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May 4 2019 – Bitcoin has recently crossed north of 5000 USD and is up more than 8% in the past week. This means we are indeed in a new cycle. In this video I review the quick breakout cycle going back to February of 2019 – and show how that cycle is indeed completing here in May – which will ultimately drive Bitcoin north of 6000 USD over the next few weeks.

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see if I can jump on a 77 just to get it
for you guys let’s bring it up real
normally it’s like
right there there we go okay all right
so this is trading view dot-com if you
aren’t familiar with my method all you
need to do go to boss of Bitcoin comm
click on this link right here follow me
on trade of view BT Kelly 1203 and
you’ll be able to see the charts that I
posted and learn how to make money for
free forever this method works quite
well what we’re looking at is the boss
method again follow me on trade of you
and I’ll be posting this chart to show
you how it works
so what do we see
amen wide / blue you know what to do
that’s when the money is getting made
right there right so that was our buy on
BTC and as a result we’ve gone up 8% in
four days right but from a longer-term
perspective going back to February this
is the part of the chart I wanted to
focus on because that little spike right
there is actually the cycle that we’re
completing or that we’re riding in right
now right so
if we just take a quick trim line
sometimes you know just to know how the
energy is flowing in these charts what
you can do is actually take a trend line
from the top to the top right and when
we do that on these two lines right
there you see how that just nicely falls
into place now granite you got this
little spike right here that’s kind of
like an anomaly but when you get the
meat and potatoes you know top to top
you get confirmation up there so we go
ride with this trend line right here and
all you need to do when you find one
that works is copy and paste it to the
different parts out of chart so we put
one starting right here right and then
you can actually put another one
starting in here
a breakdown right there
and then the last one would be roughly
over here
and what this will give you is kind of a
analysis assessment of the different
levels riding in this wave right so you
can see I’ll tell you it’s it’s three
parts to any given cycle right break out
break down black line and that’s where
this channel basically allow Bitcoin to
flow through right up there
same thing break out break down flat
line right
and that channel is kind of like the
bottom half of it right and so now that
we have a rough area of you know the
different channels that Bitcoin is
vibrating to on this extended cycle we
can do a Fibonacci right here
and this is why I really really like
Bitcoin right now right biggest thing
you’ll see is that you get extreme
confirmation on this correlation between
the three two and three six that’s the
money zone and that’s where the money is
made right and just from that one quick
spike like I told you break out break
down flatline
from that quick spike you got all that
all that goodness right now what we’re
coming on is the 6 4 and the 6 4 is
basically the termination line right and
in this area over here I’m sorry to sit
yet 6 4 is determination line right and
so that’s what my eyes are going to on
Bitcoin how are we gonna get there or we
just do a another fibonacci right here
that’s the extreme
so it’s a few ways we could link this
thing I’ll just do it from the regular
intersection intersection where we go
that intersection right there to that
intersection right there break out the
breakdown right this then becomes
essentially the middle of a chart green
green as like the middle of a chart
and now this becomes our target
and so what I think is gonna happen is
especially since we have a 77 above the
231 this is actually a pullback you want
to buy into this because we’re gonna
bounce bounce bounce and we’ll probably
be at 62 or higher by this day right
here May 21st
and once we move up higher May 21st will
be our termination point and we will be
looking at that point having a price
between 57 on the low 65 on the high you
know and 6 G’s flat right there in the
middle if you appreciate this kind of
content I appreciate you thank you for
watching give me a thumbs up leave me a
comment down below let me know what
chart you want to see next I’m gonna be
coming on tomorrow morning doing another
video I’m gonna pick a chart straight
out to comment so leave me a comment
down below let me know what chart you
want to see I know he has it both for
aetherium et Cie cordon oh let me know
what’s on your mind I want to pick a new
chart I haven’t done in a while so give
me some feedback on that and then also
you know I’m saying the money’s flowing
so this is where you really want to you
know put in the time to learn how to
make money right big boss of Bitcoin
comm again we got the trading view
community right there number one
Facebook group in the world back in
20,000 people come on in the door’s
always open and then if you want to
actually you know support the community
you see I don’t have any ads on this
channel is free and clear you know I
don’t believe in pimping myself out the
big brothers for a couple dollars a
month this is how you do it top ten
coins at a month twenty-five bucks if
you want to learn how to swing trade
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now 250 that’ll show you how to grow it
for longevity and prosperity this is the
beginning of a very very very strong
bull market and I want you to make as
much money as possible with that being
said everybody has that time of the day
signing out both boy became a matter
where you stay Brazil debate califo 98
all the way back out through jerk money
good night good morning and good day
thank you for joining me thank you for
your time subscribe share like this
video do that for me if you appreciate
till we meet again stay cryptic go


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