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the german federal government is using blockchain technology
yes thats right
and therefore welcome to
vlogchain – video blogchain news
the great coalition, the future federal government of germany,
(so very likely the future government of germany)
will rely on blockchain technology
that can be read
out from the coalition agreement
which is known since yesterday
the word “blockchain” emerges
seven times. two times the word
“cryptocurrency” emerges and also once the word
“distributed ledger” emerges
lets have a look at the document,
at the individual sections
and in which contexts
these terms appear
you can download the
Coalition agreement of cdu csu and spd
from this article at the Handelsblatt
to download link to both
the article as well as to the pdf
is in the description below
the first time the word “blockchain”
appears in the coalition agreement
is here in the section
“digital competence”. it reads:
we need a training and
research offensive in all digitization fields
… and further on:
“additionally further research priorities
like artificial intelligence, data science
digital humanities and blockchain technology,
robotics and quantum computing
what does that mean concretely?
the grand coalition, so the future
Federal Government of germany is writing in this
section its intent
that they want to research on
technologies like blockchain with others
technologies such as robotics
and would like to promote them
that could mean, for example, that in
the four years of the legislature
they ou agree on: “okay, now there
it is money for
universities and we set up
an institute that itself
only will research on blockchain
or similar things.
a concrete measure that one
from this intent statement here
We could continue to derive
document the next section in the
The term blog chain happens that it
in the section competitive
economy and that’s what it’s about
potential of the block technology too
open up and abuse possibilities
we want to prevent a comprehensive
develop blog chain strategy and us
for a reasonable right
for the trade with Rücktour currencies
and token at European and
international level as well
here again what does that mean in concrete terms
positive times you want the potential
the block opens up gene technology
So you want to look first
what can this technology actually and
Of course you have to
Prevent abuse opportunities
is probably called in particular
Consumers protect against it
to get cheaters and their money too
lose it when dry or in it
Crypto currencies invest easily
they simply do not exist
are legitimate and that is very important
I had that in one of the last
videos have already said that here
In particular, it creates a legal framework
for companies who need to know what it is
what can i do what i am allowed to do
Do not do that and that’s why it’s a good one
sign that the big coalition
the future federal government for it
first want to use basic principles
Of course, you always have to wait and see what you do
but then it actually does that first
times already here the intention explained
just to settle this one
to create a legal framework and that, too
at European and international
we will continue in the document
next section in which the concept
blog chain turns up this is this
is the section on the way to the
digital administration and it says in
we will become the federal government
innovative technologies like distributed
Ledger in brackets blog chain trials
so based on those experiences
a legal framework can be created
Sounds very similar to the first in this
section before here but we have to
The context here is about the
digital administration and up here in the
section that means that the big one
coalition the future federal government
just like to see it would be that one
uniform citizen portal is so
that I have all my authority
a place so very roughly simplified
So if I can do so
example with a tax return
if I have to leave
Resident registration office must if I kfz
I want to register that all under
a uniform surface can do
possibly also with a mobile
app and in this context, the
Federal government just test to what extent
the block chain technology here
be used
could specifically mean, for example, that you have one
Federal blog chain creates for that
commercial register that is all
Enter the companies in the commercial register
are registered on the blogs
chain brought in there
keys might be your own data
There, these changes need to be managed
Of course, then by the authorities against
being checked
but that would be essential, for example
more efficient than the current process where
you always have to submit the application
then it has to be checked and the like
So you just have this digital one
technologies are exploiting this
Let’s move on to the next document
section in which the term login
is shown here at the section
industry and that means we want
the existing technology programs
for application-oriented research on
promotion digital lace technology
like quantum computers robotics autonomous
systems augmented reality blog chain
visible light communication and smart
home continue and expand here too
again, what does that mean in concrete terms?
example that you also more money here
There are institutes here
that you hire people here
with this technology
argue in certain
research areas in particular
research branches in public
institutions and the like
to figure out how to get the block chain
application-oriented that means in everyday life
we can actually use it
continue in the document and to the last
section where we started blog
chain occurs this is line
3212 the section is called financial market and
Digitization and here so the texts
here it is literally
identical to the text we already mentioned above
So it had to be here too
the potential of the industry technology too
open up and abuse possibilities
to prevent and so on and so on
This is the same as we already have
had competitive economy
that means yes here is the big one
coalition in principle again that they
It is important in these areas
economy financial market digitization
just here the block urban goes to
explore and then just one
to create a legal framework
You will find the original document
read it yourself as I said in the below
video description
I load the pdf with the markings
high on the blog too, I link
below in the video description
I think that’s very good, I think so
important that the term blog chain here
so often so prominently in the coalition agreement
that’s just very important here
the intention is to promote it
that really goes forward
Now you can just go to politics
and say okay let’s be specific here
Derive measures from it and
accordingly has the positive
Federal Association blog chain on this
Paper also reacted yesterday
a press release issued
and that means basically
Welcome says that it is very important
that the blog chip industry is in
Germany has arrived as well
here to the individual sections still
something and of course that also says that
they still one or the other thing
especially one would want
so-called sandbox in the possibility so
that you say okay let us go
example in the field of finance here
first experiment in the field
quite open where we try everything
can and then we can too
Find out what makes sense of what
does not make much sense that wishes
the federal association blog gave itself
here, of course, but basically
As I said, this is a very positive one
message that here this technology like that
prominent in the federal government
of course we have to arrive
wait and see what the new federal government
It really does make them
the intentions here are promising
formulated in the coalition agreement
if she actually keeps it then
but as I said it is a very
important a very good start for the
Technology here in Germany
I’m confident that I’m there
what will happen in the next few years
but feel free to write me down in the
Comments on how you see what you believe
which projects will be there
enforce what will become the new
Federal government will do what will become of you
she will not do anything
maybe it can happen too
like I said your opinion below in
the comments
besides, I would be special
happy if you share this video
because I do not have any
Report virtually no reports
read about that this concept so
prominent as I said in the
coalition agreement emerges
the video likes to share with people
be enthusiastic about crypto currencies
could sign up for the blogs
technology could inspire and let
me a thumb there if you the video
have fallen by then a good time
and look


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