Bitcoin Volume Signal? Yesterday’s Swing Trading Setups Reviewed – BTCUSD + Crypto

Alright hey guys, just a quick daily
review today. I didn’t get a chance to
cover the daily setups from yesterday so
I thought I would do that this morning
and I also noticed I just wanted to
mention this one I have a potential
volume set up on Bitcoin so any of you
crypto enthusiasts out there take a look
at Bitcoin and see if that might match
your plan there is a little bit of a
volume signal that happened yesterday
and we’re trying to trigger it right now
looks like we might have just triggered
it so and it looks like there’s still
time to get in in on that if you’re
interested in it so this one is good
because it has a decent risk to reward
up to this prior high hit I pivot here
you know and so the probabilities you
know I don’t know what the probability
of this trade is but the crystal reward
is looking good and we are starting to
to look like where we’re trying to do an
uptrend here we we’ve done this kind of
major bottom on the longer-term
and we’ve kind of had this you know I’m
not one of these chart pattern traders
per se you know like I think this is a
some type of triangle or something but
in any case so we’ve we put in this
potential bottom here we’ve you know
closed strongly above it we’ve been kind
of basing here at the highs and we do
the daily pullback and this volume
signal is coming in saying there is
potentially a buyer here and so a break
over here over yesterday’s high can be a
good swing trade back up into this the
area of this high pivot and you know
possibly beyond you so we are a little
bit extended here and so maybe this
doesn’t make sense in your trade trading
plan but that I just wanted to bring up
to your attention in case any of you
guys trade crypto out there now to the
I noticed so a TVI let’s see here we’ve
got a monthly signal that happened or a
quarterly signal happened last quarter
we’re kind of doing this monthly
potential basing pattern here trying to
find a bottom and so you can see on this
daily we’ve got demand coming in here
demand coming in here supply hitting
here and supply hitting here so we’ve
turned through some supply we put in a
new high it looks like here I think we
just yeah we broke over that prior pivot
and to pivot hi there and so we took out
that high but it’s closed back within so
it’s not not you know decisive in either
direction so the probabilities are you
know it could be that this would come
back down to the bottom of the range but
a break above here could be a signal
that there’s some strengthening I
we have this kind of like pullback
situation we’re coming back down to the
lower end of this base and we’re putting
it a volume signal here so keep an eye
on that one that one that is looking
like it has a kind of a good risk to
reward back up to the high of that pivot
same thing here this is a pullback
on WDC potentially you know if so we’ve
got a volume signal yesterday we’ve
pulled off the highs you know we’re kind
of down into the middle of this base
this is not perfectly clean but we do
have this pivot here it’s kind of a
level and these prior kind of pivot
highs here so just keep an eye on that
one wdwd P I think this one was a nice
one yeah kind of a nice fluid pullback
down to this pivot high of this base
so we’re trying to test that as support
looks like support came in here test a
little bit below that supports coming in
again I at least I see this as somebody
snatching up shares here down at this
level or this general area and so this
could be a good good set up to
potentially take it back up to the high
of this pivot and perhaps beyond
long-term context is pretty good too
because we’ve got a monthly signal last
month we’re kind of you know oversold on
the quarterly chart down here at this
quarterly basing area from a long time
ago back in you know looks like
yeah through 2016 so there’s this base
that happened and we broke way above
that now we’re tracing back down
retracing back down to come back and
test it and it looks like on the monthly
at least there’s a little bit of the
volume signal they’re showing some
support so we could get a little bit of
a move at least and so keep an eye on
that one what else do we have like a
look at Exxon Mobil Microsoft
well it did have a little bit of this
email yesterday not much that I can do
with that so and see I you know I look
for you know specific setups like this
would have been my type of setup here
pull back volume at the lows had a prior
level you know indicating that somebody
is continuing to step up the bed here
and continuing to buy and so this is the
type of setup that I look for I have a
signal here but this is not the type of
setup that I live for so that’s not
something that I would necessarily buy
there might be something that you can do
with that but that’s not something that
I can do anything with so let’s see here
nothing real clean there TSM this is
kind of my type of you know pull back
here I wish there was a nicer level to
play off of here we have this kind of
gap area and we’ve put in volume at the
highs so you can see we hit supply up
here and we’re at a weekly kind of pivot
area high behind that pivot we put in
supply and pulled back off of that and
now we’re starting to put in some demand
volume here and so this could be better
as a swinging back up toward that high
though it might take a little bit time
to kind of base out and and turn back
nothing there on that MN st that one’s
kind of already played on MN st I had
called a that set up when it broke this
base over here and this you know
rocketed straight up to exactly where I
had indicated at Target ah so that made
me you know pat myself on the back a
little bit there but but yeah so our
supplies coming in exactly and where I
was kind of looking at as a potential
target for this one and I kind of wish I
had just bitten the bullet and taking
that trade even though I’m not much of a
swing trader currently so anyway s/o
tiny pull back there nothing really
attracted going on
so this one AMD is a little bit of a
pullback not exactly what I look for but
we do have kind of a pullback and a base
that has formed here and demand is
coming in at the lows of this base you
can kind of see that in a couple of
different areas there and it’s basically
testing this pivot high as support and
seeing if the bids are gonna step up and
hold us there and drive us on beyond
that so that one is decent
it looks like let me see if I can
pull up my tools I’m using a different
mouse today than I usually use so
yeah so that one definitely has two
hours up to that pivot hi you can see
two hours would be right there at that
pivot and so this is becoming an
attractive setup for a long WMT that
one’s kind of okay we’ve got a volume
level right here and we’ve come back
down and we’re there’s evidently some
type of buying activity back at that
same level so you know is yet to play
out whether or not that’s going to hold
it there or not but we do have about 1
to 1.5 hours up to that pivot high so it
it’s decent it’s not clean but there is
something there Disney nothing to do
there we’ve hit kind of some supply
there that has to play itself out see
see where we can find smokes some new
support Intel
and there’s nothing that I can do with
that right now it’s it needs to clean
itself up cop
just not bullish enough for me there
there is a level here and see this level
and we’re retesting that as demand so
you know this may hold and we’re kind of
at a weekly pivot high level from quite
a while back and I guess it was a year
ago two years ago and we found support
there a little bit again and now we’re
retesting that same level and this the
thing is this will probably need a
little bit more time to kind of turn
around I’m not really not really sure
what to do with that one
eBay so there’s a signal up here that I
would interpret as supply but we’ve had
this bullish gap or up here at the high
of this base and this is a situation
where the probabilities favor
I moved back to the low of this base but
if we get a break and especially a close
above this area then that can indicate
strength so and if you notice on the
monthly over here we’ve got this kind of
inside one two three continuation
pattern that was trying to to trigger
and we’ll see if you know because we
only have a couple days left in the
month I think I don’t even know how many
days are in April but so if this
triggers today then then you know that
can be that one two three continuation
pattern and these can even have you know
four bars one two three four
continuation that kind of thing so the
idea is the same it’s that there’s you
know a strong move then basing and churn
that happens as demand steps up and then
we continue on above that so that’s what
though the one two three kind of looks
like or indicates Bhabha and nothing to
do with that there’s this base that’s
forming and it looks like the bids are
stepping up so this could be a good
signal for a breakout I don’t really
trade those so I’m not an expert on
those but that’s you know this probably
looks pretty good for that honestly and
this could indicate that the you know
the decision has been made and we’re
gonna break out today so who knows but
you take a look at that one if you’re a
breakout trader let me quickly go
through these green ones guess nothing
there we’ve already kind of done a
little bit of a pullback and triggered
and just kind of waiting to see if it’s
going to go mile nothing there this one
Lynne this is you know we’ve done a
pullback this is sloppy volume has kind
of come in where it’s like we’re taking
out supply up here but you know we’ve
we’ve come down
we’ve retraced back up and we’ve hit
supply we’re kind of churning through
that I might come back down again and
then continue upward it’s it’s just not
not yet ready as far as I can tell
so this one looks better we’ve got some
levels here that we’re retesting as
demand and
now we’re getting these volume signals
to kind of confirm and I and I think
we’re gonna need the volatility to
evaporate out of this a little bit
before it looks good for me you know
maybe we could put in a weekly bar here
that that could that could look like a
little bit more of an attractive trade
but I mean the risk we reward is pretty
good here but this kind of thing is not
really that clean so I would probably
move on and look for something better
kind of have a one two three on the
weekly that might set up
it’s not super strong not super good as
far as I can tell but a trigger above
that could be good and this is the the
good thing about this is we’ve had this
so off some volume came in we broke
above put in a high
now we’re retesting that prior high as
demand to see if there’s demand enough
there to hold us and you can see that we
had volume come into the highs line came
in at the Lowe’s volume came in
yesterday and so I like to see these
kind of where you know volume stops at
the bottom of the range then we kind of
do this sideways basing patter and then
put in a volume candle before rocketing
above it so I’ve seen that happen a lot
this is a really tiny candle from
yesterday I’m not sure I don’t like that
aspect of it but
so I don’t know if it’s super meaningful
or not because the reason that there’s a
signal there is mostly because it’s such
a small range not so much that it’s
necessarily high-volume for the range so
or high-volume so anyway that one that
one can be good on a break above but you
know it’s not not not as obvious to me
okay so this is a nice little pattern
where we vent volume come in repeatedly
a little bit came in here and now we’re
hitting some more volume here which
seems like we’re taking out the supply
of whatever was up there and maybe one
day down and then we can continue above
that I’m not really sure
and MGM I don’t really see anything
there we’ve
back up into the highs of this area you
can see there’s a level that was here
so we’ve just broken out of this base
and we’re hitting some churn so
basically what I would look for here is
so we broke above this churn candle so
that indicates strength that’s kind of
what I’ve indicated like that monster
trade where we had turn up at the high
of the range where you know the the
probabilities favored going down but if
we break above it then that can indicate
somebody’s really buying and so this one
triggered strongly somebody is buying it
evidently and then we put in a churn bar
after a strong move so this is kind of a
1-2-3 type of setup so it could continue
and rock it higher on the on today’s bar
so or even on the subsequent bar so
we’ll have to see on that one that one’s
not not bad it’s not super clean over
here because we do have this level here
but it might be good for at least two
hours and maybe at least let’s see here
so up here into this range would be one
arm so to ours kind of up into this
pivot to three ours up into this pivot
so yeah it’s not super clean but there
is something there so anyway that’s the
review for today and for yesterday’s
signals don’t forget to check out that
setup on Bitcoin and we will see what we
have later today
if these videos are helpful in any way
with your analysis please give me a
thumbs up let me a comment below and I
will see you guys this


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