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now let’s jump right into some stuff
first of all cryptocurrency trade alerts
group make sure you guys are joining if
you are not in there already firstly in
the description and in the comments we
had a trade yesterday trading em co2 a
Bitcoin that was what we did the entry
price was around 0.001 to 0.0010 for so
anywhere from here all the way to here
was the potential entry price and if you
guys see what happened after that it
went all the way up to zero point zero
zero one two three four so a great trade
right there I made a little under 20% in
this trade and I know several people in
the group also made a good amount of
money I posted it in there as soon as I
got in and so money was made you guys
don’t need to have a lot of money in the
trading group in order to get the money
and pay back what the cost of the group
was also I got this video from a fan
this is Jack from Island he’s 11 years
old he watches the video every day with
his dad and look at this
my dudes got the intro doubts I thought
that was really cool I wanted to share
that with you guys now let’s start
talking about some cryptocurrency news
honestly made my day yesterday when he
sent it so Bitcoin ETF frenzy SEC robbed
receives a flurry of emails from the
public so the United States Securities
and Exchange Commission the SEC is
currently buried under a storm of emails
from cryptocurrency proponents
concerning the recent CBOE eat Bitcoin
etf file is lamp over 90 responders so
far they respond to the SE c–‘s call
for public comments over the CBOE
bitcoin etf filing commission also said
that the number of respondents far
exceed the last time such a request for
opinions was made on a bitcoin etf
application in april 2018 so obviously
the number of people are growing i think
this does stand a pretty good chance for
us to see this become a thing when i
think they’re talking about a decision
being done in august i’ve mentioned that
a few times in previous videos i think
it’s going to be sometime in august some
people though are thinking it’s going to
be all the way next year either way no
matter where it comes i think that is
going to be one of the catalysts that
moves us into the bull run so sooner we
see that happen the sooner we are going
to see the bulls come back and start
having that crazy movement that i know a
lot of people have been waiting for
moving on so IBM is helping launch a
price stable cryptocurrency insured by
the FDIC so the latest attempt to create
a stable coin pegged to the u.s. dollar
combines 21st century technology with an
invention from the Great Depression so
announced Tuesday which is actually
today a startup called stronghold is
launching USD anchor which will run on
rails of these stellar blockchain so
crazy stellar has been just killing it
recently and use its consensus mechanism
to verify transactions the token will be
backed by will be back one for one with
the US dollars held in L will be held at
Nevada charted trust company called
prime trust which in turn will deposit
the cash at
it’s insured by the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corp so that is the FDIC so
you know big company in the headlines
IBM now they’re not the ones that are
actually doing this but they are helping
to do this and I don’t think they would
be helping to do this if they thought
this was a negative move for the company
so the fact that they are going into
this allowing their name to be put in
the headlines you know actually trying
to help make this I think shows it’s
going to not only spread again more
adoptions spread the word for
cryptocurrency around but it shows that
they think there is a future in this now
this isn’t a specific cryptic er this is
youth in stellar blockchain though which
is really cool it’s not a particular
cryptocurrency it is them creating their
own stable coin let’s see how this turns
out we know there have been previous
issues with stable coins with USD T not
being actually pegged to anything
specifically we don’t know exactly how
that is going to turn out but these guys
are launching their own and I like just
seeing big names of big companies in the
headlines linked with cryptocurrency I
think that gives us credibility that’s
going to get a lot more people
interested in it and taking it more
seriously now the last thing is Robin
Hood Robin Hood has actually been
expanding fast so they’re gearing up for
expansion LTC BCH Doge added as tradable
token so the bearish market is not
effective Robin Hood’s expansion plans
three tobits are now added to this to
its list of tradable coins on the
platform so they already have Bitcoin
they already have aetherium
now it’s going to be Bitcoin Bitcoin
cash Doge aetherium and like point out
guys if you don’t have Robin Hood yet
I’m going to leave another link for that
in the distance in the description and
the comments by using that link you
should get a free stock in there so no
reason not to use that it’s always fun
getting a free stock which then you guys
could sell and use it to buy
cryptocurrency on there if that is what
you want but I like how easy Robin Hood
makes things I used them for stocks
before I told you guys there’s some some
of you guys might know this I use them
for stocks before really easy no fees
absolutely love this so definitely
recommend checking it out it’s also on
your phone which makes it easy to trade
on your phone to buy and sell on your
phone and the wallet stores it direct
on there they’re also also planning to
add or they have added alert for 16
kryptos but I think they’re gonna
continue to add more and more tradable
tokens as we move forward so definitely
check that out check the link in the
description for you guys to go ahead and
make your own account highly recommend
having a Robin Hood account on there now
next up let’s take a look at the
cryptocurrency market so 271 billion
dollars in market cap forty-two point
six percent Bitcoin dominance had a
crazy run yesterday yesterday actually
was a very good day so for those of you
guys who made a trade like we had
yesterday in the trade alert group again
make sure you guys are going ahead and
checking that out in the description if
you guys haven’t done that already a lot
a lot of money could potentially have
been made and we see that run-up right
here is it going to hold though that’s
sort of the next question I see it looks
like etherium might be looking at
falling XRP same thing only times gonna
tell if that does hold or if it does
fall but if we look at 24-hour change
dogecoin actually up I think this might
be because of the Robin Hood news maybe
I’m not exactly sure though Power ledger
is up as well loom is up 10x still up
waxes up myth their lives up Bundy X’s
up a lot of crypto currencies still in
the green we scroll down there is more
in the red than there were yesterday but
I think the green far out does the red
the biggest movers in the red are 0 X
unfortunately down 4% at one dollar and
11 cents so hopefully that will continue
to climb as we move forward one chain is
down as well but a lot of very small
movers so only one one two three four
five six of the coins in the red are
actually above a 2% the rest are all
fairly small losses and interviewed look
at the green we see some in the double
digits we see a lot more things
happening so overall it’s still a pretty
good day I wanted to cover Neil Neil
ripple and still a really quick Neil I
think it’s just so under priced right
now it went all the way down to under 30
cent other than $30 at one point I
believe not 30 says that’d be crazy $30
at one point but still at $36 I think
it’s very under priced and people are
saying the same thing online
Neil seems like one of the best
opportunities to step
right now they continue to grow the
potential is there it’s a big
cryptocurrency so it’s already safer
than investing in let’s say something
that’s ranked number 200 which I
mentioned before the same thing with
Stella it is already a lot safer to get
in they are continuing to grow there are
still a lot of things to come still a
lot of adoption possible with with Neal
so market cap is just at that point 2.3
billions just at that point where it’s
not too risky but at the same time it
still has a lot of room to grow so
definitely one you guys know I’m a big
fan of ripple definitely think still
very under priced and a good opportunity
to pick some up for the long run now
moving on talking about ripple ripples
actually been moving around everything
in their company they’ve had new hires
so Dan Morgan was appointed as head of
regulatory relations the point of this
article is just saying that they had a
lot of leadership shakeups which could
be a bad could be good depends on how
you want take your point is that they’re
addressing it and they’re trying to get
the right people in the right places
that I think to me is always a positive
news so earlier this week David Schwartz
was appointed the CTO and Coquina was
hired to be the new senior vice
president for business and corporate
development so thrilled to share that
Dan Morgan has joined the room has
joined ripple from the UK Department for
international trade to lead our European
regulation of regulatory relations so be
key to our growth in Europe and brings
deep expertise in FinTech and digital
assets so again getting people from
pretty big places getting people that
could help I think overall a good sign
for ripple definitely I think they
realized some of the issues that was
going on maybe they internally they
found some issues that I love the fact
that they’re addressing it instantly
finding the right people putting them in
and now hopefully ripple can continue to
grow and they’re not gonna be facing any
more issues that is obviously the point
at 47 cents still another very very
cheap cryptocurrency I definitely think
if everything continues to go to plan
for ripple they will be back at that $3
mark fairly soon as soon as the poles do
arrive of course but definitely they
have the potential to do it it’s going
to come down to everything working them
finding their target market
you guys remember the whole Western
Union thing didn’t work out as they
wanted but they realized why that was
the case and so they shifted their focus
to find who their target market is and
that is all part of business and I think
it’s a great thing that they were open
about that they could share that and
they could share their plans moving
forward so continuing with that
definitely rip but definitely think
ripple has its place now lastly talking
about stellar stellar has been killing
it in the news so it’s apparently also
the first day the first distributed
ledger protocol to receive Sharia
compliant certification in the money
transfer an asset tokenization space so
again Stellar’s just been killing it
from you know IBM helping them build a
stable point on the stellar blockchain
to stellar being a potentially listed on
coin base to it being added as one of
the top one of the top crypto in for coo
coin just so much news surrounding
stellar I think the one percent that
it’s up right now doesn’t justify
everything it has done though it has had
a fairly good week we actually moved to
the seven days you’ll see Stellar’s
actually just been steadily climbing for
the last seven days again if we look at
the last month they’ve had a very nice
last week week and a half or so so
definitely think Stella will continue to
grow another one like ripple and like I
said before us as in previous video at
4.3 billion dollars in mark cap it is
stable enough to where it’s a big
cryptocurrency I don’t see it falling in
the Ola Sun disappearing that’s not
going to happen with stellar but it
still has room to go up to that 43
trillion of 43 billion dollars for
example which would 10x the price so
safer investment not as much potential
to do 100x as some other cryptos but it
would definitely take a lot more money
for it to do 100x like smaller smaller
cryptos but definitely still a safer
investment which you can see some gains
on I always like to I was like to
diversify my portfolio not just in
different types of investments but also
in different crypto in the crypto
investment sector so guys hopefully you
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