$1000 Currency Hunt – Looking for Rare Bills, Star Notes and Cool Serial Numbers!

hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and we’ve got a thousand dollar currency
search to do today
that’s right everyone we’ve got a
thousand dollars in currency to search
I’ve got five federal straps of $1 bills
each worth a hundred bills in every
strap what’s nice about this is as I was
there asking for ones they brought out
$1,000 complete bundle of ten $100
Federal Reserve straps so instead of
taking them out and recounting them and
putting them in their own straps they
left them as they were and on top of
that I ended up getting into the 500 and
fives so as always we’re gonna start
with the five dollar bills first 100
them looking for star notes and fancy
serial numbers and if I find anything
worth mentioning or anything that are as
close calls I’ll give you a little more
information but as you always know
during the video if I find any star
notes at the end I’ll be sure to wrap
them up and give you the print running
rarities of anything that I find with
the star not being said let’s kick off
with these fives alright guys so out of
the hundred fives we got nothing I will
show you this note only because we have
no fines but sometimes a note like this
with a certain alike this can be
collectible this one is not but I wanted
to just take a second to show you why it
could have been sometimes you have a
ladder with repeater numbers or you have
two of the same numbers had this been
three three like that three had been
down here three 3 4 5 5 6 or 3 3 4 4 4 5
5 6 it would have been a ladder with
repeating numbers it does have 3 4 6 5 3
4 4 5 it was close but I wanted to show
you that you got to keep a lookout for
if the numbers continually climb up even
if there’s only one two or three numbers
in a row sometimes those are collectible
this one’s not it’s going back so on to
the hundred five dollar bills we had
nothing special no star no stone
anything we still have 5 Federal Reserve
stacks and you can see I was pretty
excited when I got the stacks we do have
any star note as the top of one of the
stacks so that’s cool well say that one
for last put these aside and we’ll start
off with this first strap of Federal
Reserve 1
our notes alright guys first Federal
Reserve strap is down and I’ll tell you
there’s a reason why I like Federal
Reserve straps the best it’s because
these are from the Federal Reserve and
they’re not teller strapped stacks of a
hundred the ones with the blue that say
100 on them are usually teller straps
and what that means is they count their
money when they get too much in the
drawer they strap them into a hundred or
if a customer makes a deposit they run
through them strap them up and nine
times out of ten it feels like if you’re
out of bank where the teller just
understands fancy cell numbers and star
notes they pull those kinds of things
out when you get them from the Federal
Reserve you tend to get more fines
because they’re not searched by a teller
per se that being said as stays true to
my theory here we end up with 3 star
notes in the First Federal Reserve strap
which is better than average normally
you want one star Note 400 or in one
strap you would like to get one on
average so three is off to a bang and
start again we’ll check the rarity and
parens of all the star notes that we
find at the end of the video we did get
a couple of trying areas the first one a
trinary is made up of only three
different numbers in the cell number
it’s a 0 1 & 7 in the first it’s not a
bad one it’s almost the birthday note
October 11th but then you’re 70 70 so
that’s not gonna make it but as far as
being very valuable this trinary is
really crinkled up and it’s not that
fancy it’s got a 1 4 & 7 but I don’t
really like the layout of either of
these and tell you the truth because
what you want in a trinary if you’re
gonna collect them is no more than one
number of the third number and this has
two sevens three zeros and three one so
it’s pretty spaced out this one only has
a 1 but I don’t really like the way that
it’s positioned has the one bit in front
or right in the middle
I might’ve liked it better and mainly
because it’s crinkled it isn’t nicer
trinary than this one but the fact that
it’s in terrible condition it’s not
worth anything so I always put these two
trainers back like I always do if
they’re not that great and then finally
we’ve got a birthday note here but I
will be keeping it because it’s a little
bit past what’s considered a regular
birthday note this is 0 5 10 1904 so May
10th 1904 so the person who you
celebrate this would have to be a
hundred and fourteen years old which is
pretty much not going to happen and on
top of that
unless it’s a historical date and in
1904 not much was going on sure I could
find something to tie it to and try to
sell it as that but look at the
condition it’s terrible so it’s going
back as well but we did find three-star
totes are off to a good start and now
we’re going on a strap number two all
right we finished hunting strap to and
as if to remind me that it is a control
because I talked about star notes and
Federal Reserve straps we had none in
that one but we still have three for the
first two strap so we’re doing better
than average I pulled out this note
because it’s a 1993 and series 88 a 93
and 95 you always want to look for the
web note the web note has the plate
number after in god we trust’
verses down here this is not a web note
it’s not collectible but I still collect
all 95 notes and earlier so I’ll be
keeping it for my collection especially
in the one dollar bills since they’re
not you’re not tying up a lot of money I
pulled this one out I will be keeping it
because of condition but it is a form of
a broken ladder a broken ladder
typically has all the numbers in a row
with something in the middle separating
and so it could be one two three four
five nine six seven or something similar
where it has all the numbers in a row
besides another number breaking it up
another way to look at a broken ladder
is it has all the numbers but not in a
row like for this example 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 so the siRNA mur is made up of eight
numbers they’re all eight numbers are
there besides the nine to the zero but
you could start at zero and end at seven
you can start at one and end it eight
you can start at two and end at nine
things like that bottom line is I’m not
keeping it because it’s not that
collectible especially in this condition
and I just wanted to point it out for
your guys’s sake but I will be holding
on to the 93 all right let’s move on to
stack three and see if we get some more
star notes Finnish hunting strap 3 we
did get another star note to add to the
star-nosed to check their print runs and
rarities we also got another trinary I
will be keeping it because they can
and honestly it’s not that great tutus
two threes and four seven which is nice
together not together
had it been three three seven seven
seven seven two two I would have liked
it cause it’ll been a trinary and a quad
double but it’s not so put it there
move on a strap for which is this one
because we’re saving the star note strap
for last strap for hundred and uh I
don’t want to talk about it no vines
honest job five
all right guys fifth strap hundred we
got a couple of star notes to add to the
star note check in we’ll have to see
what we got there and nothing else so
really out of five straps of ones we
only got one bill pre-1990 five who was
a 1993 not a wet note and six star notes
which is better than the average and
that’s about what you expect for federal
reserve straps I would have liked to see
seven or eight after getting three in
the first but it is what it is now I’m
going to go onto my currency calm and
take a look at these star notes I’ll
tell you I’m pretty familiar with most
of them anything from 2013 with the K or
an L he’s gonna be part of 3.2 million
print runs so I’m pretty sure those are
all part of that we do have an A&E and I
don’t see those as often so I’m curious
about those I’ll still check them all to
make sure I don’t miss anything and we
write back and figure out what I found
alright guys as expected all the caves
are part of 3.2 million print runs this
L is part of a 3.2 million print run
had it been a low we’re talking three or
four zeros in the front of the L or
after the L it would have been a really
low program but it’s not part of that
the e was close anything above zero
three to nine would have been part of a
lower per run but it’s also not and then
this a there’s only two print runs in
the a serious opposed to be point two
million per run so nothing valuable
there nothing right there I still
collect them I’ll be adding to my
collection of course and but yeah
nothing really to write home about so at
the end of the day not much in fines
still a lot of fun
you never know we’re gonna score that
next fancy see our number that really
rare star note or if we can get real
lucky a certificate or two it’s been a
while since I’ve grabbed one but I’m
always looking for me
at the end of the day you guys been
asking me to do more currents
Hunt’s so he grabbed one this time kind
of a small and for what I’ve been doing
will be grabbing some fives and tens and
20s maybe some 50s and 100’s here in the
future but for now I wanted to keep it
small so that I can go ahead and now
change this thousand dollars once I
replace these seven bills in for two
half-dollar boxes for my grocery store
bank tomorrow hopefully you enjoy the
home with me if you did I’d appreciate a
thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching


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