Bank of Korea keeps key interest rate unchanged at 1.25% in November

the Bank of Korea has left its key rate
steady while so announcing its downward
revision for this year’s growth forecast
to two percent from its earlier
prediction of 2.2% are you so mean
explains at its final monetary policy
board meeting of 2019 the Bank of Korea
on Friday kept its benchmark interest
rate unchanged at one point to five
percent for November the all-time low
rate remained steady following earlier
rate cuts by 25 basis points each in
July and October this year the central
bank has apparently kept the key rate
steady to wait and see the effects of
the previous rate cuts exports continue
to fall for the eleventh straight month
in October and dropped nearly 10 percent
on-year over the first 20 days of
November due to falling semiconductor
shipments and slowing global trade due
to the us-china trade svet inflation
remains far below the central bank’s
target of 2% consumer inflation actually
turned negative for the first time on
record in September and continued to
stay at around 0% during October the low
inflation has added to concerns over
possible deflation while the government
has shrugged off such concerns saying
it’s a temporary slump to Bhosle to a
base effect new German Arirang news

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