16-year-olds: Use Bitcoin as a store of value for future purchases instead of buying a car today

Hi this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister and i
wanna talk about peak witnesses why it’s
important to remember that way
think of it that way of talking about
why sixteen year old should you feel
that way back when I was like 14 15
years old I was in high school I was
young for my year for November 16-14 so
of course I want a car and I wanted a
car from the time I was like 14 15 and
efficient kids out there that are 1564
car let me tell you what you should do
maybe you’re working at your local
aquarium center like I was your money
and little bit of money instead of
trying to get that dream Jeep Wrangler
that the young Adam by strong and he
never got lovely but instead of 500 out
their $5 car today it is what you should
do young fifteen year old take that $500
and get yourself one big change left and
just put that be cool way and guess what
by the time you turn 26 years old but by
the time you turn 26 years old in the
year 2027 you know what that one Bitcoin you have you might be able to
work our way down payment for a house
and maybe something else but it’s
definitely good about going to be
that you’re gonna need $500 for its
gonna be something that you need a lot
more money so you see where I’m coming
from here and you know about that
$420 Bitcoin back in 2016 you know used
parts of it to purchase slurpy user
coffee or whatever bye for now yes
that’s my whole point of this story is a
story so all you guys out there who just
holding on the Bitcoin in the Eagle
hoarding horny is good that helps big ok
you know it you’re there’s some demand
for it you’re not getting it up so the
mangroves mostly anyway the Pro is the
man grows price will grow holding onto
it is a good thing my story proves so
hey sixteen years all don’t don’t try to
get car just yet
326 but think of it as maybe we’ll get a
car 126 our way
one big coin Adam nice to talk to you


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