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Live from the usa helping
You, get paid every day this is the boasts of bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy?
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empower themselves i
Think a lot of time people often you know. Give up on on?
The ability to
Make, tomorrow, better by learning
I learned a long time, ago that education, was the pathway and the gateway
To, unlocking, any, door that was ever placed in your path and
is kind of refining that key to mold it into, any, any any lock out there and
So i thank you guys for joining me on that voyage if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby
You are now rocking with the best, my name is dk you probably know
Me as the crypto traitor and i am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every
Day i graced this microphone with, my voices another, day
You get the profit as a result and today is no exception so that being said everybody
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Question of the day, what coin should i turn
And what we’ll do is we’ll start with, my man tyrese and?
we’ll count seven so seven down from tyrese, one
two, three four five
six i
Think it was him
Let’s start at tyrese one two three four five six
Seven bam one coin i can’t turn them, is that is that even on bitch drinks, oh?
Man i gotta give you, guys listen if i can’t pull it up on tradingview
Like, there’s one coin, like if i can’t pull it up on three of you i can’t tart it you know
So that doesn’t really help so this is low
And then tyrese come right back, with, me up
I’ll pick both of y’all, as the winner my man ty reason and this guy that
Want to see one going i’m pretty sure one cord is one of them ponzi scheme marketing feds
I can’t chart that the chart is probably
Underground in the concrete six feet under because it starts dead and if it’s london ponzi scheme refer a friend and refer a friend type
the coins
But this, is what we’ll do oggi i throw, you a little bread anyway
Just been an effort
yeah, that’s like, that so i’ll make sure to charge, neo, and now let’s go ahead, and pick somebody from this one and
This, will be somebody that shared it
you know, well how do i do it how do i do it
There we go good?
All right all right so
This should show, me but people that’s been sharing it
Big tyree said i just made as weekend there you go man
It’s pretty cool man is you know
Good times feel good yeah
It’s shindig saturday you know i’m saying sending out good vibrations and energy
Your, way here we go here, we go let’s go ahead and do this
Big fazal, was going on?
back this person will be
Right let’s see i’ll pick a number 3 plus
1 4 so we’ll go for from top 1
Make, sure what tap 1 2 3 big mike mike wilson
congratulations buddy, mmm
That is what i would do big mike?
There you go man listen you know i don’t
Want to give it our money i make more than enough money on the charts if that’s what it take to get more people
you know feeling good
Motivated encouraged get a sense of community just helping, each other make
A little bit money you know i’m saying is a beautiful thing beautiful beautiful thing, boom, shocka like a bowl
Right what’s always, going on thank you for joining, miss me
So you know
The, way i see it i would
Be spending the money anyway, so i’m i will keep it with the fam you know y’all y’all if y’all go come
Kick it with, me all, day
16,000 of my best friends come together seven days a week you know, say at least i could do is just throw
A little some you know i’m saying to the peak i don’t know
I don’t mind and then i think that, was big mike williams mike mike what
was your last name big mike i just say, big mike i
Don’t always go back
Got you cool, man to me everybody that one make sure you have messing, me which is a big coin
While at what i’m gonna do?
Is a hit you guys up all after after the air
after i get off of here
That way it’s not too much downtime i know, people that see this thing after we already?
Do it so that’s one of the complaints i get sometimes it’s yeah took too long to do that that a yellow
Okay, well keep it moving so you know i just try to be mindful and cognizant of?
you know
Now let’s go ahead, and make this money
Here we go here we go as? You? Guys know btc to the usd is looking pretty good?
This, thing is consolidating, what i learned a, while ago from watching this right
It’s crazy, but i don’t want this this to be a regular bitcoin, video but whenever bitcoin, said sideways like that
It normally goes up
Most of the times when it’s it sideways it might drop. A little bit but then it’s gonna double up on the bounce
So what, we may be looking at right now is a situation
To, where we do something like that sit sideways
bounce like a springboard
Slingshot up to ten thousand right but do i think that you know. This thing is falling off the side of a
Cliff right now, no if anything what that tells me is the market is getting pretty comfortable and confident with
7,000 bitcoin 8,000 so guess what’s next
Like 10,000 you know
That’s what that is because it’s not a?
Mass sell-off and because it was already one mess i left i came right back down to our bounce point and bounced right back up
you know
Chances are if it’s gonna bounce it would do just what, we did right the word came down through, boom
Boom you know up to the next up to the next floor right so i don’t i don’t think
Bitcoin, is weak right now. By any stretch of the word every, day, we’re above
7,000 dollars is another day that we’re closer to
10,000 as far as i’m concerned, so that’s just something to think about and that exactly ties exactly to what
we were talking about yesterday with that money has to come, from somewhere either it’s going to come, from the outside or from
And again this is a
Trading view calm you guys if you, guys, don’t follow, me i do post charts once in a while on there bd kelly
1203 link is in the description for you and also i do have a very good method that
We’ll be going over today it’s called the boss method i spent you know. A little bit of time
developing the insight about 20 years of
Mathematics to you know, develop this this fractal harmonic forecast and method for you guys if you are
A, person i’ll give it to you, for free if you are a business you, do not will not ever have
My, express written consent to use it it’s intellectual property on exclusively for the rights and replication of brendan kelly
Llc so again if you’re practicing entity hedge fund bank you know, wanna know, big wall street bulls then know
You, can’t use it but if you’re a person looking to make a little bit of money looking to change your life
and power your family
and maybe buy back your
Freedom then i give it to you for free and you please use it and use it abundantly it works quite
Well there are two simple rules
one is
Green below orange that means sell
The second is green above orange
that means
by two simple rules very very very simple is based off seven and 11 las vegas to make billions of
dollars for about a hundred years off those two number combinations, so what we’re gonna do you know, over the next few is
Take, some of that money back
Seven and 11 seven and seventy seven are two moving averages that, we see embedded in this
fractal harmonic forecasting system and
What, we see right here is that, neo?
Gave us a buy for above horns, ba-bam
Mmm feel so good don’t you, agree all right so what we’re gonna do during this little
Deal here is check out in the lc. What’s happening and
Ultimately see what we can, expect as a result right
So, again it’s not very a very hard complicated method to learn at all again it’s a four-hour chart for our
Candle how, do you change the candles you change that hit that little arrow
Right there and just go to four hours right if you, don’t, want to see the candles i don’t think you need
Them you just hit this little down arrow right there at our style and click online
There you go so this is the chart i use seven and seventy seven sometimes i look at a 231 but to be honest
We don’t need it right now, what i’m gonna try to do is break down, neos cycle
Just to show. You guys, what’s happening inside of it just
Doing this a little bit differently
Try, to see where i can, pinpoint the breakouts because essentially we’re dealing with a
Second we’re dealing with, like a breakout wave
Right so, now i’m actually trying to
Get the energy of the breakout wave
But i should probably just keep it basically
What i do regularly, so what we’ll do is i need to find two areas on this chart
Breakout right there bam fiddle
and breakdown
Right there see if that gives me something
When we do that freestyle on a fibonacci one time up top
Almost can, we get it can, we get it mm-hmm?
You got anything back here, oh?
Yeah, all the way back there there you go
It doesn’t like it he, want to want it a little bit more rumbly so we’ll go all the way back take you back
Way, back so there you go those are fibonacci levels
Hit it pretty good
Break out break down bounced off the 382 heading up to the six one and eight and we probably hit our head?
Right on top of it that’s where that last candle
Blows that went a little bit, above it coming right back down
so now
Everybody’s asking should, they, buy, me, oh shit should, we buy meal?
Long story short on a 4-hour, chart
Whenever that green is above that orange, yes you should, buy whatever asset that is whatever coin?
That is because that’s the markets way of telling you that they?
Value it right now so it doesn’t matter even if neo, was all the way up there right
Granted it’ll come back down, but it’ll do something like that
And as long, as that green is above that orange
That’s a buy right that’s about so essentially what, we could be looking at is a spot in time to
Where let’s say right here right
We broke out right there
They, don’t scandals a lot of people made a lot of money right there and they got scared you know
What they, did they sold it they gave it right back guess what happened, damn second wave bam third, way, bam fourth wave
So don’t give you
Way, back to the market for nothing
Like this
Is what we trained for we trade to make money so don’t be scared?
Of making money should you buy it yes of course you should, buy it the greens above the thorns that
Means the market values it writes novel, which, means it very, well will go higher
It not just a pump and dump you don’t pump and dump a four-hour chart with a few
What a few billion dollars liquidity behind it you can’t, do that right that’s, why, we i guess that’s, why?
You know the candles are so long and that’s, why, we don’t even look at the candles anymore, we just look at the intersection so
essentially what we’re valuing what we’re measuring here in this relationship is
40 days of data on how much money does mio have in it coin, market cap down
Check, this out check this out
40 days data green below. Horns green, above orange right and neo right now has
Approximately not not not quite, not quite old the way there but pretty close enough it has about
Two and a half billion, would it be would it be that’s with a be billion
big b so that’s a lot of
Fear that’s a lot of greed that’s a lot of doubt that’s a lot of uncertainty that’s a lot of speculation
All of that you know at that average is in that averages into the collective consciousness and general understanding and general well-being
in general
Self-interest, and when that green cross that orange that, means that collective conscious si and know what, we like it
When it’s below. That orange you know – collective cognizance and we don’t like it
That’s it that’s it it’s either good or bad yes or no up or down above or below?
Right it doesn’t matter how. High, above it it is it doesn’t matter how
Low, above it it is because on average 9 out of 10 times at
Any, price that green is above that orange will be beneficial for you to
Own that asset in the foreseeable future before that next intersection happens
On a rare occasion you have an instance where you know. You buy it you’re, that guy
Pionen up there
you know and the thing happens to go down i
guess i haven’t explained that you don’t want to be that guy that’s you know late to the party and
Doing, doing doing doing keg stands at 3:00 a.m.. You don’t want to be that guy, that’s how. You wake up with a hangover
Pretty, what a, bad feeling you know don’t be that guy but
Neo, is just getting started it’s literally just getting started this is the first wave of?
What could be a continuation pattern
And this is when, we bring up the 231?
231 day moving average, and what we see, is that green has actually confirmed
Above that 231 so now that 231 is gonna act as support and the minute that that
77 crosses back north or that 231 that’s when, neil will probably be up here somewhere right
So that’s what
We have to plan for just like yesterday i told you to plan for the situation and this is actually when i sold me
Oh i sold, neil back here when that death cross happened in that 77 went below. The
231 because that essentially pulled it even farther under but just the same way is up here once we see that
You know it’s gonna happen the other way that should in turn push it higher
It’s like momentum right it’s like an airplane you know
Flying with the wind or flying against the wind it’s hard to fly across country
against the wind you know it’s easy, to fly, across country with them in
So there you go that is neo?
Again i think i just wanted to take a quick second you know to really take a few minutes and and thank you guys
For you know to support i had all the way through developing this it’s been, some ups
And some downs been, some money made ben’s money lost a lot of lessons learn
And a lot of friends gained in the process i think one of the funnest moments i had was i going to meet
My, big bitcoin. Clumsy, buddy down in a
decatur alabama
I’ve never been there in my life
But i showed up there one day put a message on facebook just set it at the end of the video
You know i’m in decatur out that sure enough you know a couple hours later i was drinking starbucks with, what a
Guy, you know talking about crypto and how it’s changed, both our lives for the better and how, we can use it to empower
you know those we care about as a result and
so i think that’s the opportunity
That each one of us has now is when you look at this map you know it’s not just me on a microphone you
Know i’m just i’m just a liaison for cause much bigger than that of my
Own you know it’s about, brazil it’s, about, peru it’s about
Bolivia it’s about colombia it’s about morocco it’s about libya
You know it’s about poland it’s about germany it’s, about france it’s about australia it’s about canada you know
We got, some people in greenland you know it’s about greenland russia mongolia
You know big live on the down for cape town is about you know it’s about you too thank you for joining us i saw
You, were the first one to like the comment and facebook group to
madagascar mexico
You know it’s been amazing an amazing. Journey you guys, and it’s just getting started it will be a day
When these countries are much much darker than this
And that’s when we’ll be we’ll be ascending to a situation when, we have a lot more?
Influence right and that’s what i say it’s one thing to make money but it’s it’s
Another thing to make money on a mission you know
And and i’m on a mission, and i’m glad that you guys, have, joined me on that journey
As i have said this a lot of times i’m sick and tired of my, people being sick and tired
And and and and it’s almost like it’s a situation to where
You have to have a plan right this is our plan right
The banks can’t use this plan that’s why i designed it like this the hedge funds can’t, use this plan that’s
Why, i designed it like this people can, use this plan you know, why
They, set the trend and we follow it?
Right it’s like a, big whale swimming hold, on i’ll draw. You a little chart right here
big, whale
swimming, oshin right
That’s the little, whale right he just wanted man in his own business
No, no, no life is so great
i have
13 billion dollars in my bank no no no
wall street just gave me a 0% loan, no no no, no i
Just bought back, my, own stock no no no no no, no no i just bankrupted another country
Right that’s what those big will
wells will
Wells doesn’t like bitcoin, right he thinks it’s a scam a fraud right
Wells the will does not like bitcoin
He likes to keep things the way, they are so he can continue swimming along
His, merry, way and never have, any worries in the world with the dollar right but guess
What guess what, guess, what you know, we are?
We’re just the little fish that
Swim behind him in the path that he, makes all right
That’s how, this thing works, you guys, that’s how it works from the inside out
Is that 77 is wells wells makes that 77 9 out of 10 times
Right you know, we are we’re small enough to jump from one whale
To, another one that’s a, bad whale right there
do another one
Right so, wells will say this whales up here right he likes
Home ec go right actually now, well the, well let’s say he likes
z cash right
but this one
this one is
Barry the whale actually, not we’ll call him
the, whale and
he likes
me to go
and this one down here
They’ll call him!
Arrey, and actually we’ll call him wally
And he liked wall thing going right
It simply guys you got a situation, where all these wills are in the ocean but, guess what
Guess, what guess what it’s not like the regular, stock market it’s not like wall street because they, don’t know, who each other are
you know cuz, chevy one day could say hey, guys i
Want to make, some money for myself
So i’m gonna go buy a lot of a, mesa go right now right bam boom
That’s what amazing, they’ll, do right but then, wylie say you know, what i don’t like?
Oh, mesa go so i’m gonna, sell it bam go back down
Right so literally, these, whales are in the ocean swimming sometimes they, bump into, each other they, don’t even know
They, don’t even know, it will never happen in the ocean because whales can, see but on the blockchain
They, can’t see but the little fish swimming behind them look look, what
We can, jump on and jump off any whale, we want anytime, we want that’s why it’s to your advantage to trade?
Any time and every time that green goes below. That orange, because essentially that’s one whale
Making a statement and speaking louder to the market than another way and that
It’s the inside of this methodology, and that is why it will carry us the people
Pretty far as a result
bam mmm
wells wally and chevy
alleged, boy
That being said, everybody i’m about to get up out of here saturday night i just wanted to jump on and thank you guys
again, you know for the support, along the way thank you for this joyous journey you know i am
Eternally grateful just. By having this opportunity, and i’ve never never in
you know
All of my, many thoughts that i think i’ll be sitting in front of a computer speaking to you know
15,000 people and 15,000 people just choose to listen to me much less
Did i think that, would be happening but, sure enough, we were here and we’re just getting started i realize the opportunity and thank you
For your support to allow us to get there so just remember that’s, what, we do guys?
We swim behind the whales and we could jump from one to the other whenever, we want right they?
Can’t jump from one to the other, wells is stuck right?
Chevy is committed, wally is committed right, well nasdaq they all know
Each other right they, have, this, little triangle tree
Did i say that yes i did they got a triangle trade they’ve been running it for a hundred years they all know. Each other
So just remember, guys just remember. They, don’t know, us we’re small we’re quick, we use that to our advantage?
boss, oh bitcoin, calm
If you, appreciate the community if you, want to support the community this is one way you do it three different
Products for you somebody say, who does like this video we got two dislikes
That’s funny i tell you what i got i got a bunch of story?
About them bankers it was that was one of those that was so, weird working in san francisco and i used to work for bank
But just seeing like i would go out the you know, we would you know, go to, these corporate lunches it you know
We be dressed i was a marketer you know i’m saying so i worked with
People i worked i connected to people but the bankers that just sit in front of a computer and look at
A screen, and numbers all day all dressed in all these suits. Young’s and i just look at
Him, like, this guy really, does not like his job
But he has to like it’s just an image it’s just like a cartoon
You know it’s not even real you know, but their misery is real i could, tell you that right now
But here we go profit packed right the all-star team of cryptocurrency these
These the mover shaker their money makers i have to update these, graphics right here you i’m saying you go to
Boss of bitcoin calm this is how
You, make!
some money these are the coins that a lot of these coins i am holding right now a lot of these coins i am
Investing in right now these coins i am trading right now and there is a difference between all three
Dream team next generation of greatness you know i’m saying if you, wanted to put together a team with
Kobe lebron
Not-not-not old retire beat up kobe i’m talking about number eight with the mini fro kobe you know i’m saying young steph running around
you know off the swing, pass bam
hit it
Next generation the greatness that’s dream team right there and then crip topple is this a. Miss sofia right they’re just glowing
You know i’m saying leading us into the unknown
World where they, say everything that glitters is gold, well we will soon see ten coins will get us there that’s what
We got so
Bossa bitcoin calm i put a lot of work and time into developing the methodology the theology and the
Psychology, of these coins just to give you, guys a, better chance to be profitable prominent and prosperous in the marketplace if you appreciate that
Go, ahead to the website
Downloads you a copy, and let me know, what you think with that being said
This is our question of the day? You guys, what i’m gonna, do i’m gonna pick all the winners next friday
Day after thanksgiving that’ll be a good, day for us to give back to the community this winner will
Be that’s the night group, what, do you like, most about this community that’s the question of the day
What do you like most about the community or what can, we do better leave
Answer in the comments for us
Don’t have to leave it in the chat i’m about to jump off the air but leave it in the comments and i will check
And respond to every one personally thank you, again, you guys it’s been an amazing
amazing journey and i certainly
Do appreciate it thank you for joining us i look forward to seeing 15 million that being said it’s that time of the day
Signing out this stuff folks, boy, became a man reduced a. Cuisine bacon phone i ate our way, back out to
turn money
Shoutout to ryan he would have been happy to see this
Good night good morning a good, day till, we meet again, stay perfect out


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