BREAKING! Putin: Trump – Zelensky Call is Just Another Excuse To Attack US President!

Do you think that you relationship with president Trump has backfired on Russia a little bit?
Because, effectively by being so close to President Trump you are in a deeply corrupted political battle in the United States?
Has that been politically beneficient for you to have what is clearly such a close relationship with the US president?
We were being thrown into dirty political fights in the US even before I met president Trump.
Firstly, we never had any closeness, and it doesn’t exist now.
We have good business-like, in my opinion, fairly strong trusting relationships,
but the closeness of relations between me and President Trump did not affect the internal political squabbles in the USA.
I want to repeat once more, all these scandals within US arose before I met Trump, what is the closiness here? It never existed.
Now we see something else. We see what is happening in the US:
Any pretext is already being used to attack President Trump.
Now it is Ukraine and the related to her, terms of relations with Ukraine and President Zelensky.
Why we are here? This once again confirms that we generally had nothing to do with it from the first step.
They are just looking for a reason to attack the newly elected president.
It was clear that there was no collusion between Russia and Trump’s team and Trump himself.
This was proved even by Mr Muller’s investigation.
Now they found another excuse.
It is related to Ukraine.
I am empashizing that Russia doesn’t have anything to do with it.
There was no any closeness and there’s not any now.
This didn’t in any way influenced inner political processes in the United States.


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