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where we’ve got a poll going and what
we’re gonna talk about the polling in a
second someone says are a 803 G says
proof of keys town proof of keys why me
wait restate Oh proof of keys Queen did
we need a proof of Keys coin no we don’t
need a I don’t know what you mean by
and let elaborate elaborate pound that
like button when you’re elaborating on
there okay so let’s start out with for
all you people who ask me about Bitcoin
mixer is old what do you think about
Bitcoin mixtures there’s a tweet out
there from a guy
i znd Toshi he says I would like to
offer a short review of the join market
software that one can use to create join
the one could use to create coin joint
transactions coin join is a process
through which multiple users combine
their bitcoins in order to I’ve just
obfuscate the history of the coins
making them more fungible alright so
that’s a new method or a new some
software I had never heard of that uses
coin join and the guy gives a review
over Twitter if you want to learn more
you want to play around with that stuff
it is linked to below for all youth
freaks that that like the coin mixing
okay ra says make an airdrop to coincide
with proof of keys snapshot January 4th
trace mare is considering that Wow he’s
considering having a uh I’ll look more
into that that’s if he’s gonna create a
crypto dividend based on based on his
his proof of keys yeah that’s what
you’re saying that that’s interesting
someone actually I don’t know if it was
you know there was actually a female
you’re not a female on Twitter and was
late at night in Australia I see this
female mention something about that like
copy me like I don’t answer when people
do at Tech both on Twitter and they want
me to publicly like comment I don’t get
the arguments and stuff wait if you have
a question for me send me a DM so the
woman did not do that of course I mean
she was trying to promote whatever she’s
trying to promote but she she did say
something about what do you think about
and airdrop for proof of keys I think
she said that I have to go look up with
that what that woman said but if trace
is considering that then that is great
Oh yesterday a lot of people were like
trace is a smart guy he likes gold you
should like
all okay no I don’t have to agree with
the Tres on everything he is a smart guy
and he’d liked holding gold he like he’s
been talking about he was a gold dreamer
before he was a big coin okay I mean I
wasn’t I was never a gold umer uh-huh
so yeah we don’t have to agree and you
know the other thing is you can still
own you could people did point out you
know you can old own both if you want or
you can own gold and Bitcoin
I think it’s pointless to own the gold I
really I don’t know any gold at all at
all but you can do it there’s nothing
stopping you from doing it and it is I
mean it does it preserves the value of
what you have there it you know you’ve
got value it sticks up it’s a
preservation of wealth on a certain
level but again it’s so old-fashioned
where you’re gonna keep it do you really
own it are you gonna have me people are
like oh no it’s easy to own gold it’s
easy to trade Bitcoin for gold no it
isn’t to trade your physical gold for
Bitcoin it’s not easy it’s not as easy
as trading aetherium for Bitcoin I mean
did you see the different do you grasp
that difference I mean you can if you
have a gold represented you think you
own the gold you a paper gold for
Bitcoin perhaps that that’s easier than
physical gold but you don’t really know
if you all know the paper gold that’s
what all the people yell about okay back
back to the show back to this back to
the regular show here we’ll talk about a
Ron Paul had a poll that involved gold
and Bitcoin coincidentally when I’m
talking about aetherium in gold
yesterday hurry Odie Odie has a great
tweet out there that talks about the
clickbait business over there at
Bloomberg and I should have mentioned
this yesterday I did not read this
today’s Bloomberg article on new tether
food is by Matt let lazy who in June of
2018 help promote fan fiction from the
Nakamoto Family Foundation yet another
faked Hoshi wannabe who has
disappear Matt’s article still exists
though I don’t see I didn’t see an
so yeah this guy covers he’s gonna cover
stories that are gonna get clicks I
don’t even remember this one about the
neck Nakamoto Family Foundation which
was just some fake someone pretending
wanting publicity pretending to be fake
Toshi we’ve seen it before we’ll see it
again but they over at a bloomberg they
covered it as a legitimate story so that
the same the same author so here’s a
history he’ll have more cook baked
articles I mean that’s that’s the
incentive structure of the of the
establishment media I mean they’re just
trying to get clicks and so they’ll
write about anything and just because
they write about it doesn’t mean it it’s
true and doesn’t mean in a few hours
people be like wait a sec this is
totally fake news all right
so yeah he same person that wrote about
tether FUD he wrote about Nakamoto
Family Foundation as if that was
legitimate when I was in Sydney I got to
meet Alex flats Dean who was in town and
his take on his his role in the Bitcoin
world that he is a position himself to
be in he really he’s interested in the
how blockchain can be used for
oppression it can be used for bad things
and he wants Bitcoin to be used as a
mechanism to free people who are
currently oppressed he’s really into
focusing on oppressed people and good
for him that’s not that’s not my thing
you know being the do-gooder he’s trying
to be a good you know this is the savior
of the poor and the oppressed okay good
that’s great you know I’m the person
responsibility as a new counterculture
guy we all we all have different takes
but he has an interesting article at
about China and an op-ed in China it’s
blockchain and tyranny versus Bitcoin
and in the article the only silver
lining is that ultimately the digital
yuan may end up being one one big Trojan
horse for Bitcoin where Satoshi Nakamoto
not GG ping get the last laugh and I
like that that’s a positive take he does
explain in the article how the the the
digital yuan is going to be used to
control the people it is not freedom
like Bitcoin but perhaps some people who
end up with that digital one it will be
their entry way into the Bitcoin
ecosystem so that’s a that’s a positive
take read Alex’s article it is his op-ed
it’s linked to below you know
everybody’s got a different thing to do
a Bitcoin that’s that’s great
that’s great he comes from that
background where he’s he’s dealt with
oppressed peoples and whatnot now found
that like button and oh yeah now I do
want to say a lot of people in the
Bitcoin space and this is you know this
is where the big boys play so they can
do this what I’m about to say they treat
this as one big war okay that bitcoin is
at war with theory of bitcoins were with
all coins big coin is worth at war with
the United States bitcoin is war with at
war with the financial system everything
else must be destroyed Bitcoin must come
up out up on top and if you don’t
support this side of the war you’re
and that’s not my mentality I don’t
treat this as a war at all and I think I
think everything can exist I believe in
competition the destruction mentality if
you’ve the destruction mentality you’re
not going to produce my mentality is
innovation and competition I think and I
remember a few months ago or maybe it
was a year ago there are all these
people that were like yeah let’s mine
these alt coins to destroy these off
coins negative negativity that’s not me
I’m into the posit I’m into the N
you never know where the innovation is
going to come from and you never know
what will be the entry way for someone
the next great Bitcoin or the next great
innovator in Bitcoin if you’re
destroying some altcoin that that that
might have been the Gateway for some guy
to get into Bitcoin so think of it that
way and so I’m not and the other thing
this war mentality it’s almost as if
people are afraid of the other of what
else is out there I’m not afraid I’m not
afraid at all you shouldn’t be afraid
you shouldn’t have confidence that
bitcoin is the best it’s not a war it’s
a competition a bitcoin is the big
winner so in in the world that I see the
future that I see here we can have fiat
we can have gold we can have all coins
that’s let’s not compete don’t complain
they all can they can all they can all
exist people still ride horses in the
age of in the age of cars okay they
didn’t even kill all the horses when we
have wait we have cars all right and all
right so going to yesterday I was
talking about how I would rather own if
you gave me a choice to own aetherium or
gold right now and I couldn’t sell until
December of 2021 I would pick aetherium
of course so I have a poll out there
which of the following would you rather
hold until December of 2021 and it’s
linked to below you can vote on them you
can vote in the poll and right now
aetherium is winning 57% to 43% and if
that’s not a shock to me I think there’s
a lot of people who are stuck in the
etherium is a scam of mentality and they
they’re not gonna open up their mind to
why owning a cryptocurrency would be
much more profitable in this these next
few years then owning gold I mean it’s I
don’t think gold is gonna shock anyone
over the next two years there’s an
incredible upside you
in in etherium and again i just want to
point out i only buy bitcoin but it’s a
pole and in the polite I even said you
know big point is not an option in this
poll I’m just trying to gauge you know
what’s the prevailing opinion out there
and again it’s not a scientific poll and
I I think if you take a take a step back
because the prevailing wisdom is like
gold and Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin
they’re they’re they’re intertwined and
on certain levels they are a store a
store of value but as I point out in
yesterday’s show there’s a etherium in
Bitcoin are intertwined also and and can
exist and can be traded back and forth
so easily and in terms of innovation
there’s incredible innovation being
Donald on Bitcoin right now and in this
defy space on the theorem there people
all sorts of people working on it and so
that they’re capable in that way and so
there’s a huge potential for aetherium
there’s huge I mean I’m not a person
that goes around screaming it’s a scam
it’s it won’t solve its scaling problems
you know the talaq is stupid the
jealousy and envy of other people that
say that the tallip is stupid is
unbelievable genius alright you can vote
in that poll okay see here’s the guy
Robert says I would rather have gold
honestly I detest the talaq you the
testing metallic is not a good reason to
prefer to prefer gold over there yeah
you got a look at the real world you got
again you got look at the real world
what’s going on in both worlds you’ve
got all sorts of people working on a
theorem and then you’ve got people like
uh Peter chef and Casey and gerald
Celente saying that you know if we if
horrible things happen you should buy
gold and they’ve been saying that since
nineteen nineteen sixty-nine they’re all
their what their well the Casey’s in the
70s is Celente in his seventies and ship
is in this close to sixty I don’t know
but you know hey age I’m not gonna be
the age bias I’m not gonna be age with
you I’m just saying these guys been
wrong for a long long time and I’m a guy
who’s in the innovation and moving
forward and building and gold is a lot
of it is based on destruction its
hey watch yesterday’s show Romek you
said even if you think that bitcoin is
not at war do you think that there is
something in the world that Bitcoin will
significantly change make irrelevant
yeah I mean it’s the money translate
that the current money transfer system
Western Union will be destroyed I mean
what Western Union will have to totally
revamp itself that this little maybe
they’ll still be naive people I know I I
don’t see how it cannot I mean there’s
still fax machines I get anything people
still use fax machines and they’re
pretty pointless but yeah Western Union
it will be irrelevant that’s that’s
that’s the first thing that comes online
or and things like Western Union and
they charge but in charge is insane
rates to send money slowly across
borders the big point is in seconds all
right and it’s cheap all right Satoshi
Nakamoto what is it oh yeah yeah we
talked about that all right so Ron Paul
has a poll and this poll was over and
big coin won the poll which of the
following would you wait wait wait hey
and wealthy person gives you $10,000 you
get to choose in which form you’ll
accept the gift but there’s a catch you
must keep the gift in the form that you
choose for 10 years without touching it
in which form would you accept the gift
and Bitcoin won it beat it beat it be
gold and other things I forgot what else
it be now and the reason it’s winning
the poll or won the poll
is because young people are it’s a
Twitter poll young people are on Twitter
and of course they’re gonna go toward
the technologically advanced form of
money there and it’s it’s shouldn’t it
it’s another wake-up call this is
another wake-up call that the youth and
the youth is the future they’re not
getting in the gold but there are plenty
of people that take gold over Bitcoin
there’s plenty of traditional people all
right we’ll see how it turns out there
interesting interesting poll there and
it was from Ron Paul so a lot of the
people following Ron Paul take this into
account our gold freaks or total total
blah I mean he’s not a young man himself
he’s into some these writer he’s close
to 80 so I’m glad I’m it’s nice that he
gave it as an option there that that’s
good I mean he knows that the world
isn’t changing I guess the put it as an
option and there and it’s not a sign
it’s not a scientific poll of course
it’s not sweet Zappa esque stashes
Bitcoin moon guy yeah I don’t think it’s
too sweet it is Zappa ESCO I got this
guy I think he had Zappa had this uh
Zappa I there’s like a monument to Zappa
in Baltimore elite Bluff I don’t even
know it I don’t know what he has to do
with Baltimore it’s like very minor but
that that’s the freak age of Baltimore
someone will have a minor connection the
Baltimore and everyone will know about
and there’s some there’s some as a
statue or am i I don’t know what it is
he was a pretty smart guy actually I
don’t know that much about him I just
know there’s some remote connection to
Baltimore and Zappa
and for those of you not familiar I am
from Baltimore Maryland originally and
that’s you know my family has the
Meister’s admitted Baltimore since 1895
well I wasn’t actually myster it was the
the woman’s side of the family but yeah
all sorts of big hunks of my family my
sighs father sighs big parts of it they
were in Baltimore by uh by 1905 big big
part of it big parts of it and then one
little aspect didn’t come until the 20s
little and again Jewish people left
Russia and Ukraine and all that stuff
and fled to America around 1905
so it’s no shock that you know my family
came to most settled in New York and but
some of mine that I actually directly
came to Baltimore apparently I don’t
even know yeah Baltimore we were the
freaks baby alright so the great talk
said did you check out my Charlie Lee
interview about minimal Wimble using
extension blocks no I didn’t but I IVA a
grin talk thank you for the $4.99 and
bringing that up you guys can check that
out and I had mentioned before how the
like coin is trying to incorporate
member Wimble in some way am I an expert
in all that note but I mentioned that
Charlie has tweeted about it before and
I know that booty actually tweeted about
it and he liked how the light foundation
was paying people to work on it you’ll
have to check out UD speed it’s linked
to below because I I I quote a new deal
on another tweet thank you now we’re
talk about healthcare here I was
thinking about health care I was I was
listening to Iran Brooke the other day
who still doesn’t understand fully
cryptocurrency we Iran Brooke is getting
towards 60 and he’s he knows if
cryptocurrencies the future but then he
says there should be a gold back
cryptocurrency he doesn’t get that he
doesn’t fully understand you’re on is
not perfect but he mentioned the
healthcare situation within the United
States and one of the things that people
aren’t really talking about much when
we’re talking about health care for all
and Medicare for all is that the health
care has to be produced
people forget that it’s it’s an actual
product and that if their price controls
on the health care and if there’s
government injured
in all my house healthcare and the
producers are not paid enough anymore
they’re not going to produce doctors are
going to retire and unfortunately
there’s going to be a lot of any medical
research companies won’t do as much
research and so there won’t be as much
innovation there won’t be as much life
extension technology so this is very
this this is very bad for all these
people that are think it’s a miracle
that you know government invention will
intervention will make everybody healthy
it won’t it will probably make people
less healthy it will doctors will stop
producing some guys near in retirement
will retire sooner so I thought to
myself but where’s the opportunity in
this if Liz if Elizabeth Warren becomes
president and totally messes up the
health care system even more and
discourages producers from producing
because that’s what again that’s what
happens with price controls and
government intervention and what are the
opportunities here well I see some of
these doctors that that retire maybe
they’ll become semi-retired and they’ll
be some type of crypto Bitcoin system
black market because no doubt they’ll
make it they’ll make all sorts of the
united sates domain will make all sorts
of things illegal in involving health
care i mean they’ve already made the
insurance that i you catastrophic
insurance which i used to get you can’t
buy that anymore that that’s illegal but
i see opportunity here like with with
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency some type of
and you guys can work on this a system a
black Marcus’s black market who knows
where your your insurance is in bitcoin
or where you just paid there were
doctors just accept bitcoin and or
retired doctors cuz they don’t have to
deal with the bureaucracy in the price
controls and they set their prices in
bitcoin and right now you you know a
larger grander stay and this is
basically what i do and take into
account i am out of the united states a
lot so if I had care first insurance
Blue Cross whatever I used to have and I
get hurt in Australia
and I say hey I’ve got blue cross Nina
don’t laugh at me so I don’t have
insurance anymore I don’t have insurance
I got rid of my I have an insurance in
2018 and 2019
okay I’m one of my big things is I just
stay healthy but again if I got outside
the United States by United States
insurance would it it wouldn’t matter
anyway it’s pointless it’s pointless for
me to have insurance for a number of
reasons I’m a healthy young individual
etcetera etcetera and young people are
dropping out of the system all the time
of course but and so if something god
forbid god forbid happened to me I would
just pay for it out of pocket and if I
if I used up all my uh oh my fear that
there the Bitcoin is my uh the Bitcoin
is my medical insurance right there so
another thing and because I have what I
have in savings I wouldn’t have to deal
with the u.s. medical system and you
I could go to India I I’d be a medical
tourists where it is incredibly it is
cheaper for many people to just pay out
of the pocket and taking in hair light
any into different places in the world
so their their health care and Bitcoin
and cryptocurrency they’re intertwined
here and you could create a business
that involves Bitcoin in flying people
all over the world and getting them to
India or wherever to get there to get
their health care done to get their
their problem fixed so that there’s this
potential and what we’re having here
what may happen in the United States
healthcare going down the drain even
more but I must in a beyond the Bitcoin
moment here the forgetting Bitcoin
forgetting Elizabeth Warren the best
thing you can do for yourself is just be
healthy I mean it’s just it’s take care
of your body long term be in motion
physically eat well that’s that’s the
best you can do for yourself it’s that
you know worry about you know it is my
healthcare gonna pay is am I going to
have insurance the best
is okay but there are opportunities out
there with the with the system altering
changes that that may be coming down the
path and Bitcoin might be a way to get
some of these semi-retired doctors to to
work on you if God forbid you needed
someone someone work on that opportunity
opera and motion baby email me if you’re
working on healthcare and big coining
and crypto and who knows there are
people out there that say to me Adam you
save your Bitcoin you hoard your Bitcoin
someone has to spend it
someone has to spend it yeah people
spend it I don’t have to be that someone
I’m not gonna be people live in this
world of a pathological altruism I’m
good I’m gonna be the one who risk
everything I’m gonna be the the one who
commits suicide there so I’m gonna be
going to that that’s a extreme for I’m
gonna be with one who sacrifices for
others I’m not gonna be that I’m not
gonna be the one who who waste my
precious Bitcoin so I can virtue signal
to everyone look I spent I spent the
coffee look how a great great I am I
made the world a better place
yeah someone expends it the 80
percenters are gonna spend it there are
all sorts of people that think it’s so
necessary to spend okay be my guest
spend it I’m not gonna be the stupid one
I’m not gonna be the stupid one okay I
think it’s in the long run there’s so
many people that regret spending their
Bitcoin they’re going to be many more
people that look back on this day and
spending their Bitcoin I’m not gonna be
that one I don’t have to be that one
I’ve got it set up that I’m hunted so
yeah the fur to be currency people are
gonna have to spend it yeah and I’m not
gonna be that one be my guest
be my guest okay if you wanna be the
stupid one
because again having fun to spending all
my Bitcoin back in 2016 I mean I I would
have an aneurysm at this point thinking
about all the wealth that I lost I mean
by spending big coin
never you never traded it in for Fiat
never read it offended by selling
offended by golly all right Mary I’ll
save that one for later the crypto
dividend part Grimm talk why do people
talk so poorly about grins inflation
well I mean it’s it’s unlimited
inflation that that reminds everybody of
the current system a lot of people got
into cryptocurrency because they were
against that they were tired of they
want in a scheduled uh they want to know
how much of their coin was going to
exist in the future with the dollar we
don’t know how much then the dollar has
been able to pull it off will grin be
able to pull it off no I don’t think so
I I think all cryptocurrencies need
attack alright and need to stick with it
but hey let them experiment with the
unlimited amount okay let them do what
they’re going to do but if someone’s
gonna ask me what would I rather hold a
a member window poin that has no limit
or a middle window coin that has a huge
limit or a memorable coin that has a
very small limit I would pick that small
limit and that’s what Chris is working
on with MWC that we’re all getting for
free on December the 11th if you signed
up for that Bitcoin crypto dividend all
right that’s it i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember oh here so it says robert egg
Wilson said gold back digital ran in B
will look better for many people against
Fiat back zach-bots
oh no oh no I I disagree strongly with
that one I’m going with the freedom of
the of the entrepreneurial spirit of uh
clucks over the oppressive regime
because again the determining B is going
to be used to oppress the people of
China I I would rather go with
the growth and the innovation of what
Facebook has brought to this world okay
Facebook is going to try to Bank people
in Africa so they say okay that’s
they’re not trying to control people at
ranked now okay
suck box will be monitored also will be
centrally controlled some people will be
turned off from it but it does not have
that evil based intention that the
supposedly gold-backed Rene
they’ll print that thing out of a
they’ll make as much of it as they
wanted to but we don’t know I don’t
believe in gold back anything okay don’t
believe in
there’s no point it’s a gimmick it’s
part of a gimmick if the bigger reason
why China is doing it is to control
their their people their billion over a
billion people they’re trying to control
so in the free market and it won’t be a
free market you won’t be able to just
get that riddim be as easily as you will
be able to get suck bucks but in the
free market
zot zot bucks will prevail over a China
coin because it will get it will get the
world used to corporations being on par
with countries in terms of printing
their own currency all right
I mean currencies will be companies will
be able to do it more efficiently than
these oppressive regimes all right i am
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister and this is my my take
on things is i’m going with the
positivity here I’m not going with the
oppression yes I’m going with the
innovation because that that digital in
in be is not about innovation in a
positive way maybe it’s about innovating
essentially controlled totalitarian
system but Jacque box is at least Libre
is about a different essentially
controlled cryptocurrency innovation our
digital money innovation based around a
company being
a producer of money which i think is
very innovative all right now that a
meister the bitcoinmeister this real
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