in the world that’s it?
Um that’s why I liked it because it’s open to interpretation whatever
You want I
Don’t even know if I know what subjective means, but I just know this question is not
Triple haha dare. You’re a funny guy funny funny
All right, my man, Mohamed Mahmoud always got the emoji getting Mohamed emoji game on strong
Best what do you like what is your favorite?
technology company
Y’all make stuff so complicated
Alright, we’ll go ahead get started
And go good, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s do it
Live from the USA helping you get paid every day
This is the buzz of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK
And if you like me you must not like money it is October
13th and as you already know bitcoin is crushing all-time highs
The altcoin work market is dry
Bitcoin is flowing
Uphill I don’t even know how that’s being done
but it’s being done in some kind of way with that being said we’re about to review some of the macro influences of the
economy and how they are affecting the crypto verse and ultimately what that means for the future of
The crypto verus all together this is your first time tuning in
Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best my name is BJ
My friends know me as the crypto traitor
And I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out every day
I graced this microphone with my voices another day somebody can profit as a result and today is no exception
So with that being said we’re gonna jump live into our chat right now
I think you already know the theme of today’s show its technology. It’s been tech
It’s Silicon Valley and so our question of the day is
what technology company is your favorite right that simple BAM point-blank period
What technology company is your favorite you know and so I see some Samsung’s I see some apples
I see some googles so what i’ma do is
I’m just gonna pick somebody at random that way. It’s not subjective
Oh, I saw pigs down at the bottom shout out shout out shout out to the pit fam
Here we go here. We go and bam
And it looked like that came up to purple beauty pivots that
Is awesome that’s pretty cool, so we go go with my man ashish kumar
To Larry let’s say a purple beauty pivot bam. Thank you so much man. You are our winner of the day and
bitcoin is
Too expensive to send transactions through right now blockchain all the way back up everybody trying to buy Bitcoin
Can’t nobody send it to send no money people buying it. You know I’m saying that’s the problem with speculators
We need this to be an economy, so I’m gonna send you some aetherium instead right. That’s all what we do
You know I’m saying they look left. We look right so what we’re doing right now
We go jump over into our Facebook group
It’s called the number one Bitcoin group in the world and what I’m about to do right now is
a throw your name up over today’s video Bam Bam Bam oh
And I’m gonna say it
Coin winner of the day I am it’s just that easy and actually I meant etherium
But you already know what it is, so send me your aetherium
Address unless let’s do that. Let’s do that that way I remember a
Beer IAM winner o today. Thank you so much for being in our community
Thank you again for your support and shout out to the pin to the Pittock steam right now
What is today’s video about the secret of Silicon Valley? What does that mean BK?
Well, we will soon find out
I think when people think about some of these great companies that were on this list right when we think about the
Googles, and you know the Amazons and the apples and the Adobe’s and the Cisco’s and IBM’s these
People like to associate them with being some of the biggest some of the best some of the most virtuous and some of the most
aspirational companies in the world but oftentimes
More often than not especially days of late
That has not always been the case and that’s very very very unfortunate because when a lot of these companies were
Started they were just started with an idea
Right you know when Apple was started
It was just you know two guys in their garage that you know wanted to create something right it was
imagination raw ingenuity raw
connectivity to the person
Which in turn gave those creations their value so for example Samsung somebody in the list say
It’s Samsung
This device right here right shout out shout out shout out the bait. You know I’m saying
But you know Samsung the phone company, right
Makes amazing amazing technological products right and
Inside of this one phone
You have the ability to connect to the entire world it’s pretty incredible. It’s very very very
Incredible part of our society we take for granted, and you know think about it 30 years ago
I remember
Riding around I would my mom would say she was going to run errands and what that meant is
She was going to spend all afternoon
Doing stuff that we could do today in a matter of about 10 minutes
Right, that’s what running errands meant my girlfriend has me other day. Did I want to go run errands where I said?
No, I’m good. I said you go run house it young-sam
But in our world today. We’re able to do everything through this device right, but unbeknownst to ourselves
this simplicity right
convenience has in turn
Withdrawn society from itself a lot of times
I travel all the time you know always an airport restaurant
you know somewhere where there’s people, but all too often people are sitting in the same room and
every single person
Is doing this?
Nobody’s doing this nobody’s doing this
talking to each other everybody’s
individualized in their own
Technology right and so we’ve created these digital communities
Technically don’t even exist
But that is what society
Communicates through Facebook being one of them and so ultimately
You know this is what I wanted to do with this call is I wanted to take a little bit of insight
Let me you know. I’m saying I know we got some newcomers, so
Wanted to take I guess I could just
Write help, you know you that right yard
Wanted to take a little bit of that insight right a little bit of a little bit of that knowledge. You know obtained
And getting them three letters behind my name a little bit of that knowledge and just share it with the community thing so
Ultimately what we have is a situation
To where the technology the digital communities
alienating the individuals and
Acclimating while
acclimating that entities
building those platforms prime example prime example, and I said all that to say this let me uh
bringing this
Camera over here oh
Oh, wait a minute wait a minute. Oh oh I could just do this bam bam
Don’t look back one time
BAM so I said all that say this you guys
Facebook one of the biggest corporations in the world point-blank period
Can you can you
Does Facebook have a 1-800 number?
Can we Dowe 1-800 and talk to somebody if we had a problem with our account?
coinbase I
Had a situation where I had about eight Bitcoin lost in the air. I changed my phone number
I got telemarketers calling me this was about six months ago. Change my phone number, so the telemarketers couldn’t call me
You know 18 times they had two-factor authentication on my coinbase account
When 280 MP changed my phone number my old number was connected to my off fee?
Which would allow me to get in the coin base
And you would have you would have thought I was trying to bring down mount docks
They would not let me get my money for nothing and it was so hard to talk to a person to explain the situation
that ultimately I felt alienated and
Then I understood that this is actually the system of
Design in building a platform a digital platform that doesn’t even exist
But you have billions of people
Using it swipe and right swipe and lift press and send
It’s intentional that people don’t exist on the other side of it to connect to the people they don’t want
People to connect the people they want people to connect to the platform to the screen
Because in doing that that creates value
that creates
Impressions that create clicks that creates touch points and that creates money for the advertisers
Right, so, it’s very very interesting. I said all that say this is that an
understanding technology in these Prodigal companies these blue chip then tech startups
That’s may have started with an idea. They have evolved to something completely different
Left-of-center, and now you have you just type this in you know. I just did this today right before we came on, but you know
Sentiment is turning
against these companies the sins of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is not your friend like these are stories today
You know this isn’t you know scratched up from the bottom of Google page eight. This is today
and and so now I
think society is becoming enlightened to the point to where
Something’s not right right. It’s a problem when Amazon
Employs more robots than it does people, but yet when you look at their stock price, which we can do very very easily
It’s at all-time highs and one of the things we hear is like Oh companies need to make more money
So they can then go hire more people and then people can go out and spend more money
With these companies so that they can go hire more people that’s the whole theory behind trickle-down economics the tongue behind
fractional reserve lending right I might only have
100 dollars worth of value, but in a fractional reserve economy that hundred dollars of value can get loaned out you know a
Thousand different times you know I know I’m exaggerating but essentially that’s what
Happens especially when you allow banks to print money the next to zero interest rates. You essentially have free month, so so money essentially becomes
Has no value right and so now we have a situation where technology companies that were designed for one thing to benefit society have
Alienated society while not providing value
monetary value for the end consumer
In this economy and that ultimately is what we’re thinking about
When we look at these crypto currencies you also have another side of it where you have
The banks that bought these corporations long long ago
I’m not sure if you all are familiar with it
But you know when you start a company when you know say yeah, and I’ve ever met well
They do this say I wanted to take this degree you know and I wanted to go start a new business
To where I was uh?
ballpoint pens, but they were pins that were like
engraved with
your name and
Your name connected to you on the internet, so you sign your names
I’m wearing and automatically you know that connected the person to your LinkedIn profile. Whatever it was BAM boom
Call the B Ches pin to pin company right well the problem with doing that is in
Order for everybody in the world to have one of these pins. I got to go out and secure distribution
I got to get infrastructure
I got to get in Walmart BestBuy Sam’s Club anywhere that people buy pins CVS Walgreens Walmart
Airport you know hotels anywhere that people get pins. I got to get in them right you know otherwise
I’ll never be able to compete on a global macroeconomic scale in order to do that you need capital you need
infrastructure and more than likely you will need either alone or an
Because I only have you know the money that I make at my job
I can’t I don’t have you know 80 million dollars to dump into this pin to get a pin on everybody
table on every table in the world right the same thing that happened with this computer


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