ACCURATE Bitcoin BTC Indicator Turned Bullish! (Cryptocurrency News + Bybit Trading Price Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new videotape gonna the
killer video if you guys full of
information say we’re gonna be looking
at the Bitcoin indicator that has
finally turned bullish Rawls will be
looking at Tron
u.s. DT and unfortunately some sad news
that also went on in the cryptocurrency
space but guys before we can start with
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let’s go over the technical analysis I
did want to share with you guys a trade
that we had recently in the crypto
currency trader group we actually are
still in this trade as of the time that
I’m recording this video as you guys can
tell we entered over here with roughly
around this range with a stop loss at
8150 and our first take profit at eight
thousand seven hundred and seventy
dollars now of course this was set
strategically because we expected
Bitcoin to drop for dropping potentially
a little bit but overall during the
weekend to have a move up in to hit
further targets however as you guys can
tell that did not go exactly the plan
because we did have of continued red
candle and then Bitcoin did job all the
way down to around about eight thousand
two hundred and thirty dollars right so
jump all the way down over here and
again we place our stop loss for a
reason at 8150 we did not hit our
stop-loss we then held Bitcoin the last
two days have been going very well we
hit our first take profit and our second
take profit is at eight thousand eight
hundred and fifty dollars and we’re
hoping to hit that one very soon as well
right now the trade is 100% in pure
profit as we move to our stop loss so no
matter what happens with Bitcoin if it
drops back down all of a sudden one big
candle to set
thousand dollars we still close the
trade in profit so that’s very good to
see now again linking to what I said
previously I did highlight this zone for
seven thousand three hundred ish to
seven thousand seven hundred where I
want to pick up Bitcoin for the long
term maybe this is something we’re not
even gonna see happen of course with the
recent bullish action that we’ve seen it
people are starting to say that maybe
we’re not even gonna see at this job but
again I’m still ready in case this does
happen and that’s honestly the only and
that’s the best thing we can do is just
be ready in no matter what situation we
are given right so currently we can also
tell we made another higher low from
previous and back and back here so we
have been on a sort of a I’m making
higher lows however we do still want to
see if we do make higher highs as well
which is going to be I think the biggest
indicator special if we can start making
higher highs from this level as well if
we can start seeing Bitcoin climb more
and more that would be very very good
and that is on the daily timeframe now
the indicator that I was talking to you
guys about before we jump into the
four-hour they I wanted to share with
you guys this on the daily timeframe now
this indicator if we can just do this
this indicator is show us shown to me by
mmm crypto I’m sure a lot of you guys
probably know who they are forty-four
thousand subscribers on YouTube they’re
very big crypto channel as well and they
were highlighting this one particular
indicated I’m gonna take off the EMA
ribbons really quick to show you guys
and put on the CM Guffey emas and there
it is so what this has done previously
is indicate every time we start to get
into a more bullish long-term trend you
can see where we switch over to read
during obviously at the end of the
bolder on the start of 2018 and it has
been read ever since we had the recent
shift in April for on April first around
about that time which I’m sure a lot of
you guys remember where we’ve been green
and then from there it obviously had a
red shift as well and it’s been on the
red and now we are starting to see a
potential green shift coming in as well
and that could be an indicator that we
are in for some very bullish action this
again like I said before has been green
for a very long time before with some
red areas in 2016 as well what it does
overall is you’ll notice there is a
over here so this if you zoom in is a
non-color period right and that’s when
we see this cross over happen over here
another reason that does this it does
this is to confirm that we are going to
actually be shifting over to green or if
we’re gonna see what happens something
over here and yeah something over here
where we saw this shift of no color
waiting to see if it’s a confirmation it
didn’t happen so it just continued in
the red so sort of a period to make sure
and confirm that that is the trend that
was going to happen of course this is
not my indicator I told you guys what
the indicator is if you guys want to tie
in with this and of course I’m not a
financial advisor this is not financial
advice I’m just sharing you guys what I
saw and again with past history and
what’s we’ve seen before with this
indicator it is proven to be accurate at
least to NSC is to a certain extent so
that tying in with your own technical
analysis could be the right opportunity
for you guys to sort of sort of start to
form your own opinion now again this is
a longer-term indicator I have this
other daily timeframe so that means of
course that that doesn’t mean we’re not
going to see red days you can see
imagine we had a big red day over here
even though we were on the green
trajectory and same thing here one big
red candle around here a few red candles
here even during this time we saw a very
big red drop while we were on the green
trend so keep that in mind as well in a
bigger timeframe on these bigger
timeframes I am on these trends where
we’re looking at the longer-term trend
it is normal for a big point to have
moves up and down the overall trajectory
though as you guys can clearly tell is
upwards when it’s green and has been
downwards when it’s red and that’s sort
of what the indicator is trying to point
out now I’m gonna take this off because
I like using the EMAs as you guys know
and I have two of them on I get this
question actually quite a bit I have two
of them on because one of them doesn’t
look bright enough so when I
accidentally put on two it was just the
amount it was just the right amount of
brightness that I liked and that’s the
reason why I decided to stick to it now
if we zoom into the for hourly you guys
notice on the daily as well we came back
and we touched the EMA ribbon like I
told you guys I was expecting and
wanting to see happen with Bitcoin now
on the for hourly we did break below at
this range that we talked about
previously as well and from there we
obviously found resist
from what once was support and then we
broke above that as well so again a very
unpredictable time for Bitcoin where you
usually don’t see as much breakdown and
break up that fast usually we follow for
a longer period of time these trends so
it is of course a time to be cautious
and make sure we are not doing anything
we’re not jumping into anything without
being 100% certain and confident in our
trades that one hour as well we did
break above and we are now trading above
that range going to see if we can hold
onto this for the short term and we can
again for me at least hit the second
target that we have and then hopefully
some more on the way up if not like I
said we’ve moved our stop loss no matter
what happens we closed the trade in
profits so that of course was great news
in terms of the Bitcoin price what
exactly we can expect to see happen
hopefully that indicator is correct that
we are going to see a lot more bullish
action I’m sure you guys would like that
and I myself of course would not mind
that as well now unfortunately we have
to talk about some very sad news that
happen of this does tie in a little with
the crypto space but even if it didn’t
it’s time to sit back and acknowledge
what exactly went on I’m sure a lot of
you guys have probably heard of this
it’s not all of you have heard about
this but you all probably know who Kobe
Bryant is now him and his 13 year old
daughter were among nine people that got
that died in a helicopter crash
yesterday I remember I was talking to a
friend of mine my phone buzz I looked at
it it said Kobe Bryant died at 41 on in
a helicopter accident oh as time went on
we started to hear about his daughter
and other people that were on the
helicopter as well did not believe it at
first I thought it was one of those
things where they say people are dead
but they aren’t really dead then the
person later comes out in tweets not
dead guys I’m alive it was just a rumor
but it turned out to be true now Kobe
was obviously a star basketball player
my favorite basketball player my team’s
been a Laker since I was a little kid
always enjoyed watching Kobe Bryant play
always you know really supported
everything that he did and he was just
starting his second career which was on
pace to be way more successful than his
first career now his second career was
obviously in the investing area he was
getting into businesses he was getting
into investing and one thing we actually
saw happen and were to talk about this
more in the future was Kobe Bryant in
entrepreneurship conferences he was in
one with Patrick bad Dave and he was
also talking to Justin son
from Tron he also had a conversation
there as well where he was obviously
listening and starting to try to
understand everything that was going on
in the potential investments that he can
make now we don’t know for sure what
investments he did end up making but
overall it’s a very big loss anybody of
course 41 years old is still way too
young but Kobe Bryant if anybody was
gonna die I would not assume that was
gonna be him and one thing I heard that
I think is the most accurate statement
I’ve seen is that he threw him dying
pretty much makes it shines a light on
everybody else’s mortality myself
included you know usually something you
think about all the time but if Kobe
Bryant could die then I can die as well
it’s just not something I think about
but I really hit home yesterday very
very sad news like I said towards the
end of the video we are gonna be talking
a little bit more about this when we tie
this in to crypto but very very sad news
nonetheless rest in peace mamba and I’m
sad that I wasn’t able to watch more of
his games alive if I could going back I
would just go to every single one
because there’s a moment in history but
moving back into crypto obviously at the
top crypto currencies going on right now
Bitcoin is up 3.25% and if we look at
the biggest gainer aetherium classic up
20% quant of 20% Bitcoin SV of 16.7% iOS
icon a lot of crypto currencies are in
the green of course from Bitcoin leading
the way with 3% up if bitcoins up we
usually tend to see a lot of other all
coins up as well biggest loser nervous
network by coin co decentraland but
overall way way way more green then red
then we see in the market today and if
we actually go in we have seen that card
on o as apparently based off of studies
one of the busiest actually the busiest
project in 2019 again O’Donnell has a
lot of supporters I’ve noticed the hype
died down a little bit specifically with
all coin hype dying down card on who
talked about a little less but
definitely one that I think a lot of
people still hold bags of and want to
see do well now it’s good news of course
if the price hasn’t done much we haven’t
heard much it’s still good news to see
that based off of this report Cardona
was the busiest cryptocurrency the
busiest project in 2019 of course trying
to get everything in place
to have a big and successful future it’s
not about these short-term don’t forget
it’s not about these short-term it’s
about what they can do in the long term
so things are a little slow up front you
obviously want to see them stick to an
overall roadmap but I think a lot of
people have expected cars ought to be a
little slower moving because they have
so much they’re trying to get done so
hopefully for all of you that are
holding card Auto we see some nice
movement coming in and we see at these a
busiest project of 29 29 teen reward we
see that start to pay in the future now
this is not something we talk about all
the time pornhub
Tron and us DT well porn up is just
added USD T as a payment method now what
that means obviously since us DT and
Tron blockchain have partnered up that
you can now pay models securely through
Tron link which is a cryptocurrency
wallet now of course people are diving
in to see which ones that make the most
sense we see people talking about Nana
we see people talking about Bitcoin
however again use of this is starting to
pick up and although it is picking up in
specific industries and like I said
we’ve seen pornhub mention a lot and
we’ve seen that industry in itself
mentioned a lot when it comes to crypto
payment adoption I’m sure people are
still using it and if it’s using it and
it’s working and it’s working well
better than it would if you were using
your credit card then that’s all that
really matters it’s a step in the right
direction so I thought that was really
interesting to see as well from Tron of
course with the Tron blockchain and the
USD T partnering up it is good news for
adoption out to end the thing off a
little bit of controversial new show
Justin Sun obviously was using Tron and
Kobe Bryant’s death for self a promotion
it dragged mixed feeling through the
crypto community of course he went on to
talk about like I said Kobe and Justin
Sun had previously spoken on a panel
together I believe where they would did
some Q&A and discuss the future of
blockchain now I didn’t see too much
wrong with what he posted of course he
did a little too much Tron promoting
when there was a lot more tribute to
Kobe that needed to be done so I wanted
to get your guys’s thoughts on this let
me know down below in the comments right
now did you think Justin’s son went too
far do you think Justin’s son went too
far and promoted go Tron a little too
much with Kobe Bryant’s death using Kobe
Bryant’s death as the platform for
promoting it or do you not think he did
anything wrong like I said there are
makes feel ease myself personally it’s
impossible to put into words what
happened with Kobe Bryant I don’t think
words do it justice and I couldn’t agree
more with the words that I saw somebody
else say as well and I’m gonna be
quoting them again paraphrasing what
they said which is there’s no words I
can say that will make this make any
sense but guys that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy
again sorry if I was a little bit out of
it talking about this it’s still just a
complete shock and it has not really
settled in with me yet a very big loss
and again still difficult to believe but
hopefully guys did enjoy the video hope
you guys learn something and I’ll see
you guys on Wednesday for another video

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