Charlie Lee and His FUTURE with Litecoin ($LTC)? – What’s the Hype – Cryptocurrency News (2018)

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Now Charlie Lee has been fading out of the crypto sphere picture now for a couple of months
and this really all started back in December of
2017 when he decided to sell all of his litecoin holdings and this was a little bit weird because
He is the CEO and the founder of one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world and so people weren’t sure
Why he decided to sell all of his crypto holdings? You know a lot of people at this time in December?
We’re getting accused of market manipulation whether it was coin base or other exchanges our people themselves like John McAfee
And he did not want to get caught up in this whole scandal so he decided to
Sell all of his litecoin holdings as he later released in a statement to the public
People still were skeptical people still had their own opinions
But this was kind of the start because people believe that for a CEO and for a founder of such a big coin to sell
Off all of his coins this meant that he did not believe in the project or that he was looking to leave in the future
And so come you know the past couple of months he has been very
Less active in the community if you guys knew Charlie a little while ago
He was extremely active always posting always trying to give news and updates and new
Partnerships and ever since litecoin pay failed a couple months ago
And it was suspended indefinitely he has really just been kind of on a downward slump
Not being the old charlie that he used to be not being nearly as active and so this is where we’re seeing him kind of
start fading out of the picture not because of anything bad that he’s doing just because of the lack of information and the lack of
Communication that he’s giving to like win and their followers at least in comparison to what he used to do
So we’re gonna go through and read a couple of these quotes here now this
An interview with 10x and L 10x is a news related wallet related company
And so that’s what their ties are and this is from a recent interview that they had with Charlie Lee the title of this
Article is you know charlie lead to make litecoin more decentralized
Eventually I would have to step away
And that is a quote from Charlie Lee himself and so what he is really alluding here to is the idea of Bitcoin in Satoshi
explaining kind of they’re really just alluding to that you know since Satoshi Nakamoto decided that he was going to read I
You know remain anonymous and not be this CEO founder. You know like desk job a leader of Bitcoin
That’s why it’s more to centralize than like Quinn and litecoin on
Really when you think of litecoin you see Charlie Lee’s the face of that and whenever Charlie Lee is running the country and you know
Whatever country is running like clean from that’s gonna be I guess the more centralized area of litecoin
and so that’s what Charlie Lee is afraid of right now that if he continues to
direct litecoin the way that he is that it will become more centralized because people will
Stereotype his country and himself with litecoin
And he thinks that the best way to grow like coin in the turnip to what he truly wants it to be is
To leave light coin so that it can become more decentralized by cutting off ties with themselves now
This is a third quote that we have from Charlie in December of
2017 this was done right after he sold all of his light coin because people were worried. He said don’t worry
I’m not quitting like coin. I will spend all of my time working on light coin when light coin succeeds
I will be rewarded in lots of different ways just not directly via ownership of coins now this seems a little bit
Contradictory because he stated previously. You know don’t worry. I’m not leaving and now he’s saying
In reality I would have to leave if it wants to reach its full potential if it wants to become really truly
decentralized and more like Bitcoin
And you know bitcoin and litecoin aren’t things that just butt heads don’t work together
Charlie has made it very clear that he wants the two to work synonymous and he thinks that they already do
And again, this is not anything. That’s imminent
this is not saying that he’s gonna leave in a month or a year or
Some exact date because we don’t know because Charlie himself doesn’t even know you know he could never leave late coin
He’s just saying in order for it to reach its full potential which he wants
he would have to leave at some point in the future now that point in the future is still undisclosed and
You know there’s no reason to panic or anything like that with litecoin
But it would be interesting to find out what litecoin would do without
Charlie Lee in the picture would it actually do better like he thinks
It’s going to do or what it kind of downhill now
And we’ve seen since charlie has been hiding in the shadows and speaking less and less and less ER with a couple months
We’ve seen like quinn go and drop from you know the fourths plays all the way to the seventh place on the cryptocurrency leaderboard
So it asks the question you know is this truly the best move for litecoin
And so that’s what a lot of people are kind of doubting charlie here because they’re seeing like coin drop as he becomes less active
And they’re afraid that if he removes himself entirely, it’s just going to drop more
So let me know in the comment section below what you guys think about the subject
let me know if you guys think that this is going to be a good or a bad thing for litecoin and for Charlie and
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