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Welcome to undisclosed location in Texas miles. It’s a pleasure to have you here
Esme to a third nice tomorrow. Yeah. Well we met before they have become friends quickly
We me too. We we share some similar views and come from very different angles, but
we’re gonna have a great time today and I just want to
Announce to those that are listening to us today. There’s gonna be a third voice
It’s a voice that will translate
anything you say in English or anything that will be sent back in Chinese so that third voice will come in and out of our
Conversation and I think that will provide clarity for our whole audience. So we’ll we’ll stay there
And so your story is one that is hard for anyone to believe your story is amazing
Your rise in China your exit from China and now the position that you’re in in the United States
is one that people find hard to believe I
Don’t find it that hard to believe
I believe almost everything that you say and I think
telling your story to the people of the world and the people of America and China and everywhere else is
Very important for the world understand what China’s grand strategy is who’s who is miles Kwok?
Why are why are you in the United States?
all of these questions are gonna be great questions for you to answer and then I’ve got some other very specific questions about
data and the Chinese Communist Party and more importantly the two currency worlds that you and I seem to
believe exist and and
Be so important to China’s success or failure going forward. So please share with me
Why are you in the United States? Well, what happened when you were in China? Why did you leave?
Thank you, sir. Yes. I’m a young Greece. No good. Sometimes. I need a hope but
Early, I won’t use the my chilis. Okay, you answer. Okay meatwad’s done
I want to try to do the hope perfect. I think it’s very easy to answer the I mean America because
The Chinese Communist camera, I I want to qualified. I don’t anti-chinese
I don’t anti-china. I love Chinese. I love you know my country China. Yes
I hate the CCP
I won’t think of them down under I want to take of this redeem down
You love the people you love the culture of the country. You do not like the government
Yes, the garment and the CCP come to party a lot of people in the US feel that way then yeah
Then I won’t give America the warning. Yes
You are in
dangerous way
You are too naive belief of the CCP, yes
You say where the America is too naive to believe what the CCP’s? Yes. Yes
This is why I won’t provide about the CCP any truth
political culture
Army, and the economy. Yes. This is why I’m here
These why is the CCP won’t take me back
They pay the billions
They signed the people’s come America won’t use any solution make it a deal
Send me back and that’s why he make me
Can even me you know this? Yes many
They’ve tried so basically what’s known is the Chinese Secret Service the MSS
Yes has come to London has come to America to try to take you and take you back. Yes
Also, they try user anything one, you know, kill me
They would love to kill you you I think you are potentially China’s number one. Enemy the government the government not the people
Number one is a steaming vendor number two. No, maybe using number three
So sir, I’m I’m here. Yes, I have no I have believed you silent. Yes, you have put a call asylum
Yes. Yes. Yeah
Then I wonder the water know about the CCP the truth everything
okay there what now is a very dangerous because
CCP you look before when years ago I cook you to treat her. I
Mean, yeah police clue about the CCP. Yes in being actor actually
One chief Shan besides me and the check him off
Everything you know about the atrocity. Okay, so don’t tell us yet about Jack Ma at the end of the interview
Yeah, you have a very bold prediction
Yeah, and I’d love to hear your view on what’s going to happen to Jack Ma but not yet. Okay, okay
So you’re you’re talking about this?
What happened with the hna chairman?
Being let’s say they would say he well he died or fell off a two foot wall this summer
Others including yourself would say that he was assassinated
fan bingbing was put into into jail for
supposedly tax treatment will get get to all of that, but let’s go back to
the CCP
What is the grand strategy in your opinion? What is the grand strategy of the CCP in relation to?
In how it governs its relationship with the United States
What is the CCP after I think this, you know when years ago when years ago?
It’s the September fall is the same years of they just went years
I want a speech in the Hardison
But they blocked me because of China cameras threatened is a Hansen the other today great great day. It’s the
Over-the-rhine years. These are the words the prattling pens. It’s me there
There you go there so you were gonna speak at the Hudson Institute. Yeah, and they stopped it. You stopped by China threatened
Yes the evidence then
One years ago. I have a press conference
in the DC I
Called all the American to work
China CCP half of the plan calls three F is
One is a week America week in America. We camera yes to
You know to make a kill America
This is very seriously. Okay, three is a making, you know a terminal America who Wendy knows I’m a
terminal terminal
People got it so stable I give it a warning but rarely bad I think when years ago
So I think this guy’s crazy cat liar. Correct? Leave her guy to me the trust right then. This is the year
You just look before right you look what happened? Yeah, what did you see? You see everything that happened? Yeah, this is haben
There’s a white the few months. I bought it actually that their chairman type put a wands in the French
Yes, all the people all Mouser grew up maybe toggles the true, so
Still UCP have a strategy three F America. Got it. 3d you Tom? Yeah this right
And for those that haven’t seen you before on video
One year ago you predicted that the chairman of hna would be killed within a year. Yes, sir. And
363 days later he fell off a wall in Provence. Yes, right. Maybe it was just coincidental. No, no
I drew a the chairman died. Yes, why years ago I see
The two guys actually one is the president. Why is the chairman want to be one guy one guy?
It’s apparently in the one year because one children won’t kill him because they want you know, he’s superior any
Qualified the information about cooperation. They loomed AGA the queue people they pray in the outside official
Despises them right? What is the habit then only what me I
See the guy not is the taker Soviet title word is the one cheese and China
CCP camera kill him Walter him and this is this is the concept of the government
The government edifice have caught the Chinese Communist Party in theory. They don’t earn much money each year
Right in theory, but in practice what you’re what you allege is
There was this magical
Twenty-eight percent shareholder of hna that the New York Times wrote about
That no one knew who owned hna
It was an insurance company that started at zero in the last eight years and rose to prominence
Yes, and there was a shareholder that no one knew who they were
Miles Kwok you say that that shareholder is Wayne Kishan and his family. Yes and
Originally, I think people thought that that was crazy and that you were bombastic and now as things are happening as you predicted
People are starting to believe more in you. Yeah you and I have had the opportunity to spend many hours together. Yeah, and
I believe many of the things that you say because everything is connected
Whether it’s miles Kwok
talking about the chairman of hna or wanker Shan or fan bingbing or
What’s going to happen to Jack Ma which will still talk about a little later. Those things are all related to how the CCP?
Enriches itself. So what you’re alleging is that there’s a lot of corruption at the top
That’s correct. Yeah, and so what do you think the Chinese leadership is worth today?
How wealthy do you think they are personally? Oh
This is very easy
You know China is I read your GDP em were the 10 trillion dollars, right? It’s about twelve and a half. Yeah. Yeah
Yeah, trying to hop the money cause we’re now you check the last ten years
Where does the money go? Yeah
it goes
Well to the printing press yeah today. I wish the steaming ban you talk about one question
Yes, why China print her too much? Currency China? No you Felician you’ve officially up. Yes
Why very easy to keep the order?
Older, yeah
American Albury that all the country the cost by GTP’s and 90% gives the people
Yes Chinese Arita the country
10% give the people your check
American all the social housing here how much?
More the 20 trillion. Yeah, China how much?
Have a feeling maybe lower housing. You know the housing. Yeah, why?
China absolutely, the very low cost we take the money to the outside
so you’re saying you’re saying it’s it’s the same thing as a
Government kleptocracy in Africa. Yeah, definitely
She in the you know in the outside. Yes country
Yes, but these are world angers. Very wanting the useless ready
You know, there’s a happy new, right?
This is the way you know, you look at America a an enterpreneur any you know?
You were cement Chinese kind of the company know they kind of threatened in a bigger picture
there’s this concept that a nation-state like China and China has said globally that their
Economic system is superior to that of Western capitalism
and when you when you peel back
The onion you see that there is no larger income and wealth dispersion
Then there is in China because the elites are the kleptocrats and the people have very little
Yeah, and those that actually rise through the ranks of this hybrid system end up going to jail
or falling off a wall and
Right is that it’s a very important distinction to draw
When you look at the economy of the CCP versus the economy of Western capitalism. Yeah, right hundred was incredible
So I’d loved I’d love to ask you a couple of questions about that, you know even Premier Li
Has stated that Chinese economic statistics are unreliable. Mmm. What do you think?
the real economic
Statistics are as far as GDP growth and I know you and I’ve had several conversations about the FX reserves
How do you think about the numbers that are reported for GDP growth versus what they really are and the FX reserve number versus what?
It really is. I know that’s a specific question, but we’ll move move on from this. Yeah. Thank you, sir
It’s a good question. You know, we need a look of all China economy. We need a local four point four points
yeah, one is the I am – I
Am – how much yes, basically cash in circulation. Yeah for those that are that aren’t economists. He has a 23
29 trillion dollars China printer army be because this is EVB currency. Yes
Secondly, you need a look at all about China. It’s about
personal interest accrues
Right. Yes
No 20 night really this no Caruso – March 3
You need of all bank the pay the band the bad bank pay advance. Yes, 45 percent
45 percent of the loans or more I think yeah
Fall it’s very important. You see
For easy access changed. Yes currency of currency exchange
I think yes up Tom Tom. You look at Hong Kong without us we should artists. Yes. I’m MB miss Doris
Nobody no Chinese. No also American
Company in the China can move, you know, hugely money go to outside, correct?
Even you earn is the money Columbus laws away
So this is a full point I give you answer no
Party can’t give a China economy co2 stable reliable
impossible the Nozick jump in
the cheetah the word
the mega fake economy they have this is a printer the currency this
You know came true the currency move it’ll outside. Yes
So you’ve moved you’ve taken us to the place that brought you and I together. Yes
You came to this conclusion
Long ago and you’re right. I think you’re right, of course because you you agree with me so there
So this this concept of two currency worlds is one that is lost on many people yeah, uh,
The the RMB economy of China is internal
Yeah, and the economy of China in dollars is external
Yeah, and they’re desperately in need of dollars because that’s how they trade with the rest of the world. Mm-hmm
What what was so compelling when I met you?
The most compelling thing that you showed me was the chart of Chinese M to the moving graphic
Yes and will provide that moving graphic to the real vision audience?
Separately in this video but more importantly
Chinese m2 has grown from one trillion dollars worth of RMB
Yeah, – as you say thirty trillion dollars on an economy of twelve. Yes, they’ve printed more money
Internally than any one country in the history of the world as a percentage of GDP
And as a percentage
M2 growth versus GDP growth thing has ever come that close
Yeah, so they’ve created a false economy of RMB and the exchange rate in dollar
So you you took us to another place. You took us to Hong Kong for a minute. Yeah, right. Why does geez little colony of
Hong Kong
Still pegged to the dollar if China’s economic model is so great. Why is that?
very easy the answer sir, you know ko
Hong Kong
Dollars, you know, it’s the tallest Hong Kong dollar with American dollars today. You just are the reason it’s a peg the pay. Yes
You know bank real rich reef sanitary chief your reserve we serve China
Yes, the PBOC PBOC and Hong Kong Bank chief. Yes. Is it Norman Channing HKMA?
Yes, these are fake
These are true
You ho can handle these
Right Bank of China Hong Kong can be part of scene. Yeah. See see, these are the Mafia group seem, right?
We’re trying to the laundry money the station. Yes, I generate your your allegation
Is that the Bank of China Hong Kong launders money for all of the for all of the Chinese leaders?
Yeah, always you look go to New York. You say fine over China the building the bankers nor the duty
Yeah, all the windows block always really
Good to see okay. So I talk all of our American friend you say could sleep and over trying to never open the windows
But it’s more the building. Why isn’t that more the 2000 employee you were here?
How come for the 2003 you there? Why?
This is vises them laundry system is a mafia
Good worker there, then that’ll really bank. So the Bank of China
the Bank of China in in New York all the worst
2000 employees and they’re doing you’re saying they’re doing everything from being spies to being mafia to being a
Money launderer. Yes, this is for sure so search this there’s a why I give you the answer very easy
Hong Kong the tourists know the
Because the China all the propaganda, you know
Klee all the Hong Kong people the head you wonder you try so we can hover you you can push
you know stronger than hundred dollars, but at least dude is to the come true that
Foreign, you know currency go outside. Yes, and now is a big travel big because President Trump
You know give the world, you know treating the would
Say no your ass their training war who the economy down? Hmm. Well, the economy was already slowing
Yeah, where’s the floor before we went into trying to input a trying to put together a border adjustable tax or our tariff?
has just made it a little worse the timing of
The Trump administration this tariffs is not good for China. Yes
I don’t know if it was intentional or high right, but it’s very bad. But even you go back to Hong Kong
Norman Chan and the HKMA they’ve spent
78 percent of their reserves the excess reserves fighting the peg. Yeah
This pegs been in place for more than 30 years and now Hong Kong imports us monetary policy
So they’re having to raise rates while China’s economy slows down. This could be a very big problem for Hong Kong
Yeah, I think it is another big problem. I see I want to go back and see this China
It’s a you call the you know, because of American with the try another tweening the war. Yes, trying that la become no good
It’s a cool to jump. Okay, so you’re saying that the trade war is going to cause Chinese economy to drop?
Yeah, did the watch was already dropping before they’re into the white hunk on the bank. No, it’s a very weak
They have a to toys
Make up fake
Economy same time at me, man. Yes second is to open the close
We are at I we know word
Dollars. Sorry you mean you basically liberalize the arm. Yeah yet it let it free. Yeah
So this is a white Hong Kong dollars. It look lassiter mad
Dong dong China. Mainland. CCP is twice hop back hop back
But nobody can read security hunka thought I would cut job one day CCP fan of the solution. No Hong Kong dollars
No Hong Kong you your assertion is that at some point in time China will just take over Hong. This is a coat
Yes physical the walnut right? These are pure Hong Kong dollar
then I
May be a challenge around American dollars right these have finally made to the reason. Don’t talk to me about to see so
Solve the China Sea were to tell the media that you know how you the piece needs, you know?
See know you guys is there’s a tree there tree. Oh no important the one goat
challenger American dollar
These are pure Hong Kong dollars. Okay Lee wanted they want to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar
Yes is the way these days. First of the one it is a pure hunger dollar Lynch calendar murmuring about us
so at the last party Congress
Basically there were far few
Chairman’s of companies added to the Standing Committee in the Committee of the Politburo
Right less corporate interest whether they were heads of SOE Zoar heads of private
Quasi private companies much less business people on the Standing Committee and in the Politburo mmm
is she trying to
send a signal is he trying to change the the structure of the
Standing Committee in the end the Politburo himself and take take out business interests and make it more
The thought of she how do you think about what happened there at the party congress? So I wonder you qualify
I need a transitive. Okay, I pay him a
Student say either today you to the Iranian the type, you know, you know
I guess all not an injured took Shane has a
Town that had the took a comment on how Melissa Keshava solution here are gear parts a good student. Yeah means yet. Yeah. Yeah
Determinative of India. It’s a girl turns out to the boy English
So I want you know, I won’t pay the guy too much of travel. Is he I want him, homie
That’s perfect. Yeah, so
This is for sure. There’s a happening
Here today, I have the YouTube. No, it’s the ma’am at all
China ccp central government last of the three months the one by one
Talk not how straight seeing the a privacy and renew say that again
The CCP. Yes, one chief fan. Yes, and another leader at the malluci name. Yeah, is it?
Including Jackie bah. Yeah last three months June July August. Yes, September z+
I don’t even know come here you talk to
Them go check them out. No guys. I won’t leave you the country will be the country. Got it
I want the new consecration to country giving me all the shares and come true the power basically give us all your wealth
Yeah, do the why you see that? Jekima the if of all that these are the kings of the power K for the government
Yeah, they call 500 people it’s you know team unnamed. So what miles is referring
You know what you’re referring to now is just two days ago. Yeah, it was reported in China
Yeah that Jack Ma had to sign over. Yeah ownership
this is the dual life and
Some of his ownership in VI e Alibaba. Yeah to five unnamed individuals
yeah, which is a very strange thing to happen for one of the most powerful chairmen and
CEOs and in China who is now
Immediately retired and we don’t know what we still don’t want your prediction yet as to what’s gonna happen
So, please please hold that back. Let’s let’s ask. I have a few more questions. I really want to ask you a
given the fact that the Chinese banking system is now
call it a four hundred percent of GDP and
You say that 45 percent of all loans in China might be bad
What we say in the US as a funny saying we have a rolling loan gathers. No loss. Yeah
So if you have forty five percent of your loans that are bad and your banks are four times your GDP
You’re insolvent, which major Chinese Bank in your mind is at the highest risk of failure
My students were all the time in the bank all of them although Zoe banks all the joint stock bang
Yeah number ones the bank over time Bank of China number two mission Bank
Pinching Bank number three is the call Trinity ready for action. You see? Yeah divert Bank is
Family, neither laundry the money. They don’t give you anything. You can’t really peeling tape
So all the china patterns seemed a part of the same, but number one pang of the Chinese
aha, number two mission Bank, you can use your bank all the the leaders of form of the leader families the you know,
I see so you’re saying that many of these banks work with the leadership in?
Enriching them. Yeah. Yeah. Also three it’s a developer package develop Africa
Palestine all right the fun of the reason call we haul with the per country. No, these are longer than money. Yep
so during the failures in the past of
Hainan Development Bank Guangdong international trust and Investment Corporation get ik and the p2p
Platforms that are failing today right there. We’ve had 200 p2p platforms fail in the last couple of months
Do you think the government will make investors whole or do you think the government will allow losses to happen? Enjoy?
The the every year change to the solution, but the theme of the goat take the money from poor people back
Ricci or you look at China has a fine. Yeah, purple find out the group many years ago
This is a hundred appealing
The money is investment is the kind of wrong like right is the work of is among chan to be for
political of the puerile, you know
no of the political secretary monkey Andrew gray family owned these final solutions finance a confining a curve a
Hundred appealing harmony they want then I can p2v
This again
come party you highlight war the proposition people the
Cheetah you the solution negative you payback
I see so so investors in China are the ones that lose their money man
The leadership gives a solution where they take what’s left? Yes, and the institutions fail. Yes. Yes
So they’re the why you can see the P so P if that happens though if that happens
How do how does the leadership control the population from revolting? How does a revolution not happen, you know?
Let’s say a lot of banks fail. Yeah, this a white is you see the last of five years what does having?
Saarbrucken true
In the world war, you know parents who knows it could real
China Sakura came to the five years cyber control Sabra control
Yes, wasn’t you fear way to one of the people free they fear revolution if we’re illusion?
Yes, this is reason
I feel massive war cognitive Izuru these scandals saxy do the money just ease
It’s why we’re in an airplane hangar, right? We can’t be out in the public
God knows what would happen to it?
So these are why you know counter cap is a white china
You know, how came true. There’s revolution cyber can go first sagging. You look the gtp there. How much to pay call?
Union side security control how much you
see these
Hundred billion dollars these farmer GDP is a kind of true often for people normal people
the people leave them rather than any leader family, they all the rest of the who the people
sign the good people to tell yes, these y ccp is the word is the
mafia group and the way that they’ve been able so what’s fascinating about this big financial experiment that the the
Communist party is engaged in they control the narrative, right? They control the press mmm
They control the people they control the price level. Mm-hm right of various things in china. They control food prices
they control energy prices and
and in the end they also could that’s how they control the economy and control the people from revolting and
What you’re saying is if the economic gravity hits China, which it looks like it’s hitting now
Given the fact that they’re now running a current account deficit and things are slowing down very quickly
That you think that they won’t be able to control all of these things. Yeah, is that correct? Yes, correct
So you nose count part not only came to these in came to everything. Mmm including saxy
Including what sucks sucks sucks sucks
Sex Sergei right China philosophy is the last four years
Through them three three things one. I
recent the country everything Alana to party they
Belong copy I receive belonging to party. Okay, I recently
by listened to party
This is everything listen is the party giving you so you need for gym three
Even you father your mother
Not that good – Paddington party
Everywhere China I see
Suzy they can do what you’ll find their mother
You cannot live you find their mother Ruth you what you live the party you love your party more than your yeah
Then is who give you everything party. Hmm?
What is the you hundreds and Eason party? This is ridiculous. White American all the media
Where’s the world a stabilizer? What no one need the autocracy rügen in the china everywhere?
You ask the older people will contrast the one-party. When do you father you mother, right?
Well, no. No, why is everything you look like how to give you in positivism? Perfect segue?
Yeah into why do the economist in the West. Yeah, why do the economist in the West believe?
everything the Chinese Communist Party tells them why do
Why is this notion of globalism?
So so prevalent amongst the the the economists in the US and in the in the Western world
Why do they believe the Chinese Communist Party? Why can’t we see what’s really happening now?
I feel like if you read in the press in the last six months
It looks like people are figuring out what the grand strategy of the CCP is it’s changed a lot in the last year
Yeah, but why do the economists believe what the what the government says? What a Western economy? Yeah. Yeah, very easy
you are to can’t were too kind the
DCU too naive these are too bad
In long term Americans 50 years to khuda life the nervous thing. You have the pedal regime
is there you too can
Second reason you ought American, you know finance I do including you
I hope another person too greedy true. They are have the big new a program
BG y PG wack Oh
We discussed this, you know, tell us what BG, ys
B is the coke blue collar, you know, it’s the use of weapons had a hiker
Information. Yeah using information
You’re not
using technology
Appeal. Yeah technology transfer and theft maybe theft is be these american those big big big money
We estimate it’s two to three hundred billion a year if you read
Yeah, those if you read the report from the Defense Department or the White House, it’s two hundred three hundred billion a year
yes, so that’s be you did a B G is a
tendencies goat
Goat is the benefit money
American power these think as China tamarkan is as big of force
Pretty good poverty even see you can pay you to you do everything for them. They can coerce you with money
Yes, this is why you look at all the rise the world
Don’t you go to your hydrophones and you give it up my hand renewing to want really time Billy and Ruby must be bio
Disease so jisub and it’s in the money pay you got it. Why?
Sacristy sex safe. Yes
So they talk amuse a Reaper guy
Yeah, I just like poor ad says sexy the always uses a why I’m making you Reaper. You’ve been problem
I see so you go to China. How are you? Not you don’t have the video because at I’m not going to any hotel
And you some our prophet our put leave half of the video we take any tips
one day certain you so
Compromise they blackmail you IRA using outside
Investment. This is a copy a way massive. You win the work the narrative 8z narratives in the way
You look all the American public, you know sit
Even when he’s a lot being go to parties in trouble sign the mouse will go back
Well, they give you the license the camera lessons. You keep it appealing the cash. Yes. So this lets go there for a second
why you say and and I’ve become aware through the administration that
There been several letters
Handwritten. Yeah
By either wanker Sean or she or someone very high up in the CCP. Yeah where they’ve taken an American
Whether it be you’ve said Steve Wynn or sheldon adelson or lloyd blankfein or Steve Schwarzman
Yeah, any of these people that are that are Western capitalists looking to do business in China?
And they’ve delivered these letters to the US administration. Is that true?
Hundreds into war and these letters are looking for your extradition
Yes this at one after you why do the letters do from New York of the restaurants?
I’m with her. Why don’t know well we do their William. Will you clarify that for us please a machine?
Maybe I don’t know that you can know you’re the fool you and could make one me
Kwame Goku Mirinda if I found of candor turn
Come from the normal citizens in us
Normals in us from those business guys easy when impending money
The new band in fontana, right?
csdb owner heard that you’re
Meeting level people. They taking money’s duty o technology
Under your everything back then use of the shoes money
Why is a financier guys the wind still human and you feel as a guy Jesus a PDA?
There’s a fundamental reason the worker worth money. Shouldn’t those people if they’re carrying letters from?
One government to another shouldn’t they have to register as a foreign agent?
Hey, are they breaking? I think would they be breaking US law?
Diver neither for sure. Yep organ. There’s a way I want to ask you I will mark and Frank white. No
Possible either no, I would be I doing the vacation these
Thing is a book in the Lord. Maybe maybe maybe the FBI should look into this. Yeah, I don’t think so. I
Hope I hope because no it’s the CCP in America. I’m a beer. Well, they try it disappear
Everything does I’m a worry sir. Yeah
Okay, so we cover so many things there in China’s a big place and their strategy is very difficult to elucidate in one hour
But is there is there political out what what I’ve noticed lately in the last few months is I’ve actually noticed some media
outlets saying that
She’s political power given his the position
He’s taken in the tariff battle and the fact that the economy is headed down is his political power waning is it?
Is it in question at all? Is there anyone challenging she in China? Yeah Pablo the Shia. I need to be careful
I need a translator, please. Like like like there’s a who Xinhua or someone’s anyone is anyone challenging she yeah
yeah, she was a
phenomenal singer
She – she didn’t turn to the trainees a shot
Lana took a Antonio Mueller and she charged and how does it Cindy we know about the she you not have a
Who are seven principal Iran tomorrow, but I can’t give you answer
Don’t talk a she don’t talk. Don’t talk. I wanna yeah
CCP no more future no more two years of future. I believe these in two years no more future
No, no CCP, because of the economy headed lower. I
Okay, you calling me he’s had a revolution
Okay, so you think that you would take it back money, please? Yeah, I’ll tell you a secret. I’ll tell you a story and
the President Bush
His last state dinner with who Jintao yes
He actually got to speak with him alone. Yes and president. I room alone only one. Who what?
Yes, no translate very rare. Yes. Tell me the tinglies. Okay English. Yes
President Bush asked who Jintao he said what worries you the most?
President Bush says
I’ll start he says what worries me the most is a potential for another terrorist attack on the United States soil
And you know, what who Jintao said? Yeah, he said
Jobs, I need to create at least 20 million jobs per year or there’ll be a revolution and I’ll be out of power
So so you what you’re saying is if the economy turns lower that there might be a revolution and the CCP
Becomes restructured with I regularly polyols are he told President Bush?
Me directly. Yeah
Another story many people talk of this, but it’s a totally you misunderstand what it is the truth
Okay, Eugene. How is a China CCP leader? I know him very well. You know that very well. Yes, I know personally
We’re about good the present good the man and not to the politician. Okay?
China CCP have the system
Talking you. How can talk a lie?
make you know
criminal and a liar
Teach you how to lie and cheat reason, okay
I reside Palestine manner today you looking for about China ever since you say? Yes, you say no they say no say yes
This is a Hannibal Greg. Okay, who did not know?
Whose go back cover all the leaders? They note is a good fabric. I’m that caught alight
I see Lizzy, you’re sayin. Oh it was intentional. Yeah scooting thought was my friend. Wouldn’t not only were the one who killed him
Right. I say they Billy the only one worried who won’t kill me. I can see then I can take it more money
How can take more girls no more worry, don’t toss them. So you sleepy no one person is good
Okay, I’m gonna go to the fun stuff
So tell me why why do you think fan bingbing was was it was?
Disappeared and just recently reappeared. Why do you think she was taken by the by the CCP?
One years ago. I I called him a bother see one years ago
Funding being must be having trouble by one chief son, and why can’t one?
Jeez, I have this actually with one being I see in the video
Seems to me in the New York piggyback you you said that you basically said that she is Wayne cuz Sean’s girlfriend yet
I haven’t seen many in event and then she took offense to that and sued you in New York. Yes
Hey, I see the video from the time. Why did she go to jail?
Because you know, why don’t you send one says shut up
don’t send miles of work goes on outside when there is blue is me then they take the bank money and
Wonder you don’t talkative. Don’t talk this go to your home
Canary or finder you everything take it back disappear history, then threaten her don’t talk
War I so think about the way I’m then yeah
See how much money had she laundered. Oh my god. It’s this is a huge remember?
I I’ll call the members as these IRAs. It is a crazy guy liar guy at the one
word rumored
Feeling the peeling billions of dollars. Yeah, I think were being about everything for sure
I have some friend is along the money as many years ago is a suitor her
Once you shine just one week one points to repeating or maybe immediate phone pango vagina through Bank of China. Yeah
I’m not a 3bd a family time the developer Bank easy then being do you take a 20 percent?
You know commotion she got to keep it
Didn’t see jobs fee not act. That’s better than acting. Oh, I really want to live you make 200 million at a time. That’s a
You have to fall in the Camaro
700 you where the housing?
Well, so so that that seems so outlandish that it’s hard to believe that’s true for you to say that
Someone just sets to keep 20 percent of four billion dollars running through two banks in China what you’re saying? That’s how it works. Yes
Sometimes 20 percent you example another guy is a Hong Kong
Yeah, I really think that developers in that China you need a cash. This is a funny Missy
Okay, when we giving you 2 billion, but I want to study 5% the guy also the good friend come
Yes, how can do this as they don’t do this one day you go to jail. Yeah, don’t do this too much
35 percent immediately move. Okay earner the perfect
750 million dollars that’s the price crazy and these things are going on every single day in the Chinese banks. Yeah
Do you think that US banking regulators know this I
Don’t think so hundred. Some people know I leave the one talk because of the benefit
I’ve studied China for a long time and I’ve studied their banking system for a long time and these claims are hard for me
To imagine that they’re true. They’re very difficult for me to believe
One would think that a rules-based global financial?
Interconnected in the banks that that this would be found very quickly
But what you’re saying is since the CCP runs the banks they can do whatever they wanted. Yes
There’s a way I really America sir, Carol, you know, I see you some of their you know
Giving me the paper. Yes, very pretty. Yes, really shocking me. I
Directly tell you I see many hedge fund managers. Use the first one number one
Give me the about the China economy
Any families correct? Ain’t no hundred person. Not a hundred like a challenger me. I’m
But use number one is really no China economy truth
I really shop so I translate give all the my hedge fund all the my friends easy
Wow, this is so so good is a person to you think I thought the trial economy and you give me that you know
The information about China Bank Shaka me right no more. People know these these are true. This is real
Immediately can happen you can check Hong Kong dollar China, you know is the economy is the job. Yeah. Thank you, sir
Thank you all all right, we’re gonna conclude this interview with one prediction
Yeah, and we we talked when I when you and I first spent many hours together. We talked about Jack Ma. Yes and
the signing of his shareholder
Ownership era shares the assigning happened two days ago
So unfortunately our this interview didn’t happen three days ago
But you told me who made you made two pretty bold predictions about Jack Ma. Why do you think he resigned or retired?
Sorry retired from Alibaba. And is Alibaba
run by the CPC and
What do you think is likely to happen to Jack Ma in the next year or so?
I think Hakeem is only to wait all the time has a feeling not only to way
I always probably why yours only two things happen jail jail and
By dead, he’s either going to jail or he’s gonna be killed. I think we might just fall off a wall
Yes for the kill music kill you. You’re only talking jack and ma Alibaba. Yes. You never fought
Kuma is the type of piracy company called finance group finance group. Yeah, this is yeah
Is it
It’s very important to the Chinese financial system. Oh my god. He challenges the banks. This is a really erna money
You’re not good at you know, is it the machine is it a competitive money?
Yes, Ali Baba’s a liar cheater. The thousands of thick one is a cheat America
These are all the life item since it’s all the truth fantasies of finances really good
They really can earn the money and American commercial value stealing the dollars a trillion dollars
These are the little bag who you look at the history, Germany
1927 to 1942 Hitler coming same way take all the new Turkish occupied
Luigi country the another hand gives all the shirts
Equity give the family same way. So this is the check and map before
Before it’s a hope young family
You know on the money as you all the China and the preneur, it’s a hope and other people make it a babies. Yes
No, they need to take back the babies. You can either own the jakkamma. You’ll get off when we jail
And now that we kill you everybody same good result
No dot that is a that is a prediction that our audience is going to also have a very hard time with
but I think if you take the time to understand you miles Kwok and also your your
Insinuations your allegations. It’s all starting to prove to be true
so I think it I think it I think it takes someone people should be taking the time to understand what you’re saying and
We just saw two days ago that he had to write sign over these shareholdings
And so this is a bold prediction that is
Going to I think be very controversial
From a very controversial person. Yeah, but III thank you very much for taking the time for this interview
Miles, and I look forward to spending more time together and learning more about the Chinese financial system. Thank you, sir. Kale. Thank you
The pleasure do you believe in me? I believe you take money back America
Seriously you Universal in China and the Hancock is the queue normally people
I don’t have money dude, even keel America. Also figure you money bears funny understand kills. Thank you Isaac pleasure
Everybody figured that this was the end of the interview
But before he left miles wanted to return to the chair and make one more very important point
Okay miles one thing that I wanted to make sure we cover today is
Something that’s topical and newsworthy in literally this morning is the the head of Interpol
among hung way as
has gone missing and
the official statement from Interpol
says that they’ve they’ve named someone else to be the head of Interpol in in the interim and that they’re going to make sure that
the relevant authorities
handle among hung ways
Disappearance. Why do you think moong Hong way is missing in China a 1 years ago
also I called in is the guy know whom we must be go to two-way jail and
Kill, I want to go out in the YouTube. You said that a year ago and you?
Said he goes to jail or he gets killed
Yeah, there was a third actually there was a third thing that could have happened to him
Yeah, if he what if he brought you back to China, yeah. Yeah, how do you be good? Yeah. Oh, yeah
Also, the reason yesterday all the people talking to me told me is a mouse. Why is it right, you know rest the guy?
One reason it because you don’t stand the you back because they didn’t he didn’t get you didn’t me, you know, send me back
Right secondly him for me kill. I turn a one gem the chairman. See you
Wait a second. Yeah. What are you saying? Exactly? Yeah, sir is the because Fagan reason the
Together drawing with one chief and these are with whole buncha kill action a1 yet in the Palomas
Improv on so you’re saying you’re saying that the head of Interpol?
Might have had something to do with the death of the chairman of hn a.m. Come on
Then sir, I wonder you look about is the french call. What is it? Ernie? Don’t go down. How does he?
The elderly then why
The 110 times for the one they murder him
I’m first the one only one a lot
No, the kind others take a selfie guy is the one cheese and kill him who hope
While everybody proboscis shut up shut up. Give me any tips any
Videos new camera a new picture they disappear. This is threatening everybody. You’re saying that all the surveillance is gone
Yes account. We I stand a
Three-team first time because there is rather than my team in the vacation you a you sent a team. Yeah of your security personnel
Yep, all my New York NY p to Provence. Yeah, pro want to try to find the videos
and there no videos you new we do they all please take back this red all the people to
shooting Interpol using a product of the videos Interpol and French
Leafless lugu please why we listen to one chief fan
Why do you two motor is the one one can wear you want to teach the theater everything?
Why are you struggling in Twitter? Don’t cock go back to China
Recover the driver to meet anybody the target of flow ones. Please don’t see any New York and my pity people
this is a
Immediately rest of my family go to jail. I really call me in the jail mouth
You can never see Morimoto cooler ones and their meat I even talk more they won’t kill me
So they’ve told you that directly, it’s already man. You’ve had so many times so
You know, I have a sum of the recalled one day I could put out
These threatened easy free. I mean why I want the first make person carvings in the nice man. You’re gonna do a press copyright
To me don’t do this then no. It’s a moon way. It’s a big important guy. You will add to the present comments
I put out the guy evidence him and maybe don’t go back to China goo come America
I see they won the political silent. These are the dangerous sea time, but he went back to China and now he’s missing
Yeah, they didn’t know these they know these are you know moon moon ways friend. Okay. She’s a friend
Oh the rampway men together, you know we will yeah. Okay, so
Why don’t you sign smarta? See when Wendy the guy is a cool to America Cobre the Miss America CIA
Because we’ll have a first ECB. So is it Kobach? I have a big meeting rest. I see
So this reason is he gone for for good all the family as your family?
All the family is a respiratory arrest and for good. Yes
These are the one years ago. I see the guy who only to wait Wow
So there’s a big big III the stories. These are these are hard so hard to believe
Yeah from my perspective that that these things happen in broad daylight and no one in the press
Understands this narrative, right?
reincarnation and creamy skew many
Normal people the lead wrestler too many people they make an interpreter too many good people including me
Yeah, so this is the reincarnation also the CCP
See as a mafia group. No, no human. Right, right
No, you know version though they are you see you you have a rarity I use you. Even you threaten me kill jail
No this happen. There’s no money what I hope you’re wrong. I hope you’re wrong. Yeah about long Hong way
I hope you’re wrong about Jack my I hope you’re wrong about these things
Yes, you’ve been so right in the past that I wouldn’t bet against you. So, thank you again miles. Thank you
Thank you very much. Okay, thank you. Thank you


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