Crazy Hate Mail is Hatriot Mail!

also patriot now we have decided that
the segment where
hate email week that we get is read by a
voice-over artists will be called hey
tree at mail the consensus was that it
would be spelled h eighty
are article to you know the down side
say to spelling it this way would be
that somebody thinks it’s hatrick
the down side to spelling it age a_t_p_
our i o_ t_ pages people think it’s hate
ritemail which also doesn’t really make
any sense of we’ve just made the
decision it will be hatred mail age
eighty our i o_ t_ and we have a few
different images
that we will show people of what uh…
people come together all kind of on the
same theme
let’s put up a time first the one that
blake did this is the one that blake did
in it’s a it’s an envelope with the
american flag and burning and it says
hey tree it now that the one option the
other option would be from cody
who did kind of a similar thing which is
the flag in the background
and then there is an envelope kind of in
the foreground
and then the third option is from
which is just a blue envelope with the
david patten showed logo and then it
says patriot now so send me ur thoughts
which one of these do you like best
do you wanna develop on your own maybe
will decide all these if the if if every
concept involves
literally like physical mail
then um… you know maybe that’s that’s
what we will be working with and
let me also
to thank you for helping me figure out
which graphic we’re going to use all
play another one of these hate nails
that we got this is
patriot mail
number three let’s take a listen we’ve
just been picking randomly from the ones
we have a few episodes
heidi department
five just wanted to stop by and say that
you’re a piece of white racist trash
and i hope you stop your show because
obviously more people hated beloved
you disturbed to running jalan burn
until you turn into peter d
then be devoured by savin himself
okay so insightful analysis their hatred
nail number three
send us your thoughts there we go

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