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What’s up everybody I wanted to make a quick update video on
Bitcoin I think we are
Kind of at a fork in the road and wanted to get some information out that I thought might be helpful
For you all with trying to trade this thing and find the bottom
one thing I did as I split my screen between a 33 and a
77 normally I don’t you know show videos going down this low but since you know I think we’re uh
You know trying to figure out us flat line stabilization
I thought it would be you know useful to show you guys how I do it
Whenever I go down here so first thing is on a 33 what I’m looking for are these major
Moments so right here. We kind of had this peak on our seven and then down here
We have our valley right so what I did is I used those as my first two major points
for reference and I drew a cycle line from
Top to bottom right boom boom what I noticed right away. Is that this thing is a
Building out in different scales if we look at these different sections say this is section one two
three and
Four and we’re just on our 33, but you can kind of still see how it forms on the 77
This section section one had all negatives right the 231 was negative
77 was negative and the seven was negative right so that’s like three negatives
So we could just go – – – for that one. This one. The seven is positive the 231 and
Begin in the 77 was still negative, so this one is like two negatives right with one
positive I
Should’ve did like plus marks
Let’s rewind that
Negative is just gonna be a down arrow right so this one has three downs one
Two three and then this one has two downs
One positive right and then this one section three
sevens positive for the most part generally sevens positive 77 is positive and
The 231 is still negative, right?
We had two positives one negative so you see what happened is basically in between this area
we kind of flipped right that’s like a
critical point so what I can do even now that I’m making this thing on the fly is almost used that point as
Kind of like a third little reference point and look on the on the 77 we actually bottomed out right there
and that’s why I tell you guys the 77 on the
77 is the most important line because as long as this thing is going up and to the right
That means that the quick money
You know is in this is kind of like the baseline so if you see that blue line
You know going up into the right you’re pretty good right, but you know with Bitcoin
We want to try to maximize this thing and you know I use this opportunity as a teaching lesson as well as a trading lesson
So what do I see forming inside this chart? It’s a little bit of divergence here right because on section 4 the
77 you know is now going negative, right
change that back to yellow the 77 is now going negative, but then we have the 7 and the
231 going positive
So what does that mean right if the 7 is going positive and the 231 is going positive?
But the 77 is going negative that means it’s going to land somewhere in there right which is exactly what just happened now
We’re somewhere in limbo land
between the 77 and the
231 this is a divergence. This is not necessarily a sign of strength however
It is not a breakdown either, right?
What it means one of two things if we have the volume come back then we can have another?
Breakout just as we did you know in this little section at a chart right there, right?
to where we had a divergence we actually pulled up on the
231 and had another big wave breakout, but since that just happened. I’m gonna take this to infer
somewhat of a sign of weakness in bitcoins chart
Also, if you look at the waves, I’m gonna clear this one off. We still have it on the right hand side
If you look at bitcoins waves just on a general term
You know this is almost forming like a double top right here in crypto
That’s not a very good sign at all what that normally means is the momentum is moving down and you’re gonna catch
Wherever you start it near the bottom. What does that look like for Bitcoin? It looks something like this right here
Right around 78 that’s a deep drop from where we are now
But I don’t think it’s out of the question
given where we came from
Right, and I think that’s what a lot of speculators are saying like they don’t feel comfortable with Bitcoin going up
You know 15 18,000 now because we came back from 6 so again
I think we do need to confirm this floor that will either happen here
To where we sit here for a few days right around what price point is this?
Let’s clear that off
redraw this thing
It’ll either be that quick band right there right where we form that intersection. That’s right at
8300 or
We can drop down to this band where we started kind of this continuation cycle
That would be
Right around 80 100 or
We could take a full drop. I don’t think we’ll go all the way down there
Only unless we have some major major major sell-off action if we take a full drop. That’s what that’ll look like
That’ll be right around 79 right again
Statistically we could go down the 7 but because we sat sideways for so long you know north of 8
I don’t think that that’s really in the chart right now
Especially since the 231 is going positive now if this 231 was still going negative on top of us then yes
I would say we probably need to go down there to come up
You know to do something like that, but since we already did that?
I don’t really think you know we need to do it again to confirm the relative strength of the market
That’s exactly what that thing. You know basically did right there right so we already did it once
I don’t think we need to do it again, but you can expect to maybe catch it on one of these quick drops
And I’m talking inside the next day or so you can probably get it on discount here
Before we sit sideways and start this next big breakout run. I think with China coming back
You know love is in the air
right around February 14 15 16
In one of my older videos on the became cold channel make sure you subscribe
I’m dropping some knowledge on that channel is all these currencies they Evan flow that it’s a currency
It’s a current
Current come on a bank is what on both sides of a river a river has a what a current. I mean come on
It’s all semantics. It’s all. This is but this is what it is. It’s all energy
It’s all energy it all flows so we gotta chill out everybody chill out
Y’all know, who you are if you freaking out chill out. It’s only numbers. I’m fine just by the lower
It goes put more put more trust into it. It’s gonna bottom out around
seventy five hundred
Anything under seventy five is free money right like come on like we wanted to go all right. Give me a mo
Anyway, okay? We’re gonna go to dinner. Yeah
I told you guys that I expected Bitcoin to bottom out right around 72 to 78 76 78
Before we catch our breath to continue higher, and that’s what we could look at you know
I just wanted to get a quick update out to you guys
I didn’t want to this thing a long drawn-out livestream
But you know if you are playing BTC to the USD if you have some extra fee out on the sidelines like me
You might want to be looking to make a purchase inside the next 48 hours
Because after that the long money I believe is back in Bitcoin and that’s confirmed just by looking at our
77 minute candle and seeing that our
77 is above the 231 the 231 s dovetailing out the 77 is above it. You know and that means that
Sooner than later. We’ll see a
Bull market return to Bitcoin hope this helps you guys
Hit me up leave me a comment down below
Shoot me a message. If you you know want some more insight
Or just getting started again check out
boss of Bitcoin comm for more crypto resources and also an unencrypted up on YouTube to get started with a
beginner videos
Till we meet again stay cryptic y’all babes


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