Bahu Begum – 6th January 2020 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

It’s been five years
and she hasn’t recovered yet?
We’ve continued
with her treatment
quite consistently but..
Is this the medicine
you’ve been giving her?
Yes, but..
I had given it to Dr. Sharma
to investigate.
This means, you’ve had
the medicine with you
all this while and you
purposely.. – Mr. Azaan, please!
The medicine your mother
has been having
is contaminated with something
that is preventing her
from recovering.
Thankfully, Ms. Noor gave
the medicine to me
and I had it tested in a lab.
Who knows how
you’d have continued
giving her this toxic medicine.
This means, mom..
Mom’s supposed to have
recovered long ago
and for all these years..
Don’t worry, Mr. Azaan.
Thank God, we’ve found out
about it.
What’s done is done
but the good news is that
your mother will recover soon.
Get rid of all the medicines
she’s been having so far.
This one alone is enough.
All right.
I’ll take your leave now.
I’m really sorry, Mom.
There’s someone else
you owe an apology to
along with a ‘thank you’.
Be there in my room
in 10 minutes
or you and your mom
will be sent off
to a charitable home.
So, aunt was being given
wrong medication
for all these years.
And we didn’t have a clue!
This means, both,
Ms. Razia’s health
as well as the condition
of this mansion
could have been restored
long back.
Didn’t I tell you?
God has sent Ms. Noor
to help us.
Wait and watch.
Everything will get sorted now.
But Dilruba
the question here is
who could be giving
the wrong medicines
to Ms. Razia?
Everything in this house
has been sold off
and the business is ruined too.
Someone must be doing it
out of vengeance.
Who could be Ms. Razia’s enemy?
That’s what we have to find out.
Who is it, who wants Ms. Razia
to remain like this and why?
In order to find that out
we’ll need to take help
from the police.
No, Khalid.
If we went to the police
our enemy will become alert.
We’ll have to find out
about this by ourselves.
Now, all of you must leave
before Azaan comes here
to apologise
and sees us together.
– Please.
Get going, hurry up!
– Ms. Noor, help me!
Yes, I know you’re here
to apologise
and thank me.
I heard you.
Noor, open the door.
You were dying to hear
my apology and thanks.
And now she won’t open the door.
There’s surely something wrong.
Noor, what’s going on in there?
Open the door.
Oh. God! He’s so..
What took you so long?
I don’t owe you an explanation.
You’ve come to apologise, right?
Do it and get lost.
You’re here to talk to me,
Talk to me.
– What were you up to?
Just apologise
and get done with it.
– What were you up to?
After what you did last night
I feel like killing you.
I thought you had come
to apologise.
But you’re..
– But whatever you did
elicited a response from mom.
Thanks you from getting
the new doctor
because of whom we came to know
that mom’s medication was wrong.
She was being given
the wrong medicines.
So, I just..
Sorry and thank you.
But that doesn’t mean
we’re friends again.
So, don’t be under
any misconception.
That’s exactly what
I was about to say.
Don’t think that we’ll be
friends again
just because you apologised.
Friends? The both of us?
Have you looked at yourself?
Ms. Noor..
Mashooka, you’re still here?
I’m sorry.
Never mind.
Ms. Noor, there’s something
I’d like to ask you.
Yes, tell me, Mashooka.
Why do you trouble Ms. Azaan
so much?
Why don’t you tell him
that you’ve come back
to help him?
Mashooka, you’ve seen
Azaan’s condition, right?
If he finds out that I’m here
to help him
or support him, he’ll fall weak
and want me to fight
his battles.
And I don’t want that to happen.
I want Azaan to stand up
So that fights his own battles
and win them too.
What should I do if not fight?
Sing praises of you?
You’ve been going on about Noor
as of no one else exists.
I sometimes wonder if you’re
her husband or mine.
Rubina, what’s wrong with you?
Why are you raising a fuss
without a reason?
I’m sick of these
daily arguments.
That’s what you’ll say now!
Why don’t you say it clearly?
Now that Noor is back here
your love for her
have been rekindled.
Why would you need a wife now?
– Rubina!
Sometime, I wish mom was here
because the both of you
are so similar.
At least, you’d be engaged
with each other
and these useless thoughts
would keep out of your mind.
Forget it.
There’s simply no point
speaking to you.
I.. I’m going back
to my mom’s place.
Swear by God.
I can’t tell you how happy I am
to hear you say this!
Here’s what I’ll do.
Let me pack your belongings.
Wait a minute.
Khalid, do you even know
what you’re talking about?
Oh, it’s nothing.
Khalid, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
Why would I..
Even I’m wondering if I have.
It’s too much joy to handle,
you know.
I might as well have
lost my mind.
So tell me.
How many days should I pack for?
You’re thrilled, aren’t you?
You want me to go away
so that you get a chance to
come close to Noor.
I’m going nowhere.
Put my stuff back.
My dear, why do you say that?
Look, you haven’t visited your
parents for such a long time.
You must be missing them,
isn’t it?
Go spend a few days with them.
– Are you done?
Didn’t you hear me?
I’m not going.
But Rubina..
I’m not going anywhere.
I’ll stay right here
and keep an eye on Noor.
God knows what that woman
might be up to.
Should take photos
of the whole property?
Yes. Cover it nicely.
Where is heck is Mashooka?
Please come with me.
Do you see this, Mr. Azaan?
Do you see what Noor is up to?
Along with the mansion,
take photos of him too.
He’s the Nawab.
They’ll be useful.
Who’s he?
He’s wielding a camera.
He couldn’t be a scientist now,
could he?
‘Ha ha’! Shut up!
Stop laughing
and stop taking pictures
of me and my mansion.
Stop it!
– Wait a minute..
Your mansion?
– I mean,
if you don’t want yourself
photographed that makes sense.
But who are you to order me
not to take pictures
of this mansion?
Have you forgotten
that this mansion is now owned
by me?
Won’t you ask why
I’m getting the place
Fine, I’ll tell you.
Actually, these photos
are for bidders to see.
Bidders? What sort of bidders?
Those who call bids
for the mansion.
You see, this mansion
won’t remain
the first lady’s residence
I’ve received a fantastic offer
to convert this mansion
to a seven star hotel.
And I’ve accepted it.
– Have you lost your mind?
You’re thinking of converting
my ancestral home to a hotel?
I’m not thinking?
I’m doing it.
I’m turning it into a hotel.
Don’t you dare!
Do you even know
what you’re talking about?
This is my home.
I was born and raised here.
You.. You can’t do this.
That’s even better.
The Nawab of Bhopal,
Azaan Akhtar Mirza
has spent his childhood here.
What a deal!
It’ll make for a wonderful
tourist spot.
And I suggest you should join me
in this business venture.
I have a fantastic idea.
You know what we’ll do
for the tourists?
We’ll make a special offer.
A dinner date
with Azaan Akhtar Mirza.
Don’t even think about it!
Not even in your wildest dreams.
along with this mansion
I’ll burn you as well
as your bidders
to ashes.
That comes much later.
For now, let go of my hand.
Or what?
– Nothing.
My photographer will take
a picture of us
and I’ll give that photo
as evidence to the police
because of which you might
end up in jail.
By the way, you still haven’t
lost that childhood habit.
Unless I threaten you
you won’t let go of me.
The only difference is,
in childhood, I’d threaten you
using your mother’s name
and now, the police’s.
Don’t have the misconception
that I fear the police
or getting arrested.
I’m tolerating you here
only for my mother’s sake, Noor.
Don’t worry.
You won’t have to
tolerate me for long.
Because as soon as
the construction work begins
I’ll kick you guys out of here.
I am not going anywhere.
I will stay here
and so will my mother.
The thing is
she is your mother, not mine.
And if you want to
stay in Begum Mahal
you must pay the rent.
Rs. 1 lakh.
That too, within 24 hours.
I know it’s a petty amount
in comparison to Begum Mahal
but it’s way more than
what you can afford.
Also, take out your mobile.
Come on, be quick.
Now start the stopwatch.
It will remind you how
much time you have left
before 24 hours are over.
And now you have to decide how
you’ll utilise those 24 hours.
By missing Shayra
and crying for her
or trying to arrange the amount.
You have 24 hours’ time.
And if you fail to arrange
the money in time
I’ll kick you out of here.
I won’t wait for the hotel
construction work to commence.
Rs. 1 lakh!
I want Rs. 1 lakh..
I know it’s a huge amount
but Noor has
demanded this amount.
And if I don’t pay her
within 24 hours, she..
Look, out of 24,
only 16 hours remain now.
I must pay her
Rs. 1 lakh somehow.
If I don’t,
she will oust all of us
you all, me and mother
from here.
And I cannot let
my mother face this.
Khalid, if you have
any amount with you
no matter how small, please..
‘We must cure her completely.’
‘We must help her become
the matriarch she was.’
‘We must help Azaan’
‘find his lost courage.’
Brother, if I had any money
you wouldn’t have had to ask me.
I know, you are the
daughter-in-law of this family.
Is it possible..
If you
have any jewellery..
If you can mortgage it..
If you can do something,
I cannot bear to
see my mom suffer.
I need Rs. 1 lakh somehow.
Please help me.
I do understand your point.
But the jewellery you are
talking about is artificial.
I have nothing.
Please, Rubina,
you must have something.
I never say anything to you.
If I could
I would have arranged the
money.. – Wait, Brother-in-law.
Don’t you think you
are crossing the limits?
I told you clearly that
everything I’m wearing
is artificial.
Where will I get real jewellery?
Do you want me
to sell myself off?
– Wait a minute.
It’s all his fault.
If you hadn’t sold this mansion
to that witch
she wouldn’t be doing this
in the first place.
Everything that’s happening..
We’re all in a mess
because of you.
Stop it, Rubina!
– Why should I?
Is it our fault
that his wife left him?


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