Australian $50 banknote compared to other banknotes

Oh 50 bucks to spend going shopping yay
that’s David napalm and he’s ugly he
likes pretty ugly reverse edith cowan
pretty basic Bob she meant it in two
thousand not minted printed in 2013 DUI
general prefix not worth keeping just
with 50 bucks see this Brazil banknote
lot more character looks better
beautiful design even the back is better
every time I nice $100 looks better
America mundelein’s okay design pretty
dated dodge that’s right yep name you
have American that’s a pretty crap
indonesia I 100 rupiah hundred thousand
rupiah he looks right her dick pic gonna
change your banknotes and coins soon
anyway that’s pretty shit this one’s
better equip on baby fifty dollars fifty
dollars signal poor and so first prime
minister or President whatever and the
reverse is a better design but is cotton
fiber so be a lot easier can affect in
polymer and what else
mmm and I’ll Bolivia 100 Olivia knows
peso bolivianos this suffered from
massive inflation in yeas it’s still
better designers showing banknotes AKP
timber designs and this shoot in 1976
their color changed on in 1997 when they
if you again her treasure split apart
that was to stop money coming from
Eritrea back into Ethiopia and flooding
the market he’s back now it’s pretty
good not bad and what do we have here
I’m up on Malaysia one Andrew ring good
I quite like this design it’s not bad
I decided this time beforehand was a lot
better have any here and then glass wall
choice thailand 20 baht time banknotes
always been pretty good and that song
thank you very much

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