hey guys Lina here and welcome to
another episode of that crypto hustle
today I want to talk about the 101 to
finding air drops so I invited Kurt
brackets from White Rabbit hey Kurt
how’s it going hey how’s it going guys
thanks for having me
love to have you on the show you’re like
my knowledge bomb yeah ask away I’m
always happy to answer questions and
test my own knowledge yay it’s like
almost scripted trivia if you will yeah
it’s like quiz II they have this thing
called quiz II in Portland where like
people get together at bars and then
people ask quiz questions and everybody
kind of like communes on their answers
it’s pretty awesome
ah we should do that one day on the show
be fun yeah yeah for sure
so want to talk to you about okay well
before we even get started so for some
of the people who don’t know this what
are airdrop so it’s a quick and easy way
to explain what their drops are okay so
air drops are when companies that have
tokens give them away for free to their
users and these often have some kind of
monetary value generally dollars you
know some of them have actually been
pretty heavy amounts like thousands of
US dollars and worth but it’s
essentially they give away the tokens to
their users in exchange for maybe a sign
up or something like that it’s kind of a
marketing tool or the ico but it’s a
great way for users to gain tokens and
learn more about projects so it’s also a
good investment solution if you’re
looking to I mean and obviously could
also have a lot of risk involved so
what’s the best way to find these air
drops if you will like what would be
like the first step if you’re a newbie
looking into the market wanting to learn
about these air drops yeah so if you if
you don’t really have a lot of contacts
I would suggest just periodically
googling like for air drops and maybe
to decide like for example I’m really
interested in Neos airdrops right now
and gos has a lot of air drops and it’s
an exciting airdrop community so I’ll
I’ll type in Leo’s air drops I also
built a site the tracks every single air
drop it’s called Leo’s air drops Co you
can see that and there are a lot of
sites to do this yo sare drop spot IO
there you know you can find them on
reddit there’s a lot of a lot of tokens
are released on reddit and a lot of the
air drops are announced on reddit that’s
kind of like the announcement board so
if you want to find hot ones that maybe
haven’t made it onto the listing sites
yet but I also suggest having your own
listing site that you like to kind of
check in every once in a while and
sometimes you actually automatically
gain them too so it’s always good to
have hold some token just so you can
show up on the radar for air drops and
so is there specific telegram groups
where you could potentially find air
drops because any I it just feels like
you’re finding air drops is just really
time consuming so it’s I mean so is
there like a hot by any chance or a way
to speed up the process so actually
there there there really is and I I will
disclose and I don’t like to just
constantly be plugging my own products
but I run twinsie IO and they collect
air drops for you it’s a VA service that
works right through messenger so you can
send them a message and say collect this
air drop for me or go and check if there
are any air drops and collect them for
me or also bounties as well which is
kind of similar to air drop so it’s
where you do like a little bit of work
to gain the token but other than that I
would say you know hiring somebody like
a VA to collect them for you I’ve done a
lot of research on this actually I’ve
collected probably over a hundreds of
air drops and bounties and they often
don’t really have a high return so I
guess that’s a little warning for people
that you know it’s probably not going to
be the most
money-making venture ever but if you
want to learn about tokens you want to
get involved and just kind of get
excited it’s a really fun way it’s sort
of like getting coupons to your favorite
grocery store it’s like it’s not gonna
make you rich or anything but it’s kind
of great when you save some money and
that’s your spot you know so if you’re
into opening air jobs or for you
actually the air aren’t gonna make you
rich like don’t think that but like I
actually I will say this though that I
have collected some air drops that are
over thousands of dollars just for one
air drop because of the appreciation so
but I really like your tactics I mean
it’s actually because a lot of us don’t
think about the power of hiring VA s and
essentially providing us a list of
everything that’s available I mean even
just telegram personally I’m overwhelmed
and I hope telegram comes up with a
solution a way to digest all these
messages because I’m inundated with
messages on telegram so just that in
itself yeah I think that air drops are
not a winning thing to do if you want to
make money I I really believe that our
time as hustlers in the crypto market
should definitely not be spent on air
drops they’re not gonna be very
money-making ventures it’s a me the game
is all about collecting a lot of them at
a very low cost without disrupting my
own time that’s the game I’ve been
playing for like two years or more maybe
three I don’t know and I just have other
people collect them for me because I’m
out there hustling and I just don’t want
to disrupt my time as well you know and
you can find people to do it and it’s
pretty affordable actually so so when
you find air drops like how does that
usually the process work like what’s uh
let’s say that you found a good deal a
project you’re interested in how does
that usually work you just have to stop
or yeah so there’s there’s different
ways but the general process is the
have to have a wallet in order to
receive the tokens okay so for example
in EOS most of the tokens are launched
on the EOS blockchain so if you have an
EOS compatible wallet any token that’s
built on EOS and and this is true for
aetherium too like there’s thousands of
tokens that are launching the theorem if
you have any theory incompatible wallet
like mu my ether wallet any air drop
that goes through aetherium you could
collect and your my either wallet for
example because my ether wallet is
compatible with etherium and those
tokens are launched on a theorem they’re
compatible right
and then for EOS you would have to in a
similar way to e theorem you have an EOS
wallet and then those in when you have
an EOS wallet you have one EOS address
it’s a public address kind of like an
email can receive emails from all kinds
of different email addresses you can
think of your EOS wallet as an address
where different tokens can send you
stuff and so you might not see them
because the wallet may not support some
obscure token but eventually it’ll come
on the radar and so if you collect them
in your wallet and you’re confused
because you might not see them you can
go to a block Explorer for EOS and then
just paste your public address in and
generally that Explorer can look through
that address and see what tokens you
have there and you probably should set
up a separate wallet for all your air
jobs I think it’s a good idea but here’s
one of the things that also is worth
mentioning is that often air drops are
done on a ratio so let’s just imagine I
built my Acme token and it’s on EOS and
then I want to distribute that token out
to all of my users or my potential users
my goal is to bring people onto my
network but so there’s two different
ways you can do it you can say hey guys
if you want to collect the airdrop sign
up for my mailing list it’s a really
great exchange they sign off your
mailing list then you send them some
tokens right so that’s one way to do it
but then they have a ratio based airdrop
where I programmatically send my toe
turns out to anybody that holds EOS at a
specific ratio and so the reason why
this is important is sometimes you won’t
collect air drops unless you have a
certain amount of coin inside of your
wallet already because just think about
it from my point of view like I want to
send my acne tokens out to people or
using this shit otherwise it’s like well
I don’t want to send it to a dead wallet
so often the tokens will say if you have
a hundred EOS or a hundred dollars or
whatever it is in yes or more then
you’ll be eligible for the air drop and
then the air drops work in a ratio so it
could be my acne token for every EOS
token you hold which is forget about the
prices I think it’s well seven dollars
or something for every token you hold I
will give you a thousand Acme tokens and
each air drop does it at different
ratios depending on the value of their
tokens but okay all right so this might
be a dumb question if there were two
dents no no no no but this might cuz I
guess like there’s yeah my confusion is
there probably is different types of air
drops the ones where you’re essentially
getting free money quote-unquote or
where all you have to do is provide your
wallet and then there are the ones where
you actually have to purchase our token
now yeah so how do you yep yeah so I
mean how how do you know the difference
I mean usually it’s probably specified
right like when they’re yeah they’ll
send out some information and like I
guess you can think about it like an
analogy like what and this kind of helps
us to define what an airdrop is is it
air drops generally they’re like a
parachute that holds a box of some kind
of rations right so like you can think
of air drops like you’re the military on
the ground somewhere in a country and
some air drops just come in
automatically and some you have to call
in on a radio like hey we need some shit
like send it over so you can kind of
think of air drops like that like some
of them are
automatic and some of them you have to
call them in and so they call them in
you have to do some specific action so I
think that that kind of that’s why they
use this analogy because they’re just
dropping them into your wallet like that
so nice cool so just to recap quickly
best way to find air drops again and you
mentioned a few sites cos airdrop Co for
e OS air drops yeah and twin bio-rad I
can help you to collect them for sure
you pay a fee and then they just
constantly collect them for you
there’s also reddit is a great place
where they announce and yes on reddit
haha I think they haven’t air drops
Channel but but here’s how they here’s
how they honestly do it is that each
token will generally create their own
subreddit and so you know you probably
just need to search within reddit for
air drops just to see recent ones
because they can be across different
subreddit so and what about on Twitter
anything on Twitter is it viable or is
it scammy
well I think that Twitter is actually a
good source we did an analysis one day
about trying to figure out where the
universe opens up and first reveals that
there’s either a token or an airdrop and
in our analysis we found that Twitter
does actually reveal like that’s the
first place sometimes these things are
mentioned yeah yeah interesting so then
also having a Twitter channel with a
proper hashtag to to find those air
drops yeah yeah looking for air drops
yeah and I would out in with this is
that I would start out I would recommend
to a beginner to start out with Geo ser
drops because there’s a lot of them
coming out and yes is gonna grow really
fast and all these really great air
drops they’re gonna come out for now
because of all the dubs are coming out
in the market doesn’t all the tops yeah
awesome thank you for your bath yep
you’re very welcome
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