Augustus on an Italian Lira banknote

sorry I live people are you going this
is Glen from gumad equines and banknotes
and today I have this Italian one lira
have a look at it it’s a very small type
of bank night so if I can compare it to
the older Australian ten dollar bank
so we have there you go don’t you bear
probably on you bear that I know two
fifths of the size no probably not
probably bit very bear just under half
the size of the bank note button on the
side bit over the third of the size of
Australian dollar banknotes and this
banknote was actually issued in a 1939
they also had a coin so here is the one
lira coin it’s stainless steel and that
was issued this was 1942 but this was
issued in 1938 I think first yeah so in
Italy at the time they had according a
banknote from one mirror to 10 lira this
banknote was issued by the Treasury and
regnal d’Italia so Kingdom with Italy
and it was not issued by the central
the central bank Ernie’s she banknotes
50 lire and above and the Treasury
always issued delayed denomination
banknotes so up into the 70s they issued
up into 500 0 and in the 80s and 90s
actually didn’t really issue any
banknotes after that so here we have a
wheat wheat cob and we have the fuscus
which just has a
like a type of looks like an axe bind
down to a bunch of wood and that’s
actually it was used by the Mussolini
regime which is spanked 90s it’s also
used by the Romans and there’s on some
French coins as well any any some coins
United States like the old silver dime I
think before there is about dime can’t
remember which one it was
this one has no security features
because it’s such a small bank now and I
like it because on the reverse
it actually has Augustus so if you don’t
know you disguise it was actually the
Roman Emperor from I think 34 to BC to
fourteen eighty and he’s classified as
the first Roman Emperor he consolidate
power after Julius Caesar was
assassinated in 44 BC and he was adopted
son of Julius Caesar and actually Julie
says there’s only two lira banknotes of
this issue the five-and-ten just had D
rhenium on which is men well let’s have
a look what’s his name with a man well
Victoria it may well the third side he’s
on the actual 5 and 10 lira and he
actually issued a large variety of coins
from quadrants to the sister Deus
Denarius and aureus aureus is a gold
coin Daenerys as a silver coin which is
the main coin for trade with the Roman
Empire and the bronze coins are just
local coinage manly and this would have
been used up until the end of World War
I think no I fingers used up into 1942
in Asia the new style a bank
but it’s quite a beautiful banknote have
a look at him awesome thank you very
much for watching
how awesome Bank not collecting time
people bye-bye


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