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The Federal Reserve (central bank) just printed
$75 Billion dollars out of thin air
It was the NY Fed’s first such rescue operation
in a decade, the last occurring in late 2008.
“It’s unprecedented, at least in the post-crisis
era,” said Mark Cabana, rates strategist at
Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
On Tuesday morning, the NY Fed launched what’s
called an “overnight repo operation,” during
which the central bank attempts to ease pressure
in markets by purchasing Treasuries and other
securities. The goal is to pump money into
the system to keep borrowing costs from creeping
above the Fed’s target range.
In reality this occurred because the banks
had run out of money, with existing Money
supplies be sold by Banks at almost 10% premiums
to each other. The feds have offered no clear
explanation for why this occurred, and instead
blamed treasury payments, which explains nothing,
and only poses more questions than answers.
“The funding markets are clearly stressed,”
said Guy LeBas, managing director of fixed
income strategy at Janney Capital Markets.
“It’s going to require Fed action.” The NY
Fed announced plans late Tuesday to hold another
repurchase agreement operation on Wednesday
that would aim to repurchase up to an additional
$75 billion.
Crypto enthusiast are quick to point out the
hypocrisy stating:
“so in just two days, they are printing an
amount of money roughly equal to the entire
of Bitcoin… but Bitcoin is somehow the problem
and the Fed is somehow serving the best interests
of the public. If people really believe that,
maybe we’re in the wrong line of work. Maybe
we should all get into real estate and start
selling beach-front property in the desert”
In a surprise move as well the altcoins crypto
market skyrocketed as investors and companies
rushed to crypto, to secure some liquidity.
So what do you think? Are you finally convinced
that the beginning of the end for the current
financial system has arrived?
Let us know in the comments
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